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Make your own character!

Date: 11/24/13 6:22 PM
From: BlossomBF

Make your own charcacter!
Fill in this:

Name (first, last):



Birthday (if known):




Likes(Not who but what? hanging with friends, eating etc):




Best Friends:



Looks like:



Favorite Color:

Extra(anything i left out...?):

I'll post my OC later! Ciao!

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Date: 03/31/14 3:54 PM
From: RoxanneJ

Name: Tom
Nickname: None
Age: None
Birthday: None
Gender: Boy
Species: Enderman
Personality: Friendly, Lonely
Likes: Blocks, Turtles, Shiny Stuff
Dislikes: Mean People, Being Hurt
Crush: None
Story: An Enderman which came from The End to explore the outside world. He went through a portal which took him to new York.
Best Friends: None
Friends: None
Rivals: None
Looks Like: Tall, Black, Purple Eyes
Height: 9'7
Outfit: None
Favorite Color: None

Just a lonely Endermen


Date: 03/29/14 12:29 PM
From: tmnttessa

name tessane

nickname tess

age 16

b-day September 18,1998

gender female

species mutant

personality sweet and carring a little bite of a hot head and smart

likes pizza rock music and singing

dislikes cockroaches and cats

crush casey jones

story about a year back she was turned by the Krang and was tured into a mutant wolf

best friend doesn't have one

friends has no friends at the moment

rivals shredder and funny razar

looks like long black hair with red highlights soft blue eyes with black fur

height 5 foot 4inches

outfit short black dress and red tights with a heart charm around her neck

fav color red


Date: 03/29/14 1:20 AM
From: samurai225

Name: Christina W
Nickname: Chris
Age: 15 (going on 16)
Birthday: June 15, 1999
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: very intelligent, sweet, and tough
Likes: training with the turtles, building inventions, and reading books
Dislikes: singing, doing chores
Crush: None, as far as she's aware of
Story: She is April O'Neil's cousin.
Best Friends: Donnie and April
Friends: Leo
Rivals: Shredder, Baxter Stockman
Looks Like: long, brown hair; bluish-green eyes, and a butterfly-shaped birthmark on the back of her neck. Her hair is commonly in a messy, fishtail braid
Height: About 5 ft, 4 in
Outfits: navy cami top, army green jean shorts, black and white running shoes, with a black beret
Favorite Color: midnight blue, violet, and turquoise


Date: 03/28/14 10:32 PM
From: dairyq

Name: Miracle
Nickname: none
Age: 11
Birthday: unknown
Gender: female
Species: human
Personality: hard, cold, wornout, serious, sarcastic, mouthy, rude, scary, mean, excited, funny, cool, happy (sometimes), TOTAL TOMBOY, motherly, hothead (worse than Raph by far), caring, loving, gentle,
Likes: the turtles, reading, eating pizza, music, and wrestling
Dislikes: games, losing, getting talked back to, people talking bad about her behind her back, and flirty boys
Crush: none
Best friend: Raph
Friend: the rest (except Casey she likes to hurt him)
Rivals: bad guys, Casey (sometimes)
Looks like: Dark red hair, sky blue eyes, little bit of freckles, pale skin
Outfit: baggy dark blue jeans and a skul shirt with music notes on it long sleeved (sleeves pushed up to elbow)
Favorite color: blood red
Weapon: herself and anything she can get her hands on

Story: she was in the sewers fighting a footbot she found when she was just about to defeat it the turtles came and helped her out.


Date: 03/28/14 9:07 PM
From: dairyq

Name: Rainey Hamato
Nickname: Ray
Age: 4
Birthday: unknown
Gender: female
Species: human
Personality: funny, sweet, daring, adventurous, crazy dangerous, risky
Likes: humans, and the turtles
Dislikes: bad guys, broccoli, turtle meat, needles
Story: Donnie was walking through the sewers one day and found her when she was just a baby he took her in and taught her how to fight (with sensei's permission) and she has never been uptop they celebrate her birthday on their mutation day and she only has 2 human friends Donnie thinks of her as his daughter
Best friends: Donnie (obviously)
friends: everyone else she knows
Rivals: the bad guys she's heard about in Donnie's story's
Looks like: brown hair messy her eyes are blue ghost pale
Height: 3,6
Outfit: long white sleeve shirt baggy blue jeans barefoot
Weapon: tessen (still learning how to use it)


