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Power Rangers Reunion!

Date: 05/02/12 2:26 PM
From: bgs12

This is a crossover between MMPR, PRNF, PRDT, PRMF, PRJF, and PRSS. So here goes nothing.


Jason: Hey guys, we got an invitation.
Billy: An invitation for what?
Jason: I don't know, I haven't opened it yet.
Kimberly: Well open it then.
Jason: Ok, I will.
Trini: So what is it?
Jason: It looks like an invitation for a some type of party.
Zach: A party, we're so there!
Jason: I don't think we should.
Billy: Why not?
Jason: Because I'm pretty sure whoever wrote this, sent this to the wrong place. I mean there isn't even a return address on it.
Zach: Snooze they lose.
Jason: We can't Zach.
Kimberly: Is there any other way to contact this person?
Jason: Yeah, a telephone number.
Trini: Call it then dude.
Jason: Let's ask Zordon, on what we should do. Hey Zordon.
Zordon: Yes Jason.

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Date: 10/17/13 8:18 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 52:

In the hallway with the group of rangers.

Shane: I didn?t think Kira was that good at singing, but I guess I was wrong.
Kimberly: Speaking of Kira, isn?t that her right there?
Tommy: That would be her.
Trent: And look she found Kylee.
Zach: What is she doing here?
Ethan: I-
Dustin: Wait, Kylee?!? As in Kylee Styles?
Conner: That would be she.
Dustin: Man, I love her!
Hunter: So do I.
Haley: She?s ok.
Dustin: Just ok?!? She?s awesome!
Hunter: And hot.
Billy: I agree with Haley, she?s just not that good.
Haley: Thank you.
Hunter: You guys don?t know what you?re talking about.
Jason: We know more than you think.
Dustin: Proof it. You were a power ranger, show me what you got. Or what you don?t got.
Trini: Uh? guys, I don?t think this is a good place to start a fight.
Tori: I agree.
Hunter: You stay out of this.
Blake: Excuse me?!? You don?t talk to her that way.
Dustin: Who asked you?
Cameron: The three of you just be quiet. We?re here to support, Kira, and I don?t think she?ll appreciate it very much if we?re all fighting.
Tommy: He?s right. Now let?s all calm down and try to forget about. Ok?
Hunter and Dustin: Fine.

In that same moment Kira walks over with Kylee.

Tommy: There she is!
Kimberly: Congratulations on making the final round.
Kira: Thanks.
Trent: I see you found, Kylee.
Kira: I did, and it?s one of the best surprises I?ve ever had.

Kira gives Trent a hug.

Trent: I try.
Conner: (to ethan) Just wait he?ll get what?s coming to him.

Kira turns around and faces Conner.

Kira: What?
Conner: Nothing.

Kira turns back around.

Dustin walks up to Kylee.

Dustin: (nervous) Kylee may I please have your autograph?
Kylee: Sure.

Kylee signs Dustin?s piece of paper.

Dustin: Thank you.
Kylee: Your welcome.

All of a sudden, the group of rangers was joined by a complete stranger



Date: 10/17/13 8:15 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 51:

Back stage.

Principal Randall: For the last task, not only will you be performing another original song, but you?ll be performing it with a band.

They stop walking.

Principal Randall: As you can see there is one band, and three of you. You each get 10 minutes to practice and learn 1 song. While one of you is practicing the other two may go out and enjoy the refreshments and snacks in the hallway. I really don?t care who practices first and who practices last. I just need to know the order so I can introduce you properly. So take a minute and discuss whose going to do what.

The finalists discuss things over.

Singer #1: We have decided to have Kira go first, me second, and her last. (pointing to singer #7)
Principal Randall: Fine by me. I?ll see you girls soon. Kira, your time starts now.

Principal Randall walks away.

Kira starts rehearsing with the band.

Ten minutes later, a buzzer goes off. Brriiinnnnggggg!

Kira: My times up. I thank you, and I?ll see you on stage.
Kira starts to walk away.


Kira turns around.

Kira: Kylee?

They start walking to each other?

Kira: What are you doing here?
Kylee: Your boyfriend invited me.
Kira: Trent did this?
Kylee: Yeah. So how are you?
Kira: Truthfully I?m happier knowing that you?re here. Do you want to go get something to eat/drink.
Kylee: Sure.

The two start walking towards the door, which leads out to the hallway.



Date: 10/17/13 8:10 AM
From: bgs12

@Magic189. Kira did make it to the final round. The front row was the one that got eliminated this time. Not the back. Singers 4, 6, and 12, were in the front. I apologize if that confused you. I really hope this cleared things up. Also you'll figure out why Kira gets mad at Trent, within the next couple of chapters. So yeah...



Date: 10/15/13 5:18 PM
From: Magic189

Aww, Kira didn't get in to the final round. I'm still curious to know why she gets mad at Trent though...

