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April this is about April!(Betcha won't click)

Date: 03/24/14 1:58 AM
From: Zolazing

What do you think about April?
I think she isn't cool.I mean she blamed the turtles for "mutating" her dad when she could have just stepped away from the mutagen.You don't just wait for something to fall on your head!Mainly if its glowing and green!Then she didn't speak to them for three episodes!Then she acts like nothing can hurt her and never needs help until she thinks she can't handle it.Like when she tried to hit that Kraang bot she didn't open her fan.Dude open the fan!Then when the bot grabbed her arm she could have kicked him.Not much of a ninja!They tell her to stay outside and watch.See what trouble she got into?Its her fault.Donnie needs to let her go!
Random Quote of the Day: I don't like April
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Date: 07/11/14 7:26 PM
From: Zolazing

I never said I hated April I said I don't like her. Hate is a strong word. Most kids don't understand how strong it is. That's why I didn't use it.

@Kunoich (I don't know the number)
I agree I'll accept Apriltello if she isn't so rude.



Date: 07/11/14 8:35 AM
From: playlots11

Okay, we all just need to settle down here. First off, April can be a bit self-centered. There is truth in that, and people take it WAY too far. Think, do you really HATE April, or are you just upset because of some flaws? When Zolazing said that she didn't open her fan when she could have done it, she COULD NOT! The Kraang obviously stole the weapons they may have had. Now, the turtles DID tell her to stay outside, and she DID disobey them, but she was feeling left out because they never let her fight. She could fight well, unlike some people say. April probably did only train for a month or so (Maybe more) but that doesn't mean she can't fight well. She went in to help because she felt left out! The turtles overreacted and made it seem much bigger a deal than it was. Oh, and when April blamed the turtles for "mutating" her dad, she DID step away from the mutagen. Her dad shoved her aside, allowing himself to mutate, for the sake of his daughter.
Playlots11 out!

Date: 07/10/14 10:44 AM
From: Kunoichi12

As much as I hate to admitt it, you're right, she's WAY TOO SELF-CENTERED!!! However, I'm hoping Apritello still happens, just when April cares more.
Kunoichi12 out!!!

Date: 07/09/14 5:48 PM
From: TMNTandKH

April is self-centered and hard-headed. The turtles save her every time she gets captured by the Kraang, and 1 time they make a mistake by leaving a trap door open, she gets all mad and can't remember a thing they did for her, poor donnie was all sad, i hate how she caused him 2 act all depressed for a little bit. Another thing, Donnie is way too good for April, i really hope they make a mutant girl character that he would like more (Sorry Apriltello fans, but I'm a Capril 4eve) and Casey and April belong 2gether, check the TMNT history book. One more thing, April acts like she's all big-shot kunochi, I mean she's just been training for a few weeks or one month, and when Donnie tried 2 help her she yells at him, and when they tell her to STAY OUTSIDE, there's a good reason for it, she was acting stupid and just tries too hard to prove herself, I mean come on whose with me?




Date: 07/09/14 1:50 AM
From: Yayey

I agree too.
The mutagen nearly landed on her but her dad covered her just to protect his own daughter.
And you are also right, it is April's fault that she blamed the turtles... poor turtles... they are just reptiles April! they are part of NATURE!!! GET IT?! "NATURE!!!" and she didn't even run or walk away. She just innocently stayed in her spot and not move. If she could just walk away her dad won't even have to get mutated!
But hey, we can all get hurt sometimes! (I think April is a bit too self-centered), C'on April! Open the fan and kick that bot so that ninja wouldn't have to save your life!
Thanks a lot story boarders and animators! (WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!)
So yeah, I agree
...Done ...

Date: 07/08/14 3:48 PM
From: tgif500

Agreed April gets on my nerves ALOT! :8

Date: 07/08/14 9:58 AM
From: mikeybaby

Agreed. They should make a new character that Donnie would like more.

Date: 07/07/14 7:35 PM
From: Zolazing

We already are buddies!



Date: 07/07/14 7:33 PM
From: Zolazing

April can react fast to situations, so I don't think she has slow reflexes



Date: 07/07/14 6:04 PM
From: miniyolo

Agreed! April gets on my nerves ALOT! :8

Date: 07/07/14 6:02 PM
From: miniyolo

Agreed! April gets on my nerves ALOT! :8

Date: 07/07/14 1:09 PM
From: megamind44

They were the one's that opened the trapped door and they made the mutagen fell. And some people have slow

Date: 07/04/14 6:53 PM
From: KBGurl

I like your random quote, and I SOOOOOO agree with you.

To me April is, (ahem!) 'Her Royal Rudeness'. Due to the fact she is so so so x 1,000,000 rude to poor Donatello.

He tries so so hard, and what does he get? a shout or if he's lucky a glare.

He once said: "I'll protect you April!" and what did she say?
"PROTECT YOURSELF!" I'm surprised she didn't say 'jerk'.

I'm gonna write a whole thing about hating April, look for it please! Wanna be buddies?

KBGurl the April Hater


Date: 07/02/14 9:59 PM
From: WebkiCatz5

People can't always react fast to situations -.- Plus,she just got mad,she didn't exactly BLAME them. :/ Wouldn't YOU explode if something like that happened.And besides,she thought she could protect herself,it's because she didn't want to be thought of as a sidekick. -.-

-Awesome Artist


Date: 06/25/14 6:55 PM
From: Zolazing

Well April isn't being treated like a 'sidekick' she is being treated like she can't fight very well so she can stay outside to watch and maybe do a LITTLE bit of fighting. She has been training with Splinter for a few weeks in the Kraang Conspericy. If she would stop acting like she can fight when a baby can fight better than her maybe she would get better soon.

New logo!



Date: 06/17/14 8:15 PM
From: Zolazing

Who's side are you on? You posted two things in one you agreed with me in the other you didn't.

Date: 06/16/14 11:32 PM
From: karai6353

IM WITH U!!!!! So u do agree april should be part of the team just to be clear right???

Date: 06/16/14 9:57 PM
From: karai6353

Do you know what the heck your saying! April is the koonawiech on there team! She trains with Master Splinter!
R u crazy!!!! April is part of the team!
She doesnt know all the moves and some of the things u said about April r LIES! Donnie can like any one he wants thats final!

Date: 06/16/14 8:25 PM
From: achivment1

i actually agree she isnt a kunoichi and in the wrath of tiger claw she said to karai im gonna kick your butt but she only trained for like days or weeks and Karai has been training for like YEARS!! I mean Karai could have Kicked YOUR butt but NOOO you dont want to fight her She is kunoichi and she beat you up last time and look were it got you talkin to her on the roof top in the next ep your just going to be like raph being like"I dont trust her" and something

im not trying to be mean im just uh....trying to making a point Yah that's a point


Date: 06/16/14 6:12 PM
From: Snookibob8

AGREED. They can't change that in history! Then they'd lose a billion expecting fans!