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this is a fanfic based off of the TMNT 2007 move

Date: 02/10/13 7:18 PM
From: ilovetmnt4

"There, thats where I saw him!" Raul told the lady. she took her sun glasses off her face. "thanks" she told him "you had better get home." Why so interested? Raul remembered clearly, as soon as she asked, and he had told her how the ghost looked, she stood there, starstruck before she asked him where he had seen it. Raul watched her start to walk into the woods." do you know the ghost?" he asked without realizing. the lady smiled and turned around, a lock of orange hair falling in her face."He wasn't always a ghost" she said taking out her machete and heading into the forest.

Green, mean, in Africa, and protector of the forest. could it be anyone else? thought April, as she cut down more of the the brush in front of her. there wasn't a doubt in her mind that it was him. She heard something her right, but when she turned, there was no one there." Is anyone here?" she called. Suddenly, she heard a cracking noise. She looked down right before she fell through the vines beneath her.

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Date: 03/12/13 10:33 AM
From: mmeedd

i watched that movie when it came out and i could only remember some and i just watched it. twice!


Date: 03/10/13 9:56 PM
From: 75ninja

oh o!!!! plx add my charecter

name- Eo (ok i got that from wolves of the beyond, its faolan's bear gyre soul)
girl or boy- girl
eyes- brown
mutant or human- mutant grizzly ( a little smaller than letherhead )
fur- dark dark dark brown

origin- was a teen at Ceder Pine High School in Canada, and was attacked by a bear. she had a huge scar on the left side of her face ( similar to the book "Skarr" im wrighting ) and her left eye is only white, kinda like shredder's eye. the bear DNA was in her body when she was mutated when she went to NYC. so poof, bear mutant. she also makes many news stories....


Date: 03/10/13 12:55 PM
From: kamj12345

cool i'm made a fan-fic about the TMNT's kids and i'm gonna maker the second season like the 2007 movie.
could you add me
name: Jade
personality: she's kinda a mix of Leo and Raph
mutant or human: human
looks: beautiful, very long black hair, blue-green eyes
extra: was dating Leo before he left and is now in a serious relationship with Raph

Date: 03/09/13 10:36 AM
From: kynzie3444

I love that movie I was born before it came out. >0<