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I NEED OCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 05/09/14 2:20 PM
From: karai34567

Can you guys make me OCS. i need more of them. They can be
mutant or humans anything. If they a mutant maybe they were
human maybe maybe not. I don't care okay. I need too make
a story. you can start it like this:

Hair style:
Hair color:
Eye color:
mask color:
color of her or him:

You can copy and paste it.

Here's my OC!!!!!!!

Name: Samantha
Age: 16
Outfit: Short sleeve shirt that's grey and black
Hair style: Up in a pony some hair hanging down
Hair color: black and blue
Eye color: Green sometimes brown
Story: I don't know
Personality:dark and shy
Weakness: weapons
Species: turtle
Family: Her four brothers and her dad
Weapon: black chains
other: Nothing
crush: None
mask color: grey
color of her: dark green
So that's my OC. yours could be in my story!!!!!!

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Date: 08/22/14 8:40 PM
From: wolfgal4

Name: Rosetta
Nickname: Rose
Gender: Female
Outfit: wearing brown jacket and green and lime green stripes on t-shirt with dark blue jeans
Hair style: wearing hair in pony tail with 2 extra pony tail holders
Hair color: brown (but the end of her hair is gold)
Eye color: silver with yellow glow around pupil
Story: when the TMNT dropped mutagen everywhere she got mutated on her roof (she doesn't know they did it)
Personality: independent, a good friend and a lone (wolf)
Weakness: dog whistle and jumping spiders!
Species: human/wolf mutant
Weapon: huge dagger like claws
Other: nothing
Crush: a little bit mikey...
Mask color: none!
Family: the tmnt are secretly her distant cousins (she dont know yet)
Color of her: normal human skin but grey wolf ears, tail and paws (paws look like human hands that are grey... and have claws)

Date: 08/15/14 4:16 PM
From: charissa45

Name: Aiko Nora N
Nicknames A.K.A her stagename: Aiko Amore
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Species: Minor-Mutant (Cat)
From: Japan, currently touring the world
Birthday: August 17
Appearance: She's 5'3", has bright light blue eyes, some feline characteristics (such as her tail, cat ears and sharp teeth), blue hair, white skin and she wears two pink feathers in her hair.
Clothes: She wears a light pink shirt with a brown bow around her neck and a dark grey skirt that starts at the waist and ends mid-thigh. She also has a light grey bow at the back of her skirt, with the ribbon extending to the skirt's bottom and small pink and white boots with pink laces.
Personality: Despite her heavy life as a famous artist she is a happy-go-lucky, bubbly and cheerful young girl who displays boundless enthusiasm and never fails to let that show but as a result of all this excitement she has a tendency to talk in circles. Her excitable nature also makes her rather hyperactive and she's well known for her large imagination, the fact that she almost never drops her playful attitude or smile in battle and the fact that, despite her generally cute personality, she can sometimes be a little psychotic too.
Weapon(s): Hook Swords
Skills: As an artist her singing skills are exceptional but not only can she sing, her voice imitating skills are so good you can't even recognize it's someone else calling your name. Due to always having press following her in Japan her ability to reason with people and find quick solutions is also very good and, as she states, she will never forget a voice. But finding this 'boring' artist life not enough she decided to learn fighting with hook swords as she had always found them very exciting.
Favorite Food: Pancakes
Favorite Color(s): Pink and Orange
Favorite Animal(s): Seahorses
Loves: Singing, cooking, fighting
Hates: Bullies, fake people, the media

