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make a OC!!! CLICK CLICK CLICKY!!!!!!

Date: 04/19/14 7:22 PM
From: arks123

here what you do
name: ( what you want)
nickname: ( doesn't have to have one or if they do what you want)
age: ( any age)
hair: ( color length and hairdo)
eyes: ( color)
crush: ( doesn't need to have one)
mask: (color doesn't have to have mask)
weapon(s): ( anything you want)
story: ( anything doesn't need it)
pets: (doesn't need any can have over 1 under 10)
anything I left out
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Date: 10/22/14 6:30 PM
From: yuppy23

Name: Autumn
Nickname: Angel (Leo only)
Age: 12
Species: Human
Personality: Free-spirited, kind, friendly, optimistic, smart, beautiful, super-talented
Appearance: Fair skinned, freckles, long red hair, emerald green eyes, red flannel shirt, denim jeans and brown boots
Weapon: Two battle axes given to her by Leo
Talents: Music, art, ice and roller skating, intelligence, dancing, playing tennis, horse-back riding, Martial arts
Flaws: She tends to blush a lot.

Family: A loving mother, a kind father, her big brother Topher, and her two younger sisters, Summer and August.
Favorite Food: Pizza, anything that relates to potatoes (mashed, boiled, French, or sweet)
Favorite Color: Flannel
Hobbies: Playing her guitar, singing, riding her horse Bastille, trying to get Leo?s attention, and painting
Loves: Fall, Leo calling her Angel, playing her guitar, hoedowns, being thought of as kind
Hates: Being thought of as bad, being bad, hitting a wrong note, bad guys, Leo in danger
Crush: Leo
Story: She once lived in Tennessee with her family at her family farm. Then they had to move because of a tornado disaster. They moved to a nice farmhouse a few trees near O?Neil farms. She was only six when she and April played in the fields, chasing the chickens, and swinging on April?s swing. Then, when April moved because of her mom being captured, she was left alone. April then came back when Autumn was about 12 years old, and she invited a few guests. Autumn once came over while April, Casey, and the turtles were working outside. She locked eyes with Leo, and started to develop feelings for him. A few days later, she came over again, to find that they weren?t around. She went to go find them only to find a portal leading to dimension X. She goes inside Dimension X (with the breathing thing she found in April?s house) to find the turtles, April, and Casey. She finds them but then the kraang attack, and she fights them with the martial arts skills she had ever since April left. The turtles, especially Leo, April and Casey were impressed by her fighting skills. She sets them free with her excellent hacking skills. After a brief celebration, Leo hugs her, says she?s got skills, and leaves her fainting (and Casey catching her). Back at the farm house, she tells April that she enjoys having her back, and the two embrace. Now, she currently visits April and her friends, to have fun, to see Leo especially, and to chase chickens, just like when April and Autumn were young.
Extra: While her and the turtles are three years apart, she and April are four years apart, and her and Casey are five years apart. That means when April still lives on the farm, Autumn was six and April was ten.
P.S. I should make her story into a Fan-fic.


Date: 10/11/14 9:59 AM
From: raphsocool

name: Lenna Hamato
hair: long brown hair in a ponytale with one purple highlight streak in her hair.
eyes: blue
dating raphel
mask:no mask
story:Lenna is kari's secret sister. raph found her on the street fighting krang. he fell in love. he helps her out. Lenna falls in love. he takes Lenna back to the lair. splinter is mad until he finds out Lenna is his other daughter. lenna now lives with the turtles. one night raph asks if she wants to go foot bot hunting with him. but instead he asks her to be her girlfriend. Lenna says yes.
pets: puppy named starlight.
specia skill/weapon: can create any size of hammer in any material out of thin air

Date: 10/08/14 12:39 PM
From: tmntfangr

Hair:Black and long
Pets:One cat
Clothes:jeans, black T-shirt with a white skull

Date: 10/07/14 9:28 PM
From: punk66

Donnie is afraid of her(Experiment C)

