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whos your favorite character goku,trunks,pan,or,giro

Date: 06/21/14 8:06 PM
From: emadanel

i love this show it is amazing my favorite character is goku he is hillarious but he's always hungry he's like a big little kid. sometimes you dont see it coming and HE SAYS WHILE WERE HERE can we get some thing to eat first like a chesse burger or steak or ribs or mashed poatatoes and macoroni please but they would say is there any time you can't worry about your stomach were supposed to be foucused on getting the dragon balls not our stomach hunger its to funny
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Date: 07/09/14 2:37 PM
From: crunch23

trunks is better than all of them

Date: 07/09/14 12:36 PM
From: eliment10

Trunks cos he cute!!!

Date: 07/08/14 11:53 PM
From: sift48


Date: 07/07/14 10:33 AM
From: ashricky

I luv Pan!