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New episodes ideas 2

Date: 02/17/14 8:39 PM
From: food604

I'm not the person who writes the script, but what are your ideas for the TMNT episodes?
Your friend,

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Date: 03/24/14 1:42 PM
From: ninja92914

I have an idea for a new episode.

Okay what if the Turtles found out that there were five turtles instead of four, but the lost turtle got mutated into a human, so 15 years later they find him, but the human-turtle gets into a fight with his enemy and his enemy gets knocked out and the turtles bring him to their lair. They then tell him the truth and he gets mutated back and they have crazy adventures together.


Date: 03/22/14 4:27 PM
From: food604

Wow!!!!! that's a great idea!!!

Date: 03/22/14 1:42 PM
From: Twilly13

they should do it were team fortress 2 character's find them in the sewer's and fight or were all of are o.c. girls meet them now i would love that so much

love you guy's your best princess twilight sparkle


Date: 03/22/14 1:04 PM

I think their should be a musical episode where they all sing instead of talk but they don't even realize their singin'

Date: 03/22/14 10:16 AM
From: sawsara

Mikey: I know! Why does it matter that it has to be at exactly the right time? Wait a second. She said to reset them at the same time as everyone else in the world. But she didn't say anything about setting them to the right time.
Leo: What are you saying Mikey?
Mikey: We do what Mindy says and set the clocks back for Daylight Savings. But first we set every clock to the same WRONG time, just to make Mindy and everyone else know that it doesn't even matter!
Leo: That's genius dude!
Mikey: Yeah! Its the perfect prank!(sprays soda in his face)Hahaha!
Leo: Seriously Mikey?!? I just took a shower!
(at 2:00 they set every clock in Brendo Park three hours instead of one)
Leo: Well that's every clock in Brendo Park.
Mikey: Heh heh. Yeah. I can't wait to see the look on Mindy's face when we tell her. Speaking of Mindy this wont work unless we change the clocks in her apartment.
(in the house in the middle of the park)
Leo: Coast is clear.
To Be Continued...

Date: 03/21/14 7:48 PM
From: sawsara

M&L: Oh.
Leo: Oops.
Mikey: Its no big deal. Its just a hour.
Mindy: Well than its just a hour you aren't getting paid for.
L&M: Aw! What?
Leo: Come on Mindy! What's the big deal?
Mindy: Being on time is the big deal! I mean if the rest of us showed up late like you two Brendo Park would fall apart. Now since you are having trouble keeping track of time you two can reset the clocks in the park for the real Daylight Savings Time.
Mikey: Uh fine! Come on Leo. Lets get this over with.
Mindy: Hold it! Not yet. You'll do it when the rest of earth does it. At 2:00.
Leo: What's the difference Mindy? You wouldn't tell!
Mindy: I'm sick of excuses! Either you reset the clocks at 2:00 like everyone else or your fired!
(later that night)
Leo: Mikey what time is it?
Mikey: Its 10:00. Come on! That's like four more hours!
Leo: I can't believe Mindy is making us wait till 2:00 to reset the clocks for Daylight Savings.
To Be Continued...

Date: 03/18/14 7:51 PM
From: sawsara

(Leo and Mikey are talking while walking to there rooms)
Leo: So is the doctor gonna put Meg-Meg's eye back in its socket?
Mikey: Yeah she thinks so.(yawns)Its getting kinda late. I'm gonna turn in for the night.
(Leo starts drinking a soda)
Mikey: Dude are you seriously drinking diet Pepen-Cola now?
Leo: Yeah you want one?
Mikey: That's more crazy than me. Were gonna be up all night and we got to work tomorrow.
Leo: Didn't you see the news this afternoon? Its Daylight Savings Time tonight. So we get to sleep in tomorrow!
Mikey: Really? In that case toss a soda "broda"!
(the next morning at Brendo Park)
Mikey: Leo I feel so rested.
Leo: Me too.
Mindy(there boss): Well look who decided to show up. A HOUR LATE.
Leo: They don't know!
Mikey: Haven't you guys heard of a thing called Daylight Savings?
(they just stare)
Mindy: We know but what I also know is that Daylight Savings isn't until tonight.
To Be Continued...

Date: 03/18/14 7:36 PM
From: sawsara

I got another idea. I know that daylight savings time is over but the idea is that Leo and Mikey accidentally celebrate daylight savings a night too early and have to set all the clocks at the park there working at(yes the turtles have jobs at the park). And they set all the clocks to the wrong time to mess with everybody. I will post the transcript in a few minutes so hope you like it!