Date: 10/07/14 5:14 PM
From: punk66

I'm a Donnie gal

Date: 10/07/14 4:57 PM
From: punk66

New OC
Name:Experiment C
Nickname(s):Twinka(Named by Mikey)Suri(When out of control)
Age:Unknown(appears 15)
Hair:3 ft.Gold
Eyes:Blue(In control)Red(Out of control)
Weapon:Long tail and Naginata
Story:Formerly the kraang's super weapon,Mr.O'neil freed her.Now trains with the turtles and Splinter.Has a faer of spiders
She is literally green

Date: 10/07/14 4:09 PM
From: goraph2

Name: Roxy
Nickname: Rox
Age: 13
Hair: red-ish brown, in a long braid
Eyes: Hazel
Crush: Raph
Mask: Scarlet
Weapons: Kamas
Pets:Snapping turtle named Okinawa

Date: 10/07/14 1:13 PM
From: Mkenzy

name: ( what you want) Mackenzie
nickname: ( doesn't have to have one or if they do what you want)Mac
age: ( any age) 15
hair: ( color length and hairdo) Black, 2 feet and 4 inches, big swirly with a with head band.
eyes: ( color) blue
crush: ( doesn't need to have one) Leo
mask: (color doesn't have to have mask)None
weapon(s): ( anything you want) Long range weapons, especially the Kunai
story: ( anything doesn't need it) IS AN ORPHANNNNN!!
pets: (doesn't need any can have over 1 under 10) None
anything I left out Im too lazy to write anything else, but there is many things u left out like, personality, how they look like, habits, sides, species etc.

Date: 10/06/14 7:48 PM
From: ashanti15

Hair:She has white hair that goes to her ankels,she puts her hair in pigtails and then puts them in bunches,She bangs that cover her eyes.She Sometimes braids them.
Eyes:A dark Yellow that turns black when using her powers
Crush:Miki enjoys the company of Raphael after that fact the he saved her from the Kranng
Mask:She doesn't have a mask but has a very long black cloak that makes her mysterious.
Weapons:She has One Katana.She mostly uses hand to hand combat though
Story:When Miki was little her father thought her martial arts without her mothers permission. But when she turned 12 her mother gave birth to her little sister Isami.But unfortunately her mother died of mourning sickness.Her father was devasted and moved to New York.Miki continued her training.But one day when Miki came home she the place trashed with her father and Now 4 year old sister in sight.She found them but they where held captive under the Kranng.

Date: 10/06/14 5:29 PM
From: punk66

Name:Lunara T
Hair:10 in.Black
Eyes:Blue like Leo's
Story:Held as bait by shredder,Donnie instanly falls in love again,he saves her
Pet:1 rat
Started training with splinter and his sons

Date: 10/06/14 4:44 PM
From: carie1

Name: Jessica
Nickname: Jess (usually Jesse)
Age: 15
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Green (usually red)
Crush: Raphael
Weapon(s): Katana Swords (sometimes single Katana)
Story: She is Baxter Stockman's monster. Baxter Stockman is created her. She is evil but in fact she is so good. She is working to Shredder. She is very strong. She is master kunoichi. She is control the electricy. She is awesome.
Pets: She has got a talking snake. It is a girl. It is a mutant. It is a monster. (Baxter Stockman has created it.) Also It is very big. (Up to Karai's mutant form) And It name is Leena.
This is my OC.

Date: 10/06/14 1:36 PM
From: camo331

Hair:shoulder length Dark brown hair with dark red streak.Bangs cover her right eye
Eyes:Steel Grey
Weapons:anything but mainly her fists and sais and katanas.a football necklace which is a also a whip like weapon.
Story:lives on her own and sometimes steals (only what she needs.stole from shredder and the turtles That's where she got sais and katana)
Clothes:Black pants and grey shirt usually wears black hoodie with rebel flag on it and football necklace.old black sneakers with WBD on the sides.(WBD=Wont Back Down)
Other:has a scar over her right eye from a fight.can climb buildings is short tempered fast and a prankster loves music and is a trouble maker

