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Apritello vs. Capril vote! (EVERYBODY MUST VOTE!!!!!!!!!!)

Date: 05/08/14 5:49 PM
From: Heartfeet

Here's how to vote. If you're an Apritello fan, put a and give all your reasons why. If you're a Capril fan, put a and give all your reasons why. The first 3 to answer will get a friend request from me. Also, you'll get a friend request from me if you answer this quiz question correct: Am I an Apritello fan, or a Capril fan? (If you don't want to answer the quiz question, you don't have to.) Peace out!
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Date: 07/19/14 11:57 PM
From: Fabz1255

..... I never imagined April and Donnie kiss..... nah... im not sure... all I know is that Donnie LOVES her.... and im guessing your an Apritello fan

Date: 07/17/14 9:34 AM
From: 1cookbell5

Donnie and anyways Capril got married in the 90's tmnt

Date: 07/15/14 5:27 PM
From: korra1586

ok but ralph mine

Date: 07/15/14 5:02 PM
From: RaphLvr78

Raph: Are you alright?
Me: yep

Date: 07/15/14 4:34 PM
From: sevenellev

I forgot to put the

Date: 07/15/14 3:54 PM
From: cookiepup7

PS pleas eread my fanfic "The Adventures, The Romance, and The Secret"

Date: 07/15/14 9:25 AM
From: mizusaphy


1. Casey
2. Donnie love April so much
3. Donnie is so cuteeee
4. in the series of 2003, I was fine because the couple capril because april was great but now she is a teenager so it may be well with Donnie; who cares if Donnie is a mutant, it would be even nicer to see a human and a mutant together (like the Beauty and the Beast) and then let us not forget the fact that April is also a mutant



Date: 07/07/14 3:08 PM
From: KARAI6353


Date: 07/07/14 8:43 AM
From: yeahninja


Date: 07/05/14 9:41 PM
From: mutantgurl

I'm neutral, April can pick whoever she wants. I'm cool with it either way. Since there is no sign for that, I'm just going to put because I feel kinda balanced in between. Not the vote u expected, sorry.
Peace out dudes!
~ Mutantgurl

Date: 07/05/14 12:26 PM
From: henryf

capril because dony is a nerd at least casy is cool

Date: 07/05/14 10:46 AM
From: Sammi190

Of course, you're a Apritello fan.
I'm a Apritello fan!! Why?
1. They are PERFECT together. (Obviously.)
2. Casey doesn't care about April herself... just her body, like in Plan 10 when he starts checking his body in April's body out... and pinching it... that was just weird...
3. Donnie actually cares about her... not just what she looks like.
Apritello FOREVER!!

Date: 07/05/14 10:38 AM
From: maeow

i am Apritello fan all the way cues they are good

u are a fan of Capeil


Date: 07/05/14 10:28 AM
From: Lolzater


1. To me April & Donnie have a better Relationship than Casey & April. I think that April has this connection she doesn't have with Casey.

2. Casey is a JERK to April. One of the only reasons he likes April is that She does his homework and stuff.

3. Donnie liked April FIRST, Casey second.

4. April & Donnie kissed, Casey & April Didn't.

5. It seems that April kind-of liked Donnie more than Casey a little. It just seems that way, It might not be true though. She might like Casey better.




Date: 07/05/14 10:19 AM
From: caseyismyn

I really don't know! I sort of love both characters myself, Donne, and Casey I mean. I really don't know! Hmm, Donne DID see her first, ...................

Date: 07/05/14 8:19 AM
From: lax2525


Date: 07/04/14 7:54 PM
From: GoPurpleD

Aprilleto of course!!!!!

1.Donnie saw her first
2.Donnie fell in love with her at the first time he saw her.
3.Donnie keeps saving her.
4.April keeps hugging and good (flirt) comment him.
5.April has as an excuse her date with april to hang out with the turtles (including donnie)
6.April have never been on a reall date with Casey.
7.Donnie cares about April that much that he would give his life for her.
8.Donnie freaks out when something happens to April, like the time her dad kindaped her and when CASEY lost her while they were walking around the sewers.
8.Donnie doesn't rests till April is safe or happy.Like the time he was working all day to save her dad.[Beat that Casey]!
9.Do you remember Donies face when April found out that they mutated her father? AMAZING
10.Why wouldn't April like him? He is smart, kind, caring, sweet ,funny but serious too. And unlike Casey, Donnie gots a heart, and a really big one.
11.April gots an awesome background photo of him at her TPhone.
12.Donnies App name at Aprils TPhone is DonnieBoy. More like [D]reamBoy if you ask me.
13.Donnie will be heart broken if Capril happens.
14.The 70% of the show fans will be heart broken if Capril happens.
15.Casey doens't care about april as much as Donnie
16.Casey only cares about Aprils look since he calls her "Red".Also at the episode "Plan 10" Casey only liked Aprils body.[And that episode was weird]
17.April has kissed donnie more than 3 times and hugged him countless.
18.April haven't even hugged Casey
19.Also at the last episode that we saw "King Rat" this happened.
Donnie:We have everything under control (something like that)
April:"You" always do.
20.April doesn't freaks out when Donnie does those curse
21.Casey doesn't take anything seriously, everything is a game for him, inclouding his sort of relationship with April.
22.I've never seen the older series but as i have heard it lasted for 30 years, even so even the creators of TMNT are making more and more Apriltelo, but 0 Capril.

Apriltelo ;)


Date: 07/03/14 5:45 PM
From: uinthedark

Here are my reasons:
1. Cassey is a HUGE jerk to Donnie AND April
2. April has kissed Don like three times and what can i say for Casey? ZIP
3. Donnie saved April's dad ( Beat that Casey!)
4. Donnie has been actually TRYING to get April to notice him
5. April is a half mutant. so its okay.
6. Donnie and april are SUCH a cute couple
7 Capril has been going on for like 20- 30 years. give it a rest.
8.TONS of us TMNT fans would CRY OUR EYEBALLS OUT if he didn't get her.

Date: 07/03/14 5:22 PM
From: wind70

2 of my reasons: Casey is a jerk. Donnie is nice.
I hope you're an Apriltello fan!

Date: 07/03/14 12:03 PM
From: sevenellev

oh I forgot to do the star