Date: 10/15/13 10:07 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 50:

Principal Randall: For our second round the contestants had to write their own songs, and may now use any instrument they like. Let?s see how they did. Please help me rewelcome singer number 1.

Audience Applauds.

They sing their original song.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Singer number 4.

Audience applauds.

They sing their original song.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Singer number 6.

Audience applauds.

They sing their original song.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Singer number 7.

Audience applauds.

They sing their original song.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Singer number 10.

Audience applauds.

Kira sings her original song.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: and last but not least, singer number 12.

Audience applauds.

They sing their original song.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: I have the results right here. Now keep in mind only half of our six contestants will be going to the final round. When you hear your name, please step forward. Singer number 4?

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Singer number 6?

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: and singer number 12.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: I?m sorry to say this, but front row, you have been eliminated. Congratulations, back row, you have made it to the final round! Ladies and gentleman, please give it up for our three finalists.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: We will now take a half an hour break. Please enjoy some drinks and snacks outside of the auditorium.

Everyone starts to get up and exits the room, for food and drinks.

Principal Randall: Not you three. You three follow me.

The three finalists follow Principal Randall.



Date: 10/14/13 5:32 PM
From: IceRangerL

Please continue!



Date: 10/14/13 8:34 AM
From: Magic189

This is cool! I love it!

Date: 10/13/13 7:31 PM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 49:

Later that night.

Kira: I can?t believe it?s that time already.
Trent: Don?t worry, you?ll be fine. You have your support system here. You have me, Dr. O, Haley, Conner, Ethan. Not to mention your family. Plus a surprise you?ll find later. Again, don?t worry, nothing can possibly go wrong.
Kira: Yeah, easy for you to say.
Trent: (kisses her forhead) Now I have to go take my seat, but I?ll see you later. Ok?
Kira: Ok.
Trent: Good luck! Break a leg!

On stage.

Principal Randall: Ladies, gentleman, students, and staff, welcome to Reafside?s first annual Reafside Idol. There will be three rounds of this completion, and as we go along half of the singers will be eliminated. The winner at the end of the third round, will not only take the title of Reafside Idol, but will get a once in a lifetime chance of a recording contract. So let?s begin. For this round the contestants are singing accapella. Meaning no instruments, no sounds, just them and their voices. Without any further introduction, let?s get started. Please come out here singer number one.

Audience applauds.

Singer number one sings.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Thank you to singer number one. Please give it up for singer number 2.

Audience applauds.

Singer number 2 sings.

Audience applauds.

? and so on through ten other singers

Principal Randall: Thank you to all the participants, for competing for the number one prize. But only six of these twelve contestants will be moving on to the second round. When you hear your number please step forward. Singer number one...

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Singer number 4?

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Singer number 6?

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Singer number 7?

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Singer number 10? (Kira Ford)

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: and singer number 12.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Congratulations, front line! You are heading to second round. As for the back line I?m so sorry, but you all did a fantastic job. Ladies and gentleman, please give a big round of applause for all our contestants.

Audience applauds.



Date: 10/11/13 8:42 AM
From: Magic189

Thank you.

Date: 10/10/13 8:11 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 48:

Zach: Now who is that?
Tommy: That is Conner. He?s a soccer jock.
Jason: What about football?
Tommy: No.
Jason: Basketball?
Tommy: Nope.
Jason: How about baseball?
Tommy: Not a chance. He?s actually going to the University of Albuquerque, for soccer and soccer only.
Jason: Ok, then.
Hunter: So where is the crowd man?
Tommy: I don?t know.
Hunter: Because the last time we were here, this place was packed.
Tommy: Well the Cyberspace was supposed to be closed today, which is probably why no one is here.
Cameron: Why was this place supposed to be closed today?
Tommy: Haley has just been so stressed and tired recently, so I suggested that she take the day off. But obviously not, and with that in mind we?re better off leaving.
Dustin: Where would we go?
Tommy: Uh? back to my house.
Billy: Alright then, lets go.

They all leave.

Conner: Figures! The couple minutes I?m here, everyone leaves.
Trent: You still have Cassidy and Devon.
Conner: Yeah, it?s not the same though.
Trent: How is it not the same? A customer is a customer, Conner.
Conner: But I don?t have anyone to talk to now.
Trent: Excuse me, Conner, I?m right here.
Conner: Sorry.
Trent: You know what, whatever. Let?s go to the stockroom to see if Haley needs help.

They go to the stockroom to help Haley.



Date: 10/10/13 8:06 AM
From: bgs12

@Magic189. Yes it is. I couldn't think of any other performing arts school. And in this fanfic, it's college, not a high school.



Date: 10/09/13 2:04 PM
From: Magic189

Is this Hollywood Arts as in Hollywood Arts from Victorious?

