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How I didn't get to finish 'Mazes and Mutants' ~True Story~

Date: 05/03/14 6:42 PM
From: Bubbles867

Ok, so I just came back from church around 11:00. I didn't spazz out over missing the new TMNT because my little bro said he recorded it for us (Best Bro of The Year). So we ate lunch and sat in the living room, ready to watch the recorded episode. Nothing can go wrong, right? So, there we were watching the first 9 minutes, then the doorbell rings. It's a Direct TV guy. I ask what's going on and my mom says were gonna change cable. ' oh this should take a day to connect' I think. We ignore the guy as he does his work. Every now and then I'll see the DTV guy watching the show. XD My brother and I get to the part where the turtle are fighting the 'dragon' and the guy. PULLS. OUT. THE. PLUG. He looks at us and says, "I'm sorry, were you watching something?" 'No.' I thought, ' I was just admiring a beautifully painted wall behind the TV.'
... And THAT'S how I wasn't able to finish 'Mazes and Mutants'
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Date: 08/10/14 5:45 PM
From: mouska123

"im sorry were you watching something?"
me:yes but i can break your face now!

Date: 08/10/14 2:47 PM
From: techy11

I think mazes and mutants is on youtube now. I think you can watch it there.

Date: 07/11/14 6:01 PM
From: Havefun14

That kind of happened to me but differently.

I was excited to watch some Anime shows (sorry but i am a Anime fan) when all of the sudden i couldn't get cable. It was late at night so i thought "i will check on it in the morning". So i woke up on Saturday to watch the Ninja Turtles when the t.v. still didn't work. I got so mad and ask my parents what's wrong. They said that we didn't have cable anymore and we got something else. I GOT SO MAD I DIDN'T WATCH T.V. FOR AT LEAST A FEW DAYS!! Until i found out that i could watch TMNT Season 2 on Roku. Then I was cool with it :D


Date: 06/30/14 7:48 PM
From: sevenellev

you should have said this ''the cow jumps over the moon and yet you eat bacon'' that would confuse him and then you could say ''did'nt you hear me i said the orange flies never take time to spread jam on toast'' and then he'd think he is like sick or something so he'll go to the doctor and then you could pull back the plug
Seven ellev girl"

Date: 06/30/14 2:41 PM
From: Terflytle

well they find out that its not real and the find out that he got mutated when the Turtles spilled mutagen all over the city. so then they let him go, and Mikey finishes off and they leave him and he rund to catch up. BUT then he drops the #1 Ring of Awesome. so that's how it ends.

Date: 06/29/14 4:42 PM
From: kunoichi12

OMG!!! I was watching a Wormquake and the dude just shuts off all the power and I know he saw me watching T.V. and he just shuts off all the power so I couldn't connect to wifi and watch it on my IPad, or on the computer, or (obviously) the T.V
Kunoichi12 out!!!

Date: 06/15/14 3:41 PM
From: Snookibob8

XD It's alright, I missed it XD and the new one XD

It was easier on Saturdays. Mainly because yesterday I woke up at SEVEN and today I woke up at TWELVE


Date: 06/09/14 9:47 AM
From: ninjagogal

you should have said, "Thou dost not say..." and make an amazed look at him

Date: 06/08/14 3:31 PM
From: shredfan

Heh someday you'll look back at this and laugh (By the way if you look on the TMNT website they have 'Mazes and Mutants' on the full episode videos

Date: 05/14/14 5:32 PM
From: favturtles

Um... he saw you watching it then pulled out the plug? ON PURPOSE?

Date: 05/04/14 4:34 PM
From: emmaninja


Date: 05/04/14 4:16 PM
From: arks123

OMG once this direct tv guy came and it was one minute until TMNT was on and it was new one he came in looked at the screen then he just yanked the cord out and said " your show is over now go play Barbie dolls" I got so mad and it was only me and him in the house because my parents and sisters were outside I got so angry I tackled him put the cord in again and said " no it isn't you go play Barbie dolls!" it was kinda funny don't you think so?

Date: 05/04/14 12:16 PM
From: jai3

I know how u feel. Every Sunday I get bothered by my parents saying, "do your homework!", or just my brother changing the channel to something like SB or TT. Or my sister saying, I have to watch the news to do my project! And then I come back to the TV and see her watching something full of drama. It was so much easier watching TMNT on Saturdays. I miss it!

-JAI3 OUT!!!


Date: 05/03/14 10:15 PM
From: turtleapp2

wow, thats very rude of him. Sorry to hear that, I can't even watch the TMNT episodes because my divice has not uploading.