Date: 03/28/14 3:27 PM
From: dairyq

ok Maximum's weapon is the tanto and katana sometimes whip

Date: 03/28/14 2:33 PM
From: dairyq

Name: Jordan
Nickname: J
Age: 16
Birthday: 1997 December 18
Gender: male
Species: human
Personality: silent, lonely, quiet, brave, fun, mysterious
Likes: training, sleeping, eating, reading, writing action story's
Dislikes: fish, Casey
Crush: none
Best friends: none
Friends: April, the guys, (secretly Karai)
Rivals: shredder, kraang, and bad guys
looks like: black hair (like Casey), seems scrawny, black eyes, ghost pale, and has a scar going down his eye
Height: 5,6
Outfit: white long sleeve shirt with red plaque button up shirt over it (unbuttoned though), dark blue jeans and black sneakers
Story: found April and Casey disliked Casey cuz he was giving him a hard time about his scar then followed April to the lair tried to calmed down then they all became friends

Date: 03/27/14 6:25 PM
From: dairyq

Name: Maximum Ride (not the same one)
Nickname: Max (known to with the guys)
Age: 17
Birthday: unknown
Gender: female
Species: human/bird hybrid
Personality: fierce, fun, daring, dangerous, mean, loving
Likes: Shredder, pizza, her "family", humans, mutants
Dislikes: the guys, people tellin her what to do
Crush: Casey
Best friends: karai
Friends: the guys (kinda its kinda like karai thing)
Rivals: the guys
Appearance: short short hair in back super long in front naturally blonde died black black spaghetti strap with a black leather skin tight jacket black skinny jeans with leather boots her eyes are smoky grey and the only makeup she has is black eyeliner and purple lipstick
Height: 5,8
Favorite color: pink (ironic I know)
story: when she was a baby her parents abandoned her Splinter found her and took her in she lived with them for 2 years then one day she was playing in the sewers and Karai found her. then she met Casey in school he's battled her but dos not no!


Date: 03/16/14 12:12 PM
From: sawsara

I got three.
Names: Deecanda, Cassandra and Susan Levy
Nickname: Dee Dee, Cass and Sue
Ages: D:12 C:14 S:17
Birthdays: D: March 3 C: May 26 S: December 8
Gender: All female
Species: D: Wolf C: Ape S: Rattle Snake
Personality: All tough, lovable and nice
Likes: Hanging with the turtles and each other, pizza, roller skating
Dislikes: All the turtles enemies, fish, peanuts(Cass is allergic)
Crushes: All on Raph(Raph chooses Susan)
Story: When Dee Dee was born the Kraang were on the move and dropped mutagen on the sisters. Even though they mutated into different creatures they still are sisters. Then they move to New York and meet the turtles.
BFFS: the turtles, each other, Splinter, Casey, April, Irma
Rivals: the turtles enemies
Looks Like: the animals they mutated into
Height: D: 3.2 C: 5.1 S: 6.5
Outfits: D: brown dress, Mary Janes C: green t-shirt, pink shorts, cleats S: blue tank top, orange hat
Favorite Colors: D: brown C: green S: orange

Date: 03/15/14 10:46 PM
From: babymutant

Name: Talia
Nickname: Cat
age: 14
birthday: unknown
gender: female
species: human like cat (ironic, huh?)
personality: I had been very shy until my parents went missing. I am now extremely protective of my new baby sis.
likes: huntin' down foot is my game
dislikes: Dogs
crush: totes Donnie!!!!!!!!!!!
story: I was just a normal 14 year old girl with a new baby sis, when some canister of glowing liquid crashed on me! I turned into some type of cat creature. I escaped to the sewers with my sis.
Bffs: April and Donnie
friends: Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Casey
rivals: Karai, Shredder , and the Kraang!
looks like: i look like my pet tortoise shell kitty while also looking like a human.
outfit: Purple scarf, green sweater, and brown shorts. (can you tell i'm obsessed with Donnie?)
fave color: purple! duh!

