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ask the turtles questions!

Date: 04/26/14 10:56 AM
From: arks123

so the turtles really wanted to me to post this for them so you can ask all the turtles questions casey and april too! so ask away they wont judge
raph: * smirks * so they can ask anything?
me: yeah
raph: like who you like?
me: * punches raph * but yeah
leo: really raph really?
mikey: * sneaks up on leo and yells*
leo: ahh my ears MIKEY!
Donnie: mikey if you don't stop doing that we are going to tie you up to a pole!
me: so anyway just ask sorry april and casey didn't say something they are on the surface while I am posting right now
casey: hey raph
april: hey guys and Katrina
me: oh it looks like they are here
leo: just ask anything
mikey: or just comment how cute I am
raph: *tackles mikey*
me: you can just comment not about what mikey said unless you want to
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Date: 08/11/14 8:21 PM
From: wolfgal4

For Donnie: You have a chance with April 100%
For Leo: No offense but do you kinda have a crush on karai?
For Mikey: You are so awesome!
For Raph: I agree about your fear of cockroaches!

Date: 07/14/14 8:34 PM
From: orangerbt


Date: 07/14/14 8:10 PM
From: luv12203

1.) If you could turn into ANYTHING, what would it be?
2.) What phobias, or fears, do you have?

Please reply when you can. I'm all ears. (animal pun xD)


Date: 07/14/14 7:13 PM
From: 9700cool

To April: I need to tell you something Back off of Donnie he is mine
To Donnie: um this is hard 2 say I kind of like u
To Raph: Work on those anger issues Dude

Date: 07/14/14 5:07 PM
From: sunnimax

Can I ask a couple of questions?
1. Donnie, why do you AND Casey love April?
2. Raph, why are you so mean?

(P.S. Mikey you are the best of the best! I'm ur #1 fan!!!)


Date: 07/14/14 3:11 PM
From: Havefun14

I don't have a question but i got to tell something to April.


NinjaYaz OUT!!


Date: 07/14/14 3:06 PM
From: danila123

for casey:
just jump from the TCRI!!!!!
For April:
Please,do the same thing as casey!
for mickey:
you are zuper cute!
for Leo:
How does it feels to have a sis' that is a serpent?
for Donnie:
do you know what are electrochemical reactions?(Just want to know)
and for Raph:
who do u like?



Date: 07/14/14 12:48 PM
From: jayden2857

me:I I I I I can not (drooling)raph: ( smacks me in face)me : thank you my post made it! Donnie: (gasp) me: do not try me! all:bye

Date: 07/14/14 12:35 PM
From: Elsa596

Leo, arks has a crush on you. Arks, aren't I just a little devil?

Date: 07/12/14 11:49 AM
From: sevenellev

p.s raph don't get made that i called you raphy poo in front of everyone we're dating so everyone should know and leo could you please get your old voice back pleasee

Date: 07/12/14 11:45 AM
From: sevenellev

oh hi arks123 you must be that girl in the lair i'm sven ellev the girl across your room with the blue room ya well i live with the turtles so umm i guess raph i dare you to wear a bikini i told you yeterday and you said no so do it today for me raphy poo

Date: 07/11/14 9:42 PM
From: KBGurl

(shakes head) you boys are just nuts, in a good way.

Okay! question time!

For Leo- So how are you doing? I heard about Karai and was wondering if you were okay.

For Donnie- (blushes madly and blinks rapidly), *get it together KBGurl...* Um, I was w-wondering if maybe you would like a assistant in your lab... I'm pretty smart too but not as much as you...

For Raph- Two words, ANGER and ISSUES. Try to fix it please, for everybody's sake.

For Mikey- No, I'm not commenting on how cute you are-mainly because I have eyes for a different boy-also maybe you should try focusing on your ninjitsu? You have a lot of natural talent so Splinter says.

For Kat- I don't have to ask because I think I already know who you like.

For April- Go jump off a cliff April, oh and take Casey with you. You're nothing but trouble.

For Casey- So I heard you got held back a few grades hm? (note the mockery)

For Splinter (if he responds)- Can you train me to be a kunoichi?


Date: 07/11/14 12:35 AM
From: luna12111

you are just random ALL of you -_-
also donnie WHY DO YOU LIKE APRIL!?!?!? (just asking I DONT LIKE YOU DONNIE)

"JUST KILL MEH NOW!" -words of Luna Firestar


Date: 06/19/14 5:29 PM
From: jayden2878

hey I am your biggest fan I never miss a episode any way gess my fav turtle donitello I know every thing from my smartness got to go later!;x

Date: 06/19/14 11:10 AM
From: ilovehtr12

What would you do if I do this *kisses Raphael*?

Date: 05/26/14 6:32 PM
From: tmntgrlfan

Raph if I asked u out would ya say yes???
Leo why Karai shes notin but trouble.
Don meet Irma ordered u too no options and Leo try to actually be the boss ur a push over compared too Leo in 2003.
Mikey can u prank Raph with somthin other then water balloons??
Splinter do your sons like country and heavy metal music???

Date: 05/23/14 2:47 PM
From: hmanrox

Leo, who is your favorite character on space heroes BESIDES Captain Ryan? Mike, how dumb are you? Raph, would you consider taking anger management classes? Don, how do you feel about Casey liking April? April, who would you rather date more, Don or Casey? And finally, Casey, What's your favorite hockey team? Also, I am your biggest fan Turtles! Y'all rock!

Date: 05/23/14 9:14 AM
From: arks123

mikey: AWWW YEEEAAA!!!
raph: darn it
Donnie: fine

Date: 05/21/14 6:00 PM
From: TMNTisme66

Hiya there Mikey
I'm commenting on how cute you are
Raph don't tackle Mikey
Donnie don't tie Mikey to a pole

"Keep calm and yell in leo's ears"
~Hannah Magee<-----That's me


Date: 05/20/14 9:08 PM
From: arks123


all: OF COURSE!!

Donnie: I would fight them if that would happen I would even fight raph

Donnie: I hope I don't understand I made so many plots and plans to get her attention but I have not gotten it yet

mikey: easy I shove it all in my mouth!

we guess

Donnie: well I get nervous and shy all a sudden