Story: During her childhood, she was a shy, lonely child, and nobody had high expectations of her. Due to her shyness, her classmates constantly bullied her, until a relative submitted her application to an idol competition, which she won. With her new status as an teen-idol she became one of the most popular girls in school but whenever someone wanted to hang out with her she would nicely tell them to go away. She knew they only liked her 'idol' side now and the only person she would really play with was her childhood friend who had been her from the very beginning. He had accepted her long before her idol breakthrough and had even took fighting lessons with her. But one day her curious side got the better of her and, as you would say, curiosity 'almost' destroyed the cat. One night she snuck into a Kraang lab, who had been doing experiments in Japan for a short time now. She was just fine until one of the droid knocked over a very early example of mutagen and a few drop landed on her. She ran back home but was afraid to tell what she had done, so she chose her friend's house instead. There she mutated into a cat and got her sharp teeth, tail and cat ears (because the mutagen was still in a very early stage she was only turned into a minor mutant). Telling her it actually looked quite cute on her, her friend advised her to make it a part of her idol performance. When her image began to grow and more and more media got a hold of her, her managers decided to organize a world tour. And even though she loves seeing multiple countries, especially America, she misses her friend back home. The Turtles have actually always been secret fans of her, even though some of them won't admit it. So when they heard she would be performing in New York one night they snuck into her concert backstage. What they did not know was that some criminals had disguised themselves to kidnap her and ask for ransom money. Luckily, the Turtles were still backstage when they tried to kidnap Aiko and they quickly rushed in to help her. However, the small fight loosened up one of her other sides and, while the boys were still fighting, she grabbed the hook swords she always travelled with and began defeating every single one of the criminals. Learning there were even more mutants in this world she quickly befriended the Turtles and they, being able to work with one of their biggest idols, accepted her within seconds of course. She will often use her resources to help and investigate, she has become big friends with April and Casey and even though it might be difficult to walk around without being recognized she manages it just fine.


Date: 08/15/14 3:30 PM
From: fanfic1000

Gender: Girl
Outfit: Cyan and magenta T-shirt, jeans and a pair of purple boots.
Hair style: Pointy, Going down to her waist
Hair color:Light blue with orange highlights
Eye color: Greenish blue with a little purple
Story: Lived in town in Italy when one day Shredder burned down the town and she and her siblings were the only ones left .
Personality: Happy go lucky
Weakness: Darkness' Someone using her magic for themselves
Species: Human
Family:Her siblings Stormy and Crystal
Weapon: Bow and arrows, Her elemental magic
Other: Was born with the abilty to control earth,fire,water,and air, When power is being used by someone else She Becomes a dark flouting Spirt
Mask color: None
Color: Tan, Pitch black when evil

Date: 07/20/14 3:53 PM
From: kara2166

name: bubbie Lola H
nicknames: bubble lol and hail
ages: 12 15 13
genders: girls
outfit: bubbie is only a cat Lola has a dress and Hailey is just a turle
eye colors: green blue yellow
personality: cute and shy/ lolavl and fancy/ shy and sweet
weakness: losing ralgh in her life/ bad guys/ Mikey gets destroyed
species: cat/human/turle
weapons: bubble dosesiten fight Lola uses her BO STAFF! and Hailey is only a little turtle
crushes: ralgh/Casey jones/Mikey
mask color: she's not a munat/hers is pink/she just wears glasses
color of the girls: brown/tan/green

Date: 07/19/14 8:29 AM
From: KARA2166

name: jogran
nickname: joy
age: 15
gender: girl
outfit: a dress is that pink and green
hair style: wavy
hair color: brown
eye color: blue
story: ??????
personality: shy and sweet
weakness: Leo ending up with karai
species: human
family: she has a sister named Nicole
weapon: staff
other: I have no idea?
crush: Leo
mask color: do glasses count
Color of her: tan

Date: 07/17/14 10:15 AM
From: kara2166

name: Leah
nickname: Lea
age: 15
gender: girl
outfit: hello she plays Kirby triple deluxe
hair style: wavy
hair color: blue
eye color: green
story: I have no idea
personality: shy and sweet
weakness: shreder
species: cat
family: I dunno
weapon: bow and arrows
crush: Mikey kinda likes her
mask color: yellow
color of her: tan

Date: 07/09/14 12:30 AM
From: Yayey

Name: Sugawara (SU-GAH-WA-RA)
Nickname(s): Suga
Age: 17
Gender: boy
Outfit: black jacket with yellow buttons with a white uniform inside and black jeans
Hair style: I can't describe!!!
Hair color: light colored
Eye color: brown
Story: I have no idea....
Personality: he has a soothing personality
Weakness: hello? he plays volleyball!
Species: Human
Family: I have no idea...
Others: he was born on June 13, a third year student in High in Class 4. His position is a Settler (Like Kageyama) but he experienced but doesn't play in tournaments because he is vice captain. he has a mole on his left eye. He is 174.3 cm tall and his number is 2.
Crush: none
Mask color: Hey, he is a human
Skin color: light tan

...Done ...