Date: 10/09/13 9:28 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 47:

Billy: So what?s going on tonight, that you couldn?t miss for the world?
Tommy: Nothing much, just Reafside Idol.
Blake: What?s that?
Tommy: It?s just a singing competition that Kira is in. The school has invited many record producers, and the principal of Hollywood arts. So she?s kind of nervous. He?s going to tell Kira whether or not she got into his college.
Tori: I didn?t know Kira could sing.
Tommy: Yeah she can, and she?s really good at it too.
Trini: Nice. But I have one question. Who?s Kira?
Tommy: That was the girl who was in here before. She told Trent and I not to forget about tonight.
Trini: Oh her! Ok, got it. Now Who?s Trent?
Tommy: The guy at the counter.
Trini: Understood.

Conner finally decides to walk into work.

Trent: About time you decided to show up.

Conner starts walking up towards the counter.

Conner: Sorry I needed to take a shower.
Trent: Your lucky Haley has been in the freezer taking inventory, and not in her office. Next time please let me know.
Conner: I did!
Trent: No. You said you were going home to change into a different set of clothes. Where in there does it say anything about a shower?
Conner: Oh, whatever. The point is I?m here.
Trent: Yeah, a half an hour late. You better go clock in before Haley notices.
Conner: Ok.

Conner walks away.



Date: 10/08/13 10:05 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 46:

Tommy: Pretty much. Now that school has been let out, most people that will walk in here, I?ll know.

In that instant a group of teenagers walk in.

Tommy: Like the two people sitting at the center table there, that is Cassidy and Devon. They?re on the Reafside news channel. The six at the table at the counter there, they don?t go to school here, but I do know them. Come to think about it, I think that is the Ninja Storm Rangers.
Jason: The Ninja Storm who?!?
Tommy: The Ninja Storm Power Rangers. Please excuse me for a minute.

Tommy gets up, and walks over to the counter.

Tommy: Shane, Tori, Dustin, Cameron, Blake, Hunter? What are you doing here?
Dustin: We?re here for your party, dude.
Tommy: Well that?s good, but it isn?t for a couple more days.
Tori: We know. It?s better to be early than late.
Tommy: That?s true. Since you?re here, I want you to come meet a couple of people. Come with me.

Tommy Starts to walk away, and they follow.

Tommy: Shane, Tori, Dustin, Blake, Hunter, Cameron, these are my friends Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Zach. They were my old ranger group. Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, Zach, this is Shane, Tori, Dustin, Blake, Hunter, and Cameron. They are the Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

They all exchange their ?Hellos? and ?nice to meet yous?

Tommy: Please sit down.

They sit down.



Date: 10/06/13 12:17 PM
From: saracates1

please continue

Date: 10/03/13 2:43 PM
From: Magic189

So cool! I love this! But now I'm really curious about why she gets mad at Trent....

Date: 10/03/13 9:05 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 45:

Trini: Do you know him?
Tommy: Who? Trent?
Trini: That would be him.
Tommy: Yeah, he?s one of my best students.
Trini: That?s good I guess.

Kira walks into the café.

Tommy: Hey Kira.
Kira: Oh, hey Dr. O.

She walks up to the counter.

Trent: Hey, Kira. I just want to say I?m sorry for earlier today, but I?m just terribly curious.
Kira: Don?t worry about it. I?m over it. Can I get an Orange, Pineapple, Banana Smoothie, please?
Trent: Sure.
Kira: Make that to go too.
Trent: Sure thing, anything else?
Kira: Um? yeah. Can I also get a large decaf coffee, for my father, also to go?
Trent: Of course, anything else.
Kira: No that will do it.
Trent: Okay, here is your smoothie and coffee. And your total comes out to $5.75.
Kira: Here?s a ten, keep the change.
Trent: Thanks.
Kira: You?re welcome.

She starts to walk away.

Kira: Also don?t forget tonight.
Trent: I won?t.
Kira: You too, Dr. O.
Tommy: I wouldn?t miss it for the world.

Kira walks out of the café.



Date: 10/03/13 9:03 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 44:

Outside the school.

Trent runs up to Conner.

Trent: Hey, Conner, wait up!

Connor stops and turns around.

Conner: What?s up?
Trent: I got a call from Haley, saying she needs us to come into work.
Conner: I thought she wasn?t opening the Cyberspace today.
Trent: Well she must o changed her mind. Therefore we need to go to work.
Conner: Okay, I?ll be there. Just let me go home, and change into a different set of clothes, because I?m not showing up at work in sweaty clothes.
Trent: I?ll let Haley know, and I?ll see you there.
Conner: Okay, bye.

They go their separate ways.

A few minutes later, at the Cyberspace.

Trent walks in, and over to Dr. O.

Trent: So this is where you?ve been all day.
Tommy: Actually I was home most of day. I only got here about an hour ago.
Trent: Well okay. I?m going to report in for my shift then. I?ll talk to you later.
Tommy: See you later then.
Trent walks away.


Sorry it's short.


Date: 10/03/13 8:55 AM
From: bgs12

@Magic189. Its a surprise.



Date: 10/02/13 1:30 PM
From: Magic189

Oh ok thanks! Wait, not yet? o.o