Date: 03/18/14 3:21 PM
From: sawsara

Raph: Just tell me where you are.
Juna: I'm in the abandoned warehouse on Winsten Lane.
Raph: Okay. Got it. I'm coming. See ya.
Juna: Bye.(her normal voice)He's coming Christopher. But until the other two are fine we can't capture them.
Rahzar: Good thinking Juna.
Donnie: (in his mind) How come she joined Rahzar even though we didn't know her until yesterday? Wait a minute...what's on her forehead? A mind control device!
Rahzar: I'm going out to find the other turtles down in there underground lair. You stay here and capture Raphael when he gets here.
Juna: Kay.
(Rahzar leaves)
Donnie: (out loud)Juna! Your not who you think you are!
Juna: What do you mean?
Donnie: You've been mind controlled! The mind control device is making you think your evil! I can read your mind Juna. And when I read it, it seems you forgave us for what we did to you. But with the device you think that you want to get revenge on us. You have to believe me!
Juna: Oh my gosh! Your right!
To Be Continued...

Date: 03/17/14 10:47 PM
From: mikeyftw

I have one where the turtles meet a trio group of mutants from dimention x that are part of a secret protection society (kinda like the fbi). They are in New York searching for April to take her back to headquarters for questioning.

There are three groups of three agents
1st group (highest rank) is all bug mutants. (bee, hercules beetle, and a cricket)
2nd group (second rank) all canine mutants. (hyena, wolf, and dingo)
3rd group (third rank) all reptiles. (snake, newt -newtralizer is part of this group-, and snapping turtle (tokka)

at first the turtles think the agency is part of the foot (tiger claw and all) and without question take april back to the lair.

this is just a brief summary


Date: 03/17/14 8:27 PM
From: sawsara

Donnie: You are t-the one w-w-who g-gave me Ma-ma-mammalits?
Juna: Yes. Now me and Chris have three other turtles to catch. Where are they anyway? I haven't seen them out all night.
Donnie: Mikey and Leo have the flu and Raph is taking care of them. Leo told me to go alone.
Juna: And they can't help you because I have this(she takes out Donnie's T-phone)
Donnie: How did you get my phone?
Juna: Took it out of your belt when I was chasing you.(calls Raph)
Donnie: Juna! We didn't know you were the wolf that gave me the disease! Were sorry!
Juna: Its to late now Donnetello.
Raph: Its Donnie.(picks up his phone) What do you need Donnie?
Juna: (does Donnie's voice)Hi Raph. Just so you know that I've been captured by Rahzar and I need help getting out.
Raph: But what about Leo and Mikey?
Juna: Um...tell Splinter that you have to go help me and he might take care of them for you.
Leo: Just go Raph. Don't worry about us.
Raph: Okay Donnie.
To Be Continued...

Date: 03/17/14 8:11 PM
From: sawsara

(Juna goes to Shredder's lair to meet with Rahzar)
Rahzar: Juna. Did you find the turtles?
Juna: Yes. Its seems Donnetello is afraid of wolves because he got Mammalitis from me(she is the wolf that bit him in my previous fanfic). So he might be harder to find when they go out again.
Rahzar: I think he will be just has easy. You chase him to the abandoned warehouse on Winsten Lane. We trap him and we will trap the others when they come to rescue him.
Juna: Good idea Christopher.
(the next night on patrol Donnie went alone(he had to go alone because Leo and Mikey are sick))
Juna: Hi Donnie.
Donnie: Juna? NOT AGAIN!!!(runs off)
(the plan works and Donnie gets captured)
Rahzar: Good work Juna.
Juna: Thanks Christopher.
Donnie: Juna what are you doing?!? I though you became friends with us!
Juna: I did that to fool you into this trap. I'm actually with Chris here because of what your brothers and your friends did to me when I gave you Mammalitis.
To Be Continued...

Date: 03/17/14 7:20 PM
From: juava14

To see mine go on my message What if...........
Hugs and

Date: 03/17/14 4:32 PM
From: sawsara

(the turtles are on evening patrol when they see a mutant lying in the street and go to help it)
Leo: You okay?
Mutant: Yes.(takes off mask) My names Juna. I'm a mutant wolf.
Donnie: Wait. Did you say you were a w-w-wolf?
Juna: Yes.
Donnie: AHHH(climbs up a street light)!
Raph: Donnie what is with you? Afraid of wolves?
Donnie: Yeah.
Raph: Why? I though you were afraid of April hating you.
Donnie: You know what happened two months back. You know when I got Mammalitis?
Raph: ...Yeah I see why your scared of wolves.
Juna: You don't have to fear me Donnetello. I don't bite.
Donnie: do you know my full name if you just met us?
Juna: I learned your names a friend of yours.
Mikey: Okay? Well we got to go. Nice meeting you.
Juna: Nice meeting you too.
Raph: Okay. See ya Juna!
Juna: See you later my friends!(in her mind)Or should I say prey.
To Be Continued...