Date: 03/11/14 4:11 PM
From: Parisluv

Name (first, last):Annabelle Night
Nickname:Belle(hardly ever goes by real name)
Birthday (if known):Sept. 18
Species(mutant/human?):Mutant, Half Tiger(can shift back and forth between tiger and human or be in between at will)
Personality:bubbly, kind, courageous, protective of people she cares about, a little short tempered, and compassionate.
Likes(Not who but what? hanging with friends, eating etc):Reading, swimming, drawing, and hanging out with the turtles.
Dislikes:Bullies, litter, her enemies, and the color yellow.
Story:was on a trip with her parents when she was 10, but they got attacked by the Grimvales-an evil group who Belle has little knowledge of but are after her-and her mother told her to run. while she was running she got scratched by a tiger and later that day got mutagen on her. eventually wound up in New York where she met the turtles and has been helping them ever since. she hasn?t seen her parents since that day.
Best Friends:April and Leo
Friends:the other turtles
Rivals:Kraang, Sheddar (he wants to use her abilities for evil), and the Grimvales
Looks like:human-hazel eyes, light tan skin, and long dark chocolate brown wavy hair(down) with a turquoise streak in it. in between-tiger ears, tiger front paws, sea green eyes, light tan skin, same hair but is in a side ponytail. tiger-just like a tiger with emerald green eyes.
Oufit(s):human-turquoise blue tank top under black and white plaid shirt, dark blue jeans, and black knee high boots. in between-same except no plaid shirt, black hoddie, and a silver mask that looks like a butterfly. tiger form-wears her mask and a black belt.
Favorite Color:Turquoise
Extra(anything i left out...?):her Weapon of choice is 2 daggers, but is skilled with a sword, bow and arrow, fans, and dual swords.

Date: 03/10/14 10:28 PM
From: wigglybugs

this was really good i think that this is good to let people expres what they wont in reality

Date: 03/10/14 4:15 PM
From: wigglybugs

i needed to make a new one lol take to lol
looks like 2: slitly curly pixie cut, and thin to go fast
heigth: three inches shorter then mikey: yes all i can most relate to mikey lol
favorite color: light colors
likes to biuld things with Donnie sparing with Leo training fights with Raph pranking with Mikey and staring at Mikey all day XD XD XD XD
my favorite turtles in reality: Mikey and Donnie

Date: 03/10/14 4:07 PM
From: wigglybugs

i am not using real names on mine for me:
name: Willa
nickname: Willy
age: 14, one less then the turtles
birthday: on easter
gender: girl
spesis: mutant turtle and looks like the ninja turtles just a girl
persanality: is super funny smart hyper sweet
likes: animals, sweet foods and drinks one food pizza, and pink yellow blue green purple orange and white
dislikes: sad people animals in pain yelling and kinds of food and drink
crush: Mikey
story: started out as a normal turtle living in the sewers till the kraang toke me from my home and exparamented on me then they put a drop of mutagen on me then i mutated into a ninja turtle and then when they left i got free then got free went back home and met the turtles
best friends: Mikey Donnie Raph and Leo
friends: April and Casey
looks like: pink mask with mask in pig tails, light purple eyes, gaped tooth, weapon bo and arrow, a sash for holding my arrows and my bo, my skin color is a little darker then mikey's short light brown hair a


Date: 03/10/14 1:57 AM
From: baaaabaaaa

Age: 8
Specie of Mutant:none im a human
Clothing:dress and head band with pink on it
Personality:sneaky and smart
Hobbies:training and making gadgets
Likes:donatello and ice cream and pizza
Dislikes:cold pizza and brushing hair
Relationships:smarts of donatello and sneakyniss of shedder
Fighting style:none
wenpons:bo staff and shedders cuffs
Bio:i fell into the sewer hole and i had my eyes
closed and i blinked them once and seen donatello i quickly open my eyes and donatello said hi i said hi with my omg eyes
donatello showed me around his room and gived me and tphone and a gadget maker kit and i said thanks donatello

Date: 03/10/14 12:41 AM
From: auggie92

Name: Marla Fernom
Nickname: none sadly...
Age: 13
Birthday:i don't know...
Gender: female
Species: wolf
Personality: a bit of anger, loneliness
Likes: music, dancing, making helpful crafts
Dislikes: the Kraang, Shredder, dogs, people in groups being happy and talking (reminds her of her friends)
Crush: Raph
Story: she used to live in Dimension X until the Kraang captured her and took her to the real world, they did tests on her until the mutagen worked
Best friend: April
Friends: the turtles
Rivals: Mikey
Looks like: black hair, gray fur, light blue eyes
Height: 5ft
Outfit: light green headband, short, orange dress with a gray wolf with bright blue eyes on it, dark green boots w/ pale part in middle
Favorite color: electric blue
wiilol4u out

Date: 03/09/14 10:54 PM
From: joseya

Name: Dylan Edvard P.

