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~~~~~~~Mystic Force~~~~~~~

Date: 12/30/13 3:28 AM
From: zippb

Hello everyone. My name is Zippb and I love the old old old power rangers series Power Rangers Mystic Force. That is my all time favorite one. It aired somewhere around 2005 and if you remember and liked it, please reply. We might have a lot in common and might become good online friends!!!
Just so you know...I am a girl. So yah...
My favorite shows include...
#1:H2o:Just Add Water
#2:Avatar:The Last Air Bender
#3:Power Rangers Mystic Force
#4:Lab Rats (Even though its on Disney XD, I am gonna say it)
They, of corse, are not in complete order but if you like thoughts shows, we might be really good friends! You might be just like me...
...not sure if that is a good thing though, I am a little crazy!!!
So, please reply if you like any or all of thoughts shows. I like and watch more shows but I only listed the ones that I watch regularly and may have a slight addiction, or I was told by the doctors.
Just kidding...(You hope)

Zip/Peanut Butter

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Date: 04/17/14 12:21 PM
From: poplityban

sowe what

Date: 04/04/14 4:38 PM
From: pinksamura

my favorite shows is power rangers
h2o just add water
lab rats

Date: 04/02/14 8:56 PM
From: balasingam

mystic force was my favorite power ranger of all time i like avatar and lab rats is cool thou leo always does something stupid

Date: 03/31/14 10:48 PM
From: aiden126

I love all those shows and I was wondering if we can be friend

Date: 03/29/14 11:22 PM
From: kelle35

i like all the same stuff.we could be twins
p.s. i liked yellow the best.

Date: 03/21/14 3:32 PM
From: Ezio15918

Its my favriote too and I like the red ranger .

Date: 02/25/14 9:39 AM
From: harry289p

it was awsome too

Date: 02/25/14 2:02 AM
From: nashka

But Also Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Date: 02/23/14 5:32 PM
From: nashka

I like the same stuff

Date: 02/21/14 8:46 PM
From: lanceblue3

U got it right

Date: 02/13/14 11:14 AM
From: kakuranger

Mystic Force was really good. Time Force and RPM were better, though!

Date: 01/28/14 8:10 PM
From: plopez2004

mystic force is my favorite too

i was so mad when it stopped airing :-)


Date: 01/25/14 5:45 PM
From: COLE12355

i love the same same exact shows