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If your OCs were in Fungus Humungus...

Date: 04/14/14 6:51 PM
From: Snookibob8

Random thought, if your OCs were in Fungus Humungus, what would their fears be? Spiders? Snakes? Apriltello? Let's are mine!

Luther: Losing his 'Daddy' Casey. Yeah, even if Luther is a little mutant tiger kid, that's his biggest fear. Cuteness! OuO
Ongaku: Losing his wild side, not fufilling his Tiger Honor, becoming like his father. ....He's messed up...


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Date: 10/25/14 3:24 AM
From: tarawolf5

My oc, Tara, is supposedly to be near to fearless but she has an ultimate fear of losing the turtles and Splinter and being alone and helpless, especially when the people she helps betrays them.

Date: 10/19/14 5:27 PM
From: poodlelady

Osirus: Snakes, Bugs, & Zombies.
Drake: Turning against his friends & losing Mikey.
Amalia; The end of the universe, Bugs, & Her family members hating her.

Date: 10/18/14 6:50 AM
From: raphsocool

Katrina's fear is dogs(cause she's a cat).

Date: 10/11/14 11:22 AM
From: raphsocool

Lenna:raph,leo,mikey,and donnie dying(mostly raph)

Date: 10/04/14 5:57 PM
From: leoraph14

Okay, so my o.c. is a mutant cat who is actually me as a mutant cat in the TMNT cartoon. So, anyways, her fear would be obviously dogs, which would be Rahzar, and it would be so funny because Leo has a crush on her and Leo would just come up to her and she would slap him!!! LOL, because she would imagine everyone as Rahzar!!! This is basically how it would go...
Hannah (the mutant cat who is me): AAAHHHHH, Rahzar!!!!
Leo: What are you talking about?!?!?! Rahzar is now where around. It is all okay, it is just me, Leo.
Hannah: *slaps Leo in the face imagining he is Rahzar*
Leo: OW!!! Hannah, it is just me!!!! *Leo starts going crazy*
Donnie: Everyone calm down!!! We are going to figure this out!!!
Everyone: *running around screaming*
Donnie: --_--
LOL, funny, right?
~Leoraph14 out PEACE

Date: 09/20/14 4:10 PM
From: Mikey25624

My OC marissa AKA Mari would be scared of
getting lost in a maze NO NOT REALLY getting lost and no one liking her

Date: 09/18/14 12:35 PM
From: PURPLE88

My OC Olivia is terrified of weed killer because she can make plants come out of the ground so, if the weed killer sprayed her she would lose her powers (except dimension travel).

Date: 09/18/14 10:01 AM
From: nitstar143

Ok this is for my oc,
Sapphira: (gets sprayed)Gaaah!(rubs eyes furiously opening them to see darkness around her) Guys, April where are you? (starts to hear Pearl screaming)
Sapphira: Oh no not again!
Pearl's voice: It's all your fault! You led the kraang to us!
Sapphira: (looks around franticly) No no it was an accident! (sees Pearl being taken) This can't be real...
Pearl: Everyone you'll ever love will always leave you!(image of the turtles lying unconscious appears)
Sapphira: (falls to her knees clutching her head) It's not real, it's not real. It's just a dream, it's just a dream.
Pearl: You're cursed! You'll always be alone!

Date: 09/15/14 10:16 PM
From: wolfgal4

Rose: i keep telling you my fear is spiders and thats it!
Leo: you sure you seem kinda jumpy lately...
(rose's foot nudges up against some moss)
Rose: AHH!!! (jumps up and grabs on ceiling of cave)
Leo: see what i mean... jumpy...
Mikey: ha you are a scaredy dog!
(rose's ears go down sad)
Leo: mikey you hurt her feelings! wait what?
Raph: rose usually you would go full wolf on mikey over that...
Rose: guys i just need some alone time... i might be turning into a lone wolf kinda girl...
Donnie: okay then...
(rose gets sprayed by mushroom and see's worst fear)
Mikey: rose help!! help!!
(see's illusion of tmnt trapped by shredder)
Shredder: moohaha!
(suddenly see's tmnt not breathing on ground)
Rose: NO NO!!! (howls into sky and starts crying)
(thinks is crying ontop of not living tmnt but is really stones)
(this is not fear now)
Mikey: found out her worst fear is...
Leo: she wasn't joking when she said her weakness was her friends and family...