Date: 03/16/14 6:54 PM
From: food604

I can't wait to hear the rest!!!!!!

Date: 03/15/14 12:13 PM
From: sawsara

I got another idea. So the turtles are on evening patrol where they see a mutant lying in the street. They go to help the mutant they notice that its a female mutant wolf. But it turns out Donnie is afraid of wolfs after what happened two months back(in my fanfic Donnie get Mammalitis). And she ends up being a foe because she is an friend of Rahzar and they team up to destroy the turtles because she was the wolf that gave Donnie Mammalitis. I will post the transcript in a few minutes so hope you like it!

Date: 03/14/14 3:15 PM
From: sawsara

Leo: How is he allergic to the antidote?
Donnie: Its seems he allergic to one of the ingredients. Its called Plollinolian. But its really strange. It only causes him to get sick more easily. That's how he got a stomach bug so quickly.
Leo: We should probably just let him stay here. He can't go on patrol.
Raph: Good idea.
(at exactly 11:30 Raph got a call from Mikey)
Raph: Raphael here.
Mikey: Raph! You got to help us!
Raph: You know I can't because of my stomach bug.
Mikey: I know but we been trapped by Scorpio! He teamed up with the Kraang!
Raph: WHAT?!?(throws up) Sorry.
Mikey: Its fine just don't do it on the phone because its disgusting. And hurry!
Raph: Okay! Just tell me where you are.
Mikey: Okay. We are at the abandoned warehouse on Housten Way.
Raph: Wow I can't believe you remember that!
Mikey: I just looked out the window.
Raph: Oh. I'll be right there! Sit tight.
Mikey: Bye.
To Be Continued...

Date: 03/13/14 8:19 PM
From: sawsara

(the turtles are fighting Scorpio and trying to cure Raph(since he was hypnotized by Scorpio))
Mikey: Donnie! Are you done with the antidote yet?
Donnie: Just about Mikey! It just has to incubate for 3 more minutes.
Mikey: Kay. Leo what is the plan?
Leo: Okay sweep the legs and I will pin him down. Donnie you can help me pin him down while its incubating can't you?
Donnie: Sure.
(they do it and when the antidote is finished Donnie gives it to Raph)
Raph: Man. What happened?
Leo: You got hypnotized by Scorpio.
Raph: Scorpio's here? We got to get him outta here!
(they finally stop Scorpio)
Scorpio: You turtles haven't seen the last of me!
(later that day they here puking coming from Raph's room)
Mikey: What was that?
Leo: That was(gasp)RAPH!
(they head for Raph's room and see Raph puking in his trash can)
Raph: Hey...Hey guys.
Leo: Why the heck is Raphael vomiting?
(Donnie does a scan on Raph)
Donnie: Its seems Raph's allergic to the antidote.
To Be Continued...

Date: 03/13/14 3:37 PM
From: sawsara

I got another idea. So Raph gets mind controlled by my character Scorpio(he is a mutant scorpion)but when Donnie gives him the antidote he's allergic to it. But when the turtles get captured by the Kraang he has to go save them no matter how sick he is before its too late. I will post the transcript in a few minutes so hope you like it!

Date: 03/13/14 8:23 AM
From: sawsara

Leo: Dude! You could of just called me over there!
Mikey: Zu-Zu told me to "grab" you!
Zu-Zu: Sorry! But we got to switch you back!
R&L: Ow!
Zu-Zu: Sorry guys.
(Leo and Raph switch back to there own body's)
Donnie: (on Mikey's walkie talkie) Guys. Did you switch them back?
Mikey: Yeah. Where are you?
Donnie: At the lair. I have to fake a intelligence test on Casey because of the plan.
Raph: Just tell him what happened. He'll understand.
Donnie: K.K.(hangs up)Casey. I have to tell you something.
Casey: What?
Donnie: Leo and Raph were fighting and they switched forms because when they fell on the table they touched that stone called Christonium Graphite. Its a Kraang chemical. And you accidentally took Leo to help you with your hockey practice.
Casey: That explains why he couldn't skate very well.
To Be Continued...