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How to rock a family *Character's and Double needed*

Date: 08/28/13 7:51 PM
From: kaitlyn007

Stevie's little sister: Me *Kaitlyn007*
Stevie's older brother's (4):Open
Kacey's younger sister and brother:Open
Kevin's older sister:Open
Zander's: Younger brothers (2) and younger sister (2): Open
Nelson's Younger brother and sister: Open
Molly's Younger Sister:Open

Name: Kaitlyn (Katie) B
Personality: Sweet, funny, sassy, sarcastic, tomboyish,fearless.
Falmily: Stevie (older) and brothers (older)
Looks: Like Stevie.
Wears: Like Stevie
Celeb look alike: Lulu Antariksa and Nathalia Ramos.

If you want to be one of the character's you can fill out a form...And if your character is older or than the main one's they have to older than 17. Also if you want to be my double just ask.

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Date: 07/24/14 1:28 PM
From: Kaitlyn007

I believe its Kat9135....

Date: 07/05/14 10:00 PM
From: looloo3182

who's next?

Date: 06/21/14 8:03 PM
From: mustang85

Kan I be molly younger sister

Date: 06/04/14 11:57 AM
From: jessie4403

can I be molly


Date: 05/09/14 9:09 PM
From: KatieBoo02

Kat9135 its your turn!

-KatieBoo02 (A.K.A Kaitlyn007)


Date: 04/11/14 4:32 PM
From: looloo3182

amara looks like paisley from ant farm and Aubrey looks likes Charlie from good luck Charlie~
amara walks in
mrmarch: and here she is,now say hi little hippie
amara: hi
mrmarch: ok now go find a seat
amara: (sits next to gabby)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AT LUNCH~~~~~~~~~~
gabby: AMARA! come sit with us
amara: thanks......
gabby: o no prob,bestie! oops, outfit change BrB
grace: amara there u are!
amara: hi grace!
they hug and start talking
~in the perf bathroom~
molly: ok so whats your plan?
Gabby: so u know the new girl amara right?
molly: yeah so?
Gabby: anyways were going to let her be a perf
Molly: why
Gabby: to make her be popular and then show her flaws and drop her,so she'll know were in charge of this school not her,not gravity 5, us, the perfs
Molly: oooooo perf power!
Gabby: now lets put this plan into action!
Molly: lets go!
Gabby: hey! and lets not tell Grace about this
Molly: why not?
Gabby: because we both know grace isn't the best at acting(walks out)
Molly: (frowns but leave's

Date: 03/29/14 10:48 PM
From: KatieBoo02

Readers please comment!

-KatieBoo02 (Kaitlyn007)


Date: 03/28/14 10:09 PM
From: katieboo02

Sorry I haven't been on here for a while, computer went crazy!
@ lilycoolsg you're Kacey

Teacher: today we are learning about...
Molly: Yeah just get it over with
Teacher:Anyways*Looks a Molly*, today we're going to learn about Algebra.
Class: Ughh...
Teacher: But first we have a new student that will be joining us for a little while.
Nelson: *Looks at Kevin* Maybe its Batman!!!
Kevin: That's rediciolus, batman is busy fighting crime, duuuu
Stevie and Zander:rolls eyes and laughs
Teacher:Class, please welcome our new student Amara!

Sorry its short.
TBC by Looloo3182 or Kat9135

-KatieBoo02 (Kaitlyn007)


Date: 02/28/14 6:23 PM
From: lilycoolsg

hey people I want to be Kacey please

Date: 02/23/14 9:09 PM
From: looloo3182

who's next?

Date: 02/01/14 3:00 AM
From: kat9135

Cat: Wow this is so cool!!
Grace: Yep
Katie: What is?
Cat: nothin'.....
Zander: What's up?
Grace: Class!

Teacher: today we are learning about...
Molly: Yeah just get it over with

I am so sorry that this is really short I am in a rush!