Date: 09/15/14 10:04 PM
From: wolfgal4

did i do this already? oh well here i go...
Rose: hold up guys... i smell something
Mikey: you sure??
Rose: no just because i am a canine mutant doesn't mean i can smell...
Mikey: really?
Rose: im being sarcastic!
Raph: ugh mikey!
(mushroom pops up and tmnt scream and hide in a corner)
Rose: why are you guys scared??
Donnie: thats what they do! cause fear!
(rose gets sprayed by mushroom)
Rose: woah that thing is weird! no.. it cant be! SPIDERS!!
(see's tmnt as giant spiders)
Leo: Rose, its the mushroom we are your friends!
Rose: stay away stay away! (turns around and hits head on rock from ceiling)
Mikey: okay then... she's out cold...
(later in lair)
Rose: SPIDERS!!! AHHH!!! (is chained up like raph was)
Donnie: shes up... anyone got some ear plugs??

Date: 08/26/14 6:34 PM
From: luv12203

Me: [skin is a dark violet] [speaks in an echo voice] YOU CLAIM TO KNOW FEAR?! I SHALL SHOW YOU TRUE TERROR!!
Shredder: [with Lina's Dark-heart Mojo Blade against his throat] What...are you?
Me: a Nightmare. [banishes Shredder to the moon]
Me: [turns back to normal form] Phew...
All (except Lina):
Me: Is something wrong?
Splinter: You just...Errr...- [nudges Leo]
Leo: You just banished Shredder to...the MOON...
Me: Whoops...Sorry...
Raph: Sorry? You just defeated him! :D
Me: I...I did?
Mikey: Eeyup! You just banished him to the moon!
Donnie: How is that even possible?
Me: see... [opens wings, one is black, one is white] [shows them cross-necklace] I'm an Angel of Darkness and Light...
Leo: How long were you keeping this secret?
Me: Quite a while...365 straight days...
Splinter: You have a great strength within you. dear Lina...But you must learn to control it...
Me: Hai, sensei. [bows and walks away]

Date: 08/26/14 5:49 PM
From: luv12203

April: [waves hand in front of Lina's face] Hello? Lina?
Me: [breathes heavily] *mumbling* It cannot be...ME? One of them?!...
Casey: [sees Lina's eyes and hears her mumbling] ???
Me: *mumbling* (continues) I cannot let them see my dark side...Oh no...
April: L-Lina?
*5 seconds later*
[They all hear Lina laughing in a creepy way] [they back away]
Me: Haha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You thing you found an ally in darkness? Do you not realize what powers that you are gifted with? [turns head] The same powers that I was- [opens eyes and they are like Nightmare Moon's eyes] -BORN into? Where do you think the shadows all go to hide from the precious light?...And just WHO do you think stands against them? What YOU possess is a mere fraction of their might...The SAME might that I stand here unyielding against...Each and EVERY night...
[Shredder appears]
Shredder: STAY BACK!!! [throws a kunai]
Me: [slashes it with Dark-heart Dagger] You are nothing compared to them...Nothing to ME!

Date: 08/24/14 7:50 PM
From: luv12203

Me*Lina*: [walks in with the turtles following close behind]
Woah.. I'll go check it out to make sure it's safe.
All (except Lina): [sits down and waits for cue]
*30 seconds later*
Me: It's safe, guys.
Leo: Thanks Lina.
[they all walk in]
Me: *shiver* I'll go look around for danger...You too.
Leo: -.-
Raph: Uh...Okay. We're on it!
Me: [sees mushroom] [gets sprayed by it] AAAHH!
Turtles: [hears Lina] Lina?
Me: Ow! It's in my eyes! [opens eyes and eyes are iris and green base with purple smoke coming out] [sees an illusion of biggest fear] OMG!!! Creepypastas?! AAAHHHH!!! [gets attacked by one of them] [looks like getting attacked by an invisible person]
Leo: Let's get out of here!
Me: [breathes heavily as walking into lair, eyes still green] [sits down]
Donnie: [looks at Lina's eyes] *gasp* She's having a nightmare about her fear.
April: That's horrifying! [looks at Lina's eyes] Oh...I see what you mean...

