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Date: 11/17/13 11:02 AM
From: tmntluvr12

Hi guys, Now I am talking about Mona Lisa, Venus De Milo, Irma, and Ninjara. Many people think the turtles having crushes will ruin the comedy and action in the show. But love CAN have funny moments. For example, we all know how Donnie acts in front of April. And it CAN have action too. For example, one of the turtles (not Raph) can act tough and try to impress their crush. If you agree please type,
"MakeTheGirlsComeBack!" at the end of your post. If you don't agree, please post why you disagree and I will reply to you as soon as possible.
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Date: 03/21/14 10:17 PM
From: ladysting

I with you girls! Raph does need a girlfriend. I don't know about Mikey!! But I with you all. High threes (looks around)?or imaginary high threes.

Date: 03/20/14 9:18 PM
From: brizzyfan4

Mona Lisa! RAPH NEEDS A GIRLFRIEND #MakeTheGirlsComeBack!

Date: 03/20/14 10:57 AM
From: r2a0p1h2

mona lisa better not come back cuz we raph fan will be upset

But even if she does come back, i hope raph won't like her.


Date: 03/19/14 10:31 PM
From: kirby9876

tots thats a great idea>o<

Date: 03/19/14 2:57 PM
From: babymutant

nope sorry i heard the producers hate at least 1 of them and i am kind of against it so do this # awesome people!!!!



Date: 03/19/14 8:29 AM
From: babymutant

o k listen up Donnie is the only turtle that should have a crush because he is nerdy (he is my fave i love him) and he makes a lot of mistakes around April nerds do that if we gave out crushes to every character i would not like it any more cause they would make it boring and i have heard that the producers hate them (not Irma cause she is already here) but the Leo and K a r a i thing was leading up to her being their sister so yeah

Date: 02/18/14 5:03 PM
From: Flapy007

I don't like the idea of the girls coming back as new characters. I mean, it would be cool to have them in the actual show, but it would be too many characters at these point. With Casey and Irma, we have already added two secondary characters (Casey is kinda a primary though).
I think that if they make the girls come back, either one of the original characters already in the show gets mutated (Maybe only one) or they make "the girls" in human forms so they can be at Aprli's School. (Mona Lisa would probably be the easiest to make in human form)

That's my opinion, thank you for listening!



Date: 02/04/14 6:40 PM
From: waterspout

I would vote Mona Lisa but that won't happen. So I vote Clover Mikeys old G-F.
Waterspout out

Date: 02/04/14 4:51 PM
From: beebopkat

When you say Ninjara do you mean Darayasa or Maolier?

Date: 01/14/14 3:27 PM
From: mcolo

i think that mona lisa should come back,but it was announced that venus is(sadly enough)not going to make an appearance in any episodes

Date: 01/13/14 11:21 PM
From: san808

Anybody But MIKEY he is MINE I
tell you MINE

Date: 01/13/14 2:14 AM
From: Raphfan17

Only Irma

Date: 01/09/14 11:24 AM
From: ninja10993


Date: 01/09/14 1:53 AM
From: tufftabi2

I'm actually kind of against this, despite the fact I'd like to see them. I'm for it if their entry doesn't cause romantic sparks between any of the other characters. Doing something like that in the plot and it may actually water it down. If the relationship were to happen, it has to have a practical use without favoring any one/two turtle(s). The new series is doing a good job evening roles b/w all turtles instead of just a couple. I.e. Donnie wasn't so popular/significant in previous shows. Remember, TMNT wasn't a girl's show to start with (however that doesn't keep girls from liking it-I am one of them).
Still, I'd like to see these characters make an appearance as a progressive characters, like Leatherhead, to help move the plot forward and contribute toward butt-kicking. I think the DonniexApril relationship is all they need to put into the show. After all, it gets a lot of space in the show, anyway.
Irma already made an appearance, but not officially as a part of the plot yet.

Date: 01/08/14 7:39 PM

Raph is mine, not Mona's Lisa's!! Plus it would just be awkward to have them around

Date: 01/08/14 5:53 PM
From: luv2love

Unfortunately, I disagree. Mona Lisa and Ninjara were cute but that would mean Raphael has two girls. I'm okay to have Irma but she's that crazy girl that wants love. So I don't think she'll really get a turtle. And Venus, really? I'm sorry I thought she was one of the worst ideas that ever came out of TMNT. One of the creators of TMNT, Peter Laird even said that Venus will never come back. And that's a rule he's established with all the TMNT shows.

Maybe having Irma is going to be fun but I think the original girls should stay in the original shows. But that's just me.


Date: 01/08/14 5:41 PM
From: Witchway9

*picks up magic wand and makes Mikey come in room* Mikey: I DONT WANT MORE GIRLS! I only have one girl in my life! *points to me*

Date: 01/08/14 2:55 PM
From: vates

<<From: MetalHed1

NO!!!!! The show in my opinion doesnt need any more girl characters.>>

This is not good, this is how already one of you decided or becoming to see a girl in/for this show. Generally, why would the gender matter to you?
<<From: reaper4344

Don't have the girls come back will interfere with their fighting and some of us girls like like the ninja turtles.>> *nearly to shake the head* What we could have achieved.
You just mentioned the 4 that were initially given as an example as I understand, your " 'the' girls" at least points that out, you just were referring to a particular characters as all the fans do.

Some canonical characters do(may) not need to be felt in love.


Date: 01/08/14 2:55 PM
From: stuffpup

they should bring back Ninjara! There are other characters who haven't been seen since the comic books and I think they deserve a chance to get on tv and be introduced to kids who never knew they existed. I know Ninjara was once Raph's girlfriend and I really would like to see her and Raph in the show. Also another girl who hasn't been seen since the comics is Casey's daughter (since until this series Casey and April were adults) I know since their teenagers in this series it wouldn't work but couldn't there be some sort of time travel thing or instead of a teenager she could be a little girl Casey sort of adopts (in the comic she is sort of adopted) I found out about her and started a fanfic about her on the fanfic boards (It's called a mission through time, if anybody wants to check it out)



Date: 01/08/14 2:32 PM
From: mcolo

i made up some girl turtles for the guy to fall head over heels for:

venus de milo+leonardo