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all apriltello fans and capril fans are needed here!!!!

Date: 03/18/14 6:57 PM
From: babymutant

all right so i am watching the episode "Fungus Humongous" right? Casey's fear is rats right? well i noticed this when Donnie's fear came up..CASEY'S FEAR IS RATS AND DONNIE'S IS APRIL HATING HIM!!!!!!!! if i were April and i knew this i would totes choose Donnie i mean that is so sweet so Capril fans why isn't Casey that sweet huh?


P.S. go check out my board " a (good) message for Donnie fan girls " (it's something like that) so yeah go check that out awesome people!!!!!!!

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Date: 04/08/14 7:57 PM
From: gamerg8rl1

Agreed. Come on Donnie will do anything for April. I mean ANYTHING. He`s risked his own life for her. Is working endlessly to find a retro-mutagen for her dad. And is always by her side....... APRILTELLO FOREVER.



Date: 04/06/14 10:27 PM
From: Mizzakia

AGREED,if I were April,I wouldn't even care in the first place if Donnie did like her because I'd admit that I also did like him if he ever said he did like me because knowing Donnie,I'm sure that he would do anything for her,I mean LITERALLY,you all seen what he's been through just trying to help her out all the way even if she didn't want to see him for how long and yet he still put effort into making retro-mutagen for her father and also saving him from the Newtralizer and at times would still rescue her when he sees her being surrounded by enemies on the surface of New York. Now,that is one big heck of a crush he has on her! My point is that when you know you like someone,you don't base on the appearance,you base it on the inside of his or her heart and that's what Donnie has,a pure heart and a good soul. :3 #Apriltello4Ever <3 ~Keep Calm and Ship #Apriltello~ Mizzakia OUT,PEACE!

Date: 04/06/14 6:39 PM
From: beeboop270

PUH-LEASE!!!!!!! I personally think that if they really "love" each other, Donnie wouldn't have to fear April not liking him. Its not Casey's fault that he has confidence and isn't afraid of April!!!!!! Besides, when the turtles get kicked out of the Lair, the turtles will have to leave April with Casey, damaging Apritello and strengthening Capril,

Date: 04/06/14 1:41 PM
From: Leader1Leo

Seriously peoples. We all know that Donnie has known April longer, and liked April from the first moment he saw her. We all know that they belong together and Capril fans need to get the heck out because if anybody has any sense Apriltello will be a success. And all those Capril fans out there, I feel sorry for you because you are so misguided.

Date: 04/04/14 12:10 PM
From: sid2002

yep im apriltello fan and in the movie coming out the turtles are alien i mean really and missed ya guys and did anyone notice spider man in fungus humongous at the beginning? WHAT!!!!!

Date: 04/02/14 7:35 PM
From: babymutant

ninja 10993

NO! you look at what would make this show MUCH more interesting! and i asked a question that no capril fan has answered!


Date: 03/26/14 4:09 PM
From: ninja10993

sorry but I'm a capril fan. LOOK AT THE REALALTY POEPLE!!!!

Date: 03/26/14 12:55 PM
From: dairyq





Date: 03/26/14 10:19 AM

50% Apriltello

50% Capril


Sorry I had enough with Capril over 20-30 years over and over again. Only this series want to be different! It is NO harm!



Date: 03/23/14 8:59 AM
From: caprilfan

okay i think capril is munch better because donnie and april will never work out because hes a turtle and cassy i human so capril i will go with and please dont get upset okay.



Date: 03/22/14 10:10 PM
From: invatert11

apriltello won't happen cause donnie won't tell april that he likes her casey will tell her actually he kinda has

Date: 03/21/14 6:16 PM
From: babymutant

dairy q i was just posting thing while watching it and the thing i was posting was about this so yea i thought someone NEEDED to point this out

Date: 03/21/14 12:26 AM
From: dairyq

that's so TRUE thank you for pointing that out now what Donnie has for April is TRUE love