Date: 07/07/14 8:01 PM
From: caseyismyn

You can use her for your story but she is origanally my oc.

Name: Max
Age: 12
gender: female
Outfit: slacks, pink hoodie, and sneakers
hair color: blonde with pink streaks
hair style: down, and sometimes up in a pony tail
eye color: blueish, greenish with ability to change to slits or circle
personality: brute, loves romance but is tough on the outside
weakness: romance reveals, and kryptonight
species: beast, a beast is a combination of every living thing in every living universe, book, or movie, and can transform into everything and anything
family: the turtles
weapon: claws like shedder, or daggers
crush: casey jones, will, donne
mask color: black
color of her: white skin


Date: 07/07/14 6:40 PM
From: sevenellev

Name: Venolape
Age: 15
Outfit: T-shirt splatterd with all colors ripped jeans and sneakers
Hair style: curly
Hair color: orange with black stripes
Eye color: pink
Story: when she was 5 she always painted her hair then she got mutated with the paint causing her hair to be like that and her eyes to be like that her parents thought she was a freak and moved away faar away from her she did'nt want to go to a foster home so she lived in the trees raph found her and took her to the lair where she moved in
Personality: fun and talkative
Weakness: arow
Species: human with mutant hair and eyes
Family: the turtles
Weapon: frying pan
other: no other
crush: Leo
mask color: white with black spots



Date: 07/07/14 2:35 PM
From: salba

Outfit:Purple shirt and denim shorts.
Hair style:Messy ponytail
Hair color:Black with dark blue streaks
Eye color:Light blue
Personality:Sneaky,funny,social butterfly
Family:Her dad and little brother Max
Mask color:The turtles gave her one that was purple but she doesn't wear it
Color of her:Light tan

Date: 07/07/14 9:31 AM
From: Raphfan17

Name:Katy M.
Outfit:Black leather jacket,dark blue jeans,blue shirt
Hair style:High ponytail
Hair color:black with blue streaks
Eye color:baby blue
Story:Grows up in Elementia,a dimension full of mutants that look like humans,with her parents and younger brother,then she moves in New York in search of my other ocs.She once was a pal of April and Irma but then ignores them for no reason.She then meets who she's looking for along with Casey's ex-friend.
Personality:Much like April,but more nerdy
Species:Elementian(human/mutants that control all types of elements)
Family:Parents and younger brother
Weapon:Elementian gift and some ninja skills
Other:She loves reading books and comics...but mostly books
Crush:Casey's ex friend
Mask color:blackis brown(Karai's type of mask)
Skin color:Peachy white

Date: 07/06/14 10:45 PM
From: camo331

Name: Jaycee (nickname Jay)
Outfit: Cargo pants,grey.Grey T-shirt.always wears a camo dog tag.
Hair style: Always in a pony tail
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Forest green
Story: Ran away when 5 been on her own since. 17 days after she gets to new York she meets her brother Jackson. Gets to new York 7 days before she turns 13.meets turtles when chased by Karai. Hides in the sewers. turtles attack the "intruder"She wins. tells them who she is and decided to help them.
Personality: fast fierce
Weakness: Family
Species: human
Family: mom dad and older brother
Weapon: Sword;Anything
Other:Best friend; a wolf from before she ran away carries a camo bag everywhere with her gear in it only she knows what's in it.She has the power to create fire. when mad, a fireball appears in her hand.her brother Jackson can do the same but with lightning. they think and say the same things at the same time sometimes. Can understand animals and vice versa.