Date: 09/20/14 4:07 PM
From: iluvtmnt8

Name: Monica Morgan
Nickname: Moni or Monique
Age: 13
Hair: Long, wavy, dark brown and with an ice blue hairband in it
Eyes: Ocean blue
Crush: Leo
Weapon: Poisonous kakutes((Kakutes are like rings with a small blade attached to them.)(If anyone gets hit with it, even a small cut, they can go into a coma from one week to two months.)
Pets: Two kittens named Choco and Cream
Clothes: A blue tank top, cut-off black jeans and uggs(kind of boot)

Date: 09/19/14 8:02 PM
From: raphielml

name katey nickname kate age11 hair long brown with a red highlite eyes brown weapon sais story:school girl with a temper and she only has 3 friends loves comics and shes an orphin with a secret hide out that she built she also has a great singing voice. has a pet tordes.

shes a real raphiel!


Date: 09/19/14 4:53 PM
From: Yuppy23

What do you know! That's my name, and I have those features! And I have a huge crush on Donnie!

But I'm 14. But still, that is super awesome.


Date: 09/19/14 11:54 AM
From: purple88

Name: Kayla
Age: 12, but turning 13 on October 6th
Hair: brown
Eye: dark brown
Crush: Donnie
weapon(s): Anything she can find in the wild
Story: She never tells anyone

Date: 09/17/14 6:00 PM
From: Adlove763

Name: Jessica
Age: 13 (almost 14)
Hair: Short Brown Hair
Eyes: Brown
Crush: Leo
Mask: No mask
Weapon: Swords (like Leo's)
Story: She loves minions from Despicable Me and loves TMNT! (and much more) She met the TMNT and used to have a crush on Raph but now in crazy love mode with Leo.
Pets: Minions! xD

Date: 09/12/14 9:09 PM
From: dawnstorm7

Hair: Blond and very long and poofy
Eyes: Hazel
Story:Found in the sewers by TMNT and they took care of her until she was well, and she started dating leo.
Pets:A frog

Date: 07/30/14 2:00 AM
From: achivment1

Name:Bolt Shock
Hair:She has all red hair and black stripes going sideways and has bangs to the front
Weapons:a katana that looks like a lightning bolt
Story:when she was about 5 years old she was sleeping in her bedroom and her parents got kidnapped and she found a necklace her mom had and she wore it but something her about her parents they were hiding secret
Mutant:Dragon she is blue with yellow paws/claws and a lightning bolt necklace and the webbed part wings are also yellow and belly is yellow

Date: 07/29/14 12:11 PM
From: missette

Hmm... I guess im gonna make another oc so 6.... bAnd I have an idea for a science thing experiment where my new OC was created.

Name: Experiment Z
Nickname: Mia(Name she was given by Mikey), Dot (What people call her when she's mad)
Age: Unknown (Maybe 16?)
Hair color: Raven black hair up to a little bit after shoulders(has a side bang)
Eye color: Baby blue
Crush: Raph
Weapons: Her hands can shock people, she has whips, and a tazer.
Story: Experiment Z was created by Dr. Victor Falco. Dr. Falco hoped that Experiment Z, would be his golden weapon to controlling New York City and the rest of the world. But that's when the FBI bust in and try to arrest him, but escapes being one of the top Criminals around the world. After his old lab is shut down, Experiment Z is captured by the Kraang.
How she met the Turtles: While being the prisoner of the Kraang for over 3 years. She has been able to learn abilities no human could ever master, such as her brain going up 100% where she could freeze time, got back in time, etc. Then after hacking into the Kraang base, she escaped into the sewers. And thats where the turtles found her lying on the ground after tripping.
EXTRA INFO: She is worth 1 million dollars for how grand she is, beause no scientist has ever made a possible robot human. Just like April, she is immune to mutagen, and could possibly make retro-mutagen with her "cells" that could last for over 10 years. She has discovered how to speak French. She can easily mimic any movements, and can turn into anyone else, EVEN a mutant. Shredder is on the hunt for her, wanting Experiment Z to become another Karai. And her and her 5 friends are the S.O.N.Y.C (Spies of New York City).