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Would you rather?

Date: 11/13/13 11:32 AM
From: chocoheart

Buy Raph a or Mikey a

Meditate with Splinter or watch Space Heroes marathons with Leo?

Hang out with April or Karai?

Be the turtles long lost sister and never find out or be the Shredder's biological daughter? (Booyaka Showdown part 2 spoiler there.)

Play 2 truths and a lie with the turtles and April or with the Foot Clan?

Use Splinter's toothbrush by accident or Shredders?

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Date: 11/14/13 11:12 PM
From: riuke

-Buy Mikey a cat, 'cause I love cats XD sorry Raphie
-Watch Space heroes, even though 's not my type of show, I'd rather it than to meditate XD
-Omg did you seriously ask that? TOTALLY APRIL. DISLIKE Karai
-.....that's a thoug one... I guess Shredder's biological daighter, 'cause dude. Not knowing the turtles are my "siblings" while they are, is just sad.
-totally turtles and April, 'cause come on XD
-.........THOUG ONE, TOO. I guess Shredder's, I'm sorry Splinter, I love you, but you're still a rat XD

Date: 11/14/13 10:39 PM
From: tmntmaggie

Buy Mikey a cat
Watch Space Heroes with Leonardo
Hangout with April
Be the turtles long lost sister
Play two truths and a lie with the turtles and April
Use Shredder's toothbrush by accident
- TMNTMaggie

Date: 11/14/13 6:59 PM
From: Bubbles867

1.Buy Mikey a
2.Meditate (I'm the extremely nervous-type)
4.Be the turtles' sister and never find out
5.Turtles and April


Date: 11/14/13 6:55 PM
From: beeboop270

1: sorry Raph<3 but u already HAVE a pet. i wld get mikey a cat
2: meditate, space heroes makes me uncomfortable...
4:uuuuuuuh, how could i be their sister if ......
5: the turtles!!! duh! :)

Date: 11/14/13 6:14 PM
From: chocoheart

Hey guys! I love your responses! >O< Personally, I would buy Mikey a kitty, Watch Space Heroes marathons with Leo, Hang out with April, Be the turtles biological sister, Play 2 truths and a lie with the turtles and April, and accidentally use Splinter's toothbrush.

Date: 11/14/13 5:26 PM
From: chocoheart

Sure! I'll send you a buddy request! :)

Date: 11/14/13 4:59 PM
From: Vicky4678

Buy mikey a cat
Watch space heroes marathons with Leo
Hang out with April
Be the turtles' long lost sister and never find out
Play 2 truths and a lie with the turtles and April

Date: 11/14/13 9:40 AM
From: rosellina

1. buy Mikey a
2. Space Heroes with Leo
3. April (if I hung out with Karai I'd spill the beans about her being Splinters daughter)
4. the turtles long lost sister (I think it would be cool)
5. the turtles and April
6. eww! nether!

Date: 11/13/13 7:23 PM
From: sunninja

1. Buy Mikey a
2. Watch Space Heroes with Leo #spacenick
3.Definitely April!
4.Shredders biological daughter because my OC is the Shredders daughter and if I was their sister I couldn't date Mikey
5. The turtles and April of course!
6.The Shredders because I would hate using a RAT'S, no offense Sensei, heh heh...
~Alexilangelo the sun ninja out!~

Date: 11/13/13 5:33 PM
From: r567

wholdyou like to be my frend i like tmnt

Date: 11/13/13 5:23 PM
From: leofan01

1.Buy Mikey a Cat
2.Watch Space Heorez with my BoyF (Leo)
4.Hmm both, but if I had to chose 1 it would be Shredder's biological daughter & NEVER tell Leo!
5.Turtles & April!!!
Nothing secret 'bout Splinter & Shredder's Ex-Daughter

Date: 11/13/13 5:02 PM
From: Scout6776

Buy Raph a puppy ^_^

Watch Space Heroes with Leo (shocking, right? :P)

Hang out with April... MAYBE I can convince her to forgive the guys! :D

Be be guy's long lost, but NOT biological, sister... Wait, would I still be able to date Raph? O_o

Play 2 truths and a lie with the Turtles and April.

Um.. Is "neither" an option?

Splinter&Shredder: NO.

Oh, ok.... Splinter's, I guess...

Everyone: O_O ?!?!??!

Scout .x


Date: 11/13/13 4:23 PM
From: k234l5

1.Buy Mikey a
2.Space Heros
4.Shredder biological daughter (dont worry I am nice not EVIL like the shredder the turtles would be my BFFs)
5.Play with the turtles and april

Date: 11/13/13 3:43 PM
From: pandaza

1 buy mikey a
2 space heroes with leo
3 karai
4 turtles long lost sister YAY!!!
5 2 truths and a lie
6 shredders