Date: 01/23/14 2:07 AM
From: looloo3182

I am really sorry I haven't posted in forever.. but now im... BACK!!!

grace: YAY!
cat: whatcha wanna do after dinner
stevie&katie: in your dreams
kevin: why you gotta ruin it
everyone but kevin: laughs
cat&grace: guys dinners ready
cat: wanna watch a movie
kevin and nelson: TOY STORY!.... WERE DOING IT NOW! MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STO........
stevie: hits kevin with a pillow
kevin: oh you want to challenge the pillow fight kin....
Katie: hits him with pillow
kacey&molly: oh its ooonnnn AHH NOT US T..
stevie&katie: don't you dare!
THIER MOM: grace cat!
catandgrace: coming!
their mom: you remember aunt phoebe and uncle cooper right?..well their house is destroyed and.. they have no where to go so..they will be living with us
grace: really amara's living with us!
cat: really aubreys living with us!
TBC by kaitlyn007 and kat9135


Date: 01/18/14 4:11 PM
From: Kaitlyn007

Sure, you can continue the double! Thanks for offering, and if looloo gets back we can make it a triple.
Looloo would have been next, so if you would like to continue.

Date: 01/18/14 3:04 AM
From: kat9135

If you want I can be loo loo's understudy?
so is she doesn't do her post I will do it for her
I don't mind if you say no ;)

Date: 12/29/13 3:41 PM
From: Kaitlyn007

I did go on your page thing! :)

Its you turn to continue! o


Date: 11/30/13 7:57 PM
From: Kaitlyn007

Its your turn Looloo3182

Date: 11/28/13 11:52 AM
From: Kaitlyn007

Sure you can be Molly! o

Cam, Skylar and Kacey are setting up
Skylar:This is going to be so awesome!!
Kacey:Well, I sure hope so
*Car pulls up*
Kacey:I wonder who's here
Cam, Skylar, and Kacey run to the front
Kevin, Nelson and Zander come out with their bathing suites on and covered in green and yellow silly string
Cam and Kacey:Whoa, what happened?!?
Kevin:Things happened
Zander:Don't ask... *Serious face*
(A few minutes later)
Katie and Stevie show up with Ballons
And Cat, Grace and Molly shows up with silly string
Stevie and Katie: Hey guys!
*They see Kevin, Nelson and Zander*
Stevie: Whoaaa, What happened Zander?!?
Zander: Its a long story..
Katie: Long story short?
Kevin and Nelson: Lets just say there is none...
Everyone: *starts thinking* okay?
Kacey:Well you guys ready to have some fun?
Everyone:Whop whop!
(Everyone changes into their bathing suites)
Cat: Let's go swimming!!
Everyone:Okay *All jump in*
You're up Looloo3182

p.s #Happythanksgivingeveryone
~Please commit readers~


Date: 11/05/13 7:16 PM
From: nicole1119


Date: 10/27/13 9:38 PM
From: Kaitlyn007

@Everyone sorry for not doing the next chapter, will do tomorrow, ALSO is anybody even reading???

Date: 10/15/13 7:19 PM
From: looloo3182

kacey and molly: u look so fabsome
Katie&stevie: how do I know what that means( look at eachother)
everyone else: creeeeeppppy
maddie& alexis: hey kacey how long is this party lasting
kacey: until midnight. why?
maddie: just wondering
alexis: Katie do u and cat want to come over tomorrow
maddie: were doing a bon fire kinda thing
cat: I'd love to go
Katie: me too
maddie: great bring silly string a bathing suit and balloons
cat&katie: why
Shelby : can I come
maddie: duh
Shelby: YAY
alexis: invite everyone at this party it's tomorrow @ 8:00
kacey: why the bathing suit silly string and balloons?
maddie&alexis: (run off)
nelson: take there word for it
kacey&stevie: got it
kevin: (dancing)
zander: kevin what are u doing
kevin: showing off my moves. it would be a crime not to
zander: ( shakes his head and walks off)
kevin: WHAT ( runs after zander )
kacey's parents: ( doing the sprinkler)
cam&skyler&kacey: and back ya go ( bring them to another room)