Date: 07/06/14 6:17 PM
From: maythetmnt

Name: Summer
gender: Female
Outfit: Tmnt outfit
Hair style: straight
Hair color: Caramel
Eye color: Blue
Story: No story
Personality: Cute funny smart awesome fun
Weakness: spiders
Species: Human
Family: tmnts and april
Weapon: Swords
Other: Fan of leo
crush: None
mask color: Blue
color of her or him: just plain

Date: 07/06/14 3:54 PM
From: Sammi190

Oh sorry, I don't know the story. Oh! The orphanage was attacked with Kra- yeah, this doesn't make sense. So just make up a story if you're going to use mine, okay? Sorry, I'm not the most creative person in the world today.

Date: 07/06/14 3:38 PM
From: Sammi190

Okay. Sorry, my OC's Samantha as well; I made it on a different Message Board OC thingie.

Name: Samantha (You can change it to Nathalia.)
Nickname: Sammi (or Thalia.)
Gender: Female (... I mean, Duh...)
Outfit: Graphic T-shirt, shorts, with flannel shirt tied around waist.
Hair Style: French Braid (Like Katniss) , A little messy and loose.
Hair Color: Brown with a blue streak
Eye color: Dark brown
Personality: A little too violent, tomboyish, dark, Sarcastic side, huge sense of humor (okay, this is describing me...) takes a long time to forgive (not me.) Bored very easily.
Weakness: Water- can't swim. (Sadly, that's also me. I can sorta swim... eh.) scared of isolation
Species: Human
Family: An orphan, so the turtles and Master Splinter took her in. Best Friends with April.
Weapon: Tenssen (April's thing), Fists, anything in sight.
Crush: Mikey. or Ralph. That's WEIRD...
Mask Color: Is a head band instead- Gold
That's it! I'm using it for fanfiction too


Date: 07/06/14 3:24 PM
From: MegsGurl15

Skylar Nickname: Sky
Age: 15 (gonna be 16)
Purple and black striped sparkly short sleeve shirt, skinny jeans w/ a cute, fashionable black belt, black fuzzy uggs
Wavy, long hair w/ side bangs
Black w/ purple streaks in the front
Brown, sometimes emerald green
Secret agent(in training) in working for her dad's company of spotting anything unusual going on in NY.
Witty, can be daring, loyal, creative, sweet, intelligent, sassy when she wants to be
Tends to blame herself when she feels bad for others
An 18-year-old brother (trys not to be overprotective) and her dad
All of the turtles (more preferably Donnie)
Doesn't wear a mask
Normal, sort of tannish skin
This was fun!!!



Date: 07/06/14 3:07 PM
From: shredfan

Here I go
Age:unknown(she won't tell us T_T)
Outfit:traditional Japanese shirt and one gold earing
Hair Style:none
Hair Color:orange and white
story:Sheba was sent by a realative of Shredder
to marry him but he hasn't decided.
Personality:very mysterious,and sly
species:red panda
other:she ONLY speaks Japanese,Russian,and Indian.
No English,but she's learning from Xever.Kari doesn't
like her at all,because,to her,Shredder would spend
more time with her than Kari.She has a little pouch
that contains lavender that will paralyze or calm
crush:Shredder kinda likes her
mask color:none
Color of her:Orange and white

Date: 07/06/14 11:32 AM
From: kara2166

name: jaylah
age: 12
gender: girl
outfit: a shirt that says I'm right your wrong any quesons
hair style: wavy
hair color: black
eye color: blue
story: I dunno
personality: shy and sweet
weakness: April ending up with Donnie
species: cat
weapon: bow and arrows
other: ??????
crush: donnie

Date: 06/15/14 3:13 AM
From: avrilfan24

Are you still excepting OCs? I hope so!
Outfit:Short sleeve sweat shirt, which is black. Black shorts, and long, black boots that go up to the knees.
Hair style:Pixie style
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Purple
Story:I dunno
Personality:Dark, angry, strict
Weapon:Object shifter
Hope you can except it! :3

Date: 06/09/14 2:24 PM
From: kara2166

name: Izzy pepper
nickname: Izzy or pepper her friends call her pepper
age: 12
gender: girl
outfit: short slave skirt that has a kitty saying I got an A+ cuteness
hair style: a bubblegum pony tail
hair color: bubblegum with hot pink highlights
eye color: blue I guess
story: she has her pets a dog named mayble leaf and a cat named Gigi
weapon: sword
crush: mikey