Nickname: Vennum

Age: 12

Birthday: 5/13/2002

Gender: Male

Species: A 95% Human 5% Technology hybrid -Story of that in the -Story- section.

Personality: Brave, Clever, Intelligent, He's a Realist 75%/Optimist 25%, Confident.

Likes: Skate Boarding, Gymnastics, Sky Diving, Fighting.

Dislikes: Braggers, Aaron Doom -Another OC Villain from my imagination-, Chocolate, Awkward Situations.

Crush: Another character from a different show.

Story: -Long exciting story then comes to new york- gets taken by krang, meets TMNT, Aaron Doom comes into the story, mass chaos, etc etc etc.

Best Friends: Donnie.

Friends: Its over 9000!!

Rivals: Many villains

Looks like: Brown Hair, Tall, Peach Skin, Blue Eyes.

Height: Slightly Taller Then The Average 12-year-old.
-Not that he's not already abnormal enough-

Oufits: Dylan usually wears a green tophat and trenchcoat midbattle.


Date: 03/09/14 9:47 PM
From: tmntfan344

Here's My OC:





Human or Mutant:Human

Clothes:Black tanktop,blue styled jeans,white & gold hightops,gold headband,blue & red nails on the fingers,purple & orange nail polish on her feet,14K gold earrings


Weight:120 pounds

Personality:Funny,cute,serious,sometimes has anger issues,awesome,talented,sometimes shy,smart

Hobbies:She was the leader of her family before they died except Kyla thanks to the Kraang,best fighter,dance,sings,plays every instrument

Likes:Her Family,Friends,Animals,TV,Sometimes Video Games,Pizza,Tacos,Train,Fighting the bad guys,technology,helping others,sometimes pranking people,but only when it was the perfect time

Dislikes:All of the bad guys,sometimes Mason,seafood except canned tuna,being teased,be mad

Fear:Losing her family


2.Matthew or Matt


Weapon:The special katana blades that can change into the weapons that the Turtles have

Extras:She's very attractive to animals,she speaks to animals,she feeds the animals sometimes,she can drink a whole bottle of water in 45 seconds,she can go the longest time without blinking and without burning her eyes,she had 6 cats & 2 dogs,always be friends with tigers,horses,& rabbits,& she's will always be a ninja no matter what

Story:She pass this strange guy,something was off about him,she told my family that,& they decided to follow.The submarine pop up from the bottom of the east river,& the Kraang went in it.She was thinking that maybe the submarine must have taken the Kraang to the underwater base.& It was guarded by a sea monster from the Dimension X.When they got to the base,they try to find out what their up to,but her brother Mason,he's the youngest.He kept on talking a little loud.She kept on telling to stop,but he won't listen.The Kraang heard them & started shooting at them.They fight them,but they grabbed her parents & her brothers.They wanted them to die in the Dimension X.Her mother told me to get out of there,but she told her that she wouldn't leave without them.Her mother told her to go,they believe in her.My parents & my brothers went to the Dimension X to die over there.The Kraang tried to grab her to let her die over there too,but she dodge & got herself out of there.After that,the Kraang went after her & trys to find her,but they couldn't.She was hiding behind the dumpster.After that she got to midtown of New York.


Date: 03/09/14 8:49 PM
From: RainboeRay

ends, Murikami ( ) and Hamato Yoshi ( ) She finally got there with her little bat friend, Shadow. But, the Foot Clan had found her in the matter of minutes and attacked, And Donnie just so happened

Date: 03/09/14 2:40 PM
From: Yuppy23

Name: Gabrielle
Nickname: Gab (Raph and Casey) Freckles (Leo)
Gender: Female
Mask color: Aqua
Eye color: Blue
Weapon: Kama
Role: The Mutant Dictionary
Personality: Smart, musical, beautiful, friendly
Place: New York City
Fun Fact: 1) She likes hanging out with the turtles (especially Donnie) 2) gets super annoyed when her older sister, Lizzie calls Raph "Boo" 3) She has an adopted little sister named Brittney