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broly super saiyan 3 vs omega shenron

Date: 06/19/14 3:57 PM
From: vincent103

I think it would be broly in super saiyan 3 would win because he was over powered in regular super saiyan so yeah broly
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Date: 07/09/14 2:30 PM
From: crunch23

I think it would be boly because when he was at super saiyan 1 he was out of control

Date: 07/08/14 11:57 PM
From: sift48

I think omega since super saiyan 4 goku could probably beat broly and omega beat super saiyan 4 goku I think omega would win

Date: 06/26/14 7:43 PM
From: Trunksvs

Omega Shenron would win because SSJ3 Vegeta was more powerful than SSJ3 Broly but SSJ4 Vegeta could not overpower Omega Shenron

Date: 06/19/14 9:07 PM
From: logan4561

yeah broly in super saiyan 3 is really strong but goku had to go in super saiyan 4 with vegta in super saiyan 4 in fusion so omega shenron got this in the bag!!!!!!!