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just to make you laugh!

Date: 04/21/14 10:03 PM
From: arks123

the turtles and I go to see a movie
Donnie: that was a good movie
raph: I liked the part where the guy wearing a red mask punched the geek punched Donnie
mikey: that wasn't in the movie was it?
me: face palm no mikey... oh never mind
leo: I loved the part where the leader saved everyone!
me: leo that was obvious that you would like it you forced us to watch it when you heard about it on t.v. not that it wasn't good
leo: wait I didn't force you to watch it
me: fine I saw it on t.v. and snuck in the back of the room cause I remembered you guys were there...
Donnie: NOOO!!!!
mikey : what is wrong with Donnie?
me: takes t-phone from Donnie's hands looks oh ... he texted april that he loved her
Donnie: I didn't mean too!!!
raph: suck it up
leo: really raph aren't you a little ray of sunshine
me: no he's not
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Date: 07/08/14 6:04 PM
From: arks123

I wanted to make another one so read it to put a smile on your face and a laugh in...ooh I know and a laugh in your voice!
the turtles just walked out of muracomi sans pizza place
turtles:*walking out*
katrina(oc(kat)) :* jumps off roof and lands on their heads then runs down the street with ALL their weapons* HAHA!!
leo:no you don't get back here! *starts chasing*
rosebud(oc(rose, rosey, bud, buddy)) :* waits on the roof top and whispers* 1 down 3 to go...I am doing this! eh who cares oh there is my signal!
mickey:*aiming his water balloons at kat*
rose:*jumps off roof takes the water balloons and runs fast she get behind of kat* HA!
mikey:MY WATER BALLOONS! *chases*
julliet(oc(jullie)) :*waits*
raph:*set up his throwing stars *
jullie:*jump takes throwing stars and runs*
arriana (oc(arrie)) :*waits*
Donnie:*setting up his tech*
arrie:*takes and run*
girls:WE WIN!
boys:this was a game?
kat:yesterday you all said that you boys could win not knowing its a game

Date: 07/03/14 5:18 PM
From: wind70

HILARIOUS! A real recipe for LOLing! I need to read more of these! :)

Date: 07/03/14 11:01 AM
From: sevenellev

that was funny make more of these there really funny MORE I SAY!! (no pressure

Date: 07/02/14 8:38 PM
From: arks123

@TMNTxZendal its fine just take care!
we were seeing the new TMNT movie for the rest of the night they kept complaining about how they DO NOT look like that!

Date: 06/05/14 1:58 PM
From: tiolet123

That was good! Keep them coming! I love reading fan-fics.

Date: 06/05/14 11:31 AM
From: axela2012

keep it comin

Date: 06/04/14 8:46 PM
From: techy11

Did you guys go to see the 2014 tmnt movie?

Date: 06/04/14 3:39 PM
From: shredfan

Lol it was the 2014 TMNT movie wasn't it

Date: 05/14/14 4:58 PM
From: TMNTxZelda

Me: *bumps into you*
So sorry...