Date: 08/23/14 11:25 PM
From: fanfic1000

Chloe: Colonel Kin ( A man from the millatary) Finding her
Stormy: Androids ( human like robots)
Crystal: Panthers
Colonel Kin: Octopus

Yay! These Are Pretty neat! :)

Date: 08/23/14 7:43 PM
From: withmikey

Asami: Where am I? Dad! Dad! I know you've never seen me in a long time ,and I'm a mutant ,but-
*Dad collapses*
Asami: Oh no! Dad are you ok?
*Dad's pulse stops*
Asami: Dad! (cries rapidly)
Asami: Guys, where are you?

Leo: Asami, I know you have a crush on me ,but I strongly dislike you and ask to leave the lair, turning in your mask first.
Asami: No Leo! I don't want to leave! Please! (starts crying)
Leo: Your only embarrassing yourself. Now turn in your mask and leave or I'll be forced to hurt you!

Date: 08/22/14 8:19 PM
From: wolfgal4

Leo: ok rose, so do you smell where those mushrooms are?
Rose: just because im a wolf mutant doesn't mean i have that good of smell but it might be over there..
Leo: hmm ok
Leo: AHH! *mushroom sprays leo*
Rose: LEO! are you ok???
Leo: yeah i can fight it... i hope
Rose: oh, ok
Leo: Rosetta! look out for that mushro-
*rose gets sprayed by mushroom*
Rose: *cough cough* wow that stuff smells!
*giant jumping spiders pop out of no where*
*rose looks at leo and see's he turned into jumping spider*
Leo: Rose its the mushrooms!
Leo: Rose! dont run!
*rose calms down and knows its mushrooms*
Rose: ok fine... but please stay far away because you still look like a jumping spider to me...
Leo: i understand i guess, but why jumping spiders?
Rose: they jump too fast for meh... they creep meh out...
And dats meh version!

Date: 08/16/14 12:00 AM
From: Josie17062

Hm. Tough one... ok here are mine.

Rogue: (My OC is rather unpredictable so this is a tough one.) "I live everyday as if it were my last. Everyone I had trusted, in the past, have manipulated and used me. I have no intention to hurt them, but it always seems as if it's my greatest fear come true. I can only assume that you do not do the same...."

(In other words) After Rogue begins to grow a friendship with the Turtles, she begins to grow doubt and weariness about their trust, fearing they (especially Leo) will betray her and turn her in to the Kraang.

~ fellow fan

Date: 08/15/14 6:45 PM
From: arks123

ok I did this a while ago but now I have new ocs
Vanessa(nicknames Van Nessa V. and Vampyonly Mikey Rose and Roxy call her this) : Garlic sunshine sun and Vampire hunters
Rosebud(nicknames Rose rosey bud buddy) : being boring/bored Vanessa and no more pizza
Roxanne(nickname Roxy) : same as Rose and no more fun
Julliet(nickname Jullie) : Attacking someone on accident when someone plays Roar by Katy Perry(she's tiger mutant) and being defeated
Arriana(nickname Arri) : Same as Jullie except the Roar part and Shredder coming after her again
Katrina(nicknames Kat and Kitty(only Roxy Rose and Mikey call her that to annoy her)) : loosing her friends and the turtles letting them down needles leo finding out about her crush on him and watching the others being tortured in front of her by shredder(she has this nightmare every once and a while)
Arks123: loosing my family and friends watching them being tortured letting them down and most of all not being there for them to protect them

Date: 07/23/14 7:51 AM
From: KARA2166

Alex's fear: refird to don don
maxies fear: losing Mikey forever she and Mikey are couples
jorgans fear: Casey having a crush on her
I'm not sure

Date: 07/22/14 3:58 PM
From: creamdream

My fear: The turtles dying or leaving me D:
Kim's Fear: Mikey not loving her anymore, or not being trusted.
Gabby's Fear: Someone finding about that she's a witch, or Donnie not loving her anymore.
Abbi's Fear: Being left alone again, or Raph not loving her anymore
Maddie's Fear: Drowning or being under water, or Leo not loving her anymore.