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Another post about OCs!

Date: 05/09/14 10:44 PM
From: Snookibob8

Well, I started off with Fungus Humungus, so this question about your OCs post is...
How does your OC effect the main characters?

Casey. Casey is protective of Luther and is a father figure to him, if someone hurts him (and Luther trains with the turtles so his pain tolerence is HIGH) he RAGES on them!
April. April is motherly and caring to the young mutant and watches him in the sewers if Casey is away.
Splinter. Splinter admires Luther's strength and sees him as another one of his mutated sons.
Mikey. Mikey jokes around with Luther, they are best friends.
Raph. Raph loves to train with him, although he gets beaten/thrown against a wall most of the time.
Leo. Leo sees him as another one of his (younger) brothers.
Donny. Donny at first disliked Luther, being Casey's 'son'. Now they are neauteral.
Karai. Karai often manipulates Luther and scares him, but Luther sometimes fights back.

_I gotta post more later, more characters and Luthey_

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Date: 07/06/14 10:33 PM
From: youngclaw1

here's Nina again. i keep forgetting these characters!

Irma: she was at first fascinated by this infant sized kitten. now she acts more calmly around her
Shredder: he feels that he should find this young tiger before she becomes as strong as her father he wants to make sure that his enemies don't find her first. unfortunately for him, THEY DID!

thats all until i remember ANOTHER character i forgot! LOL


Date: 06/26/14 1:07 PM
From: LeoLuv15

April:Never leaves her side and Is an awsome BFF
Casey:Hangs out with her,April and Raph
Splinter:Loves that she is protective with her three younger sisters
Leo:Loves and takes care of her but only because they grew up together and because She is karai's twin sister(Not Identical twins)
Raph:used to be BFF when they were kids and when they met Casey after April they started to be BFFL(best friends for life)
Donnie:Thinks she is a really bad influence to Megen(Her younger sister thats 13)because of the way she dresses for a 16 year old
Mikey:Tries to ingnore her
Karai:Wants her to quit the group she has with April,Casey and Raph so she can join a group with her and Leo


Date: 06/26/14 11:39 AM
From: shredfan


Mikey:Whenever Mikey needs some assistance on
a prank,she's there to help.Especaily if the target is Leo
April:April isn't too fond of Venus as much she is of her.
But sometimes there a good team but then again
they're brawling over something . . . . Especialy
when Venus brings up on how April is like that
girl on SMRM (Or at least I think that's what it's calles
Raph:Often when he's in his angry mode she appeals
to his logic with sarcasm.No matter how many times he tries he can't beat her in sparring.


Date: 06/25/14 6:28 PM
From: Snookibob8


OCs are original characters, in stories or fan-fictions. Fan fictions are stories based of stuff, like movies and people and stuff.


Date: 06/25/14 5:27 PM
From: Bubbles867

I'll do it on Doni!
Raph- He likes to tease Doni and the way she and Donatello respond when called.
Donnie- Other than having the same name with a pegasus, Donnie like to have her around as a little flying assistant.
Mikey- It's a baby pony! Course he's gonna love it to pieces.
Leo- He's pretty determined to get Doni flapping her wings, as soon as she's old enough.
April - Liked Doni the moment she saw her.
Splinter- He sometimes catch her tagging behind him. Tripping over her own hooves will always give her away, though.
Casey- [Sees Doni and looks around] *pat, pat*

Date: 06/25/14 3:00 PM
From: bmo55

KC Xernease
Donny+Casey: Donny, Casey and Kitty Cat don't talk 2 each other much, but their rivalry is similar to Raphael and Casey's.
April: April is like a sister 2 her and is always willing to listen 2 her feelings. Both protect each other and give each other love and compassion everyday.
Splinter: Splinter doesn't trust KC not to well, since she's fro Dimension X, so he always keeps a close eye on her when she's in the lair.
Mikey: Mikey always sees KC as a pranking target since she never once was pranked. But KC always sees Mikey's pranks coming and always somehow avoid them. The 2 are good friends.
Raphael: He always like to flirt with KC even though it makes her uncomfortable. But like Leo and Raphael, they usually get into fights but always sort thing out with each other. The 2 very close to each other.
Leo: Like the same with Master Splinter, he doesn't trust KC at all, but 2 avoid drama, he try's his best 2 avoid KC and pretend she's never there.
Hope u guys like it! :)

Date: 06/25/14 2:57 PM
From: karai6353

what in the heck does this half to do with teenage mutant ninja turtles??? Where did Luther come from, wait if your name is Luther and your doing a rp then i can see how this is with teenage mutant ninja turtles, I'm so sorry I feel like an idiot XD LOL

Date: 06/24/14 7:27 PM
From: caseyismyn

species: beast (combination of every living thing in every universe, book, and movie)
Crush: Donee boy, and Casey
Weapons: claws, and ocasional douple blade swords
food: meat, and only sometimes vegi foods
most common form: wolf, and human

Date: 06/24/14 6:41 PM
From: caseyismyn

Casey. Max would effect Casey because Max has a HUGE crush on his and Donee boy.
April. April is Max's best friend and buddy, even though they both like Casey and Donee boy.
L,D,R,M. Well, Max would effect all of them because they are brothers to her.
Splinter. He is like a father to Max, and like the turtles, he took her in.
Kirai. Max would effect Kirai because she is like a sister to Max.

species: beast (combination of every living thing in every universe, book, and movie)
crush: casey jones, and donee boy


Date: 06/24/14 1:37 PM
From: Yuppy23

Casey: Casey and Noel are Frenemies. Noel sometimes teases Casey.
April: Noel doesn't interact with April much.
Splinter: Splinter is training Noel, along with Paris, to become and expert Kunoichi
Mikey: Noel is sometimes annoyed with Mikey because of his pranking. But now she and him are friends
Raph: Noel has a crush on Raph, and is often nervous to talk to him.
Leo: Leo sees Noel as another little sister
Donnie: Noel enjoys helping Donnie with his experiments
Karai: Noel first disliked Karai, but after Mo tells her that she is the turtle's long lost sister, she then is neutral with her
Mo: Mo is one of her best friends

Date: 06/14/14 8:14 PM
From: Snookibob8

Irma. Irma at first was terrified of Luther (I literally almost put TigerClaw XD), constantly running away from him and using things to get him away (tazer, bats, etc.) but then warmed up to him. They are close, but Luther never tells her about his 'daddy'(Casey), 'grandpa'(Splinter) and 'uncles'(The TMNT) and how he knows April.
TigerClaw. TigerClaw at first thought Luther was another tiger mutant by Shredder and asked him about it. When he wasn't TigerClaw followed and scared poor Luther. TigerClaw is too strong to fight so he rarely fights or shows tiger bravery.

Date: 06/14/14 5:57 PM
From: youngclaw1

oh yeah! i forgot

Casey: after finding out about her, he becomes jealous of Donnie and April and Nina likes throwing things at him! unfortunately its only a warning so it doesn't hit him D


Date: 06/13/14 8:57 PM
From: youngclaw1

Donnie: found the young infant and hid her from his brothers because she is tiger claws abandoned daughter
April: she is the only other one who knows about Nina (besides Splinter) she cares for her and sees how hurt and poor she is
Splinter: knows about Nina but only secretly if the turtles are away on fights or just getting pizza and April is in school he will take care of her and sees her as a daughter
Leo Raph and Mikey: they don't know about her but if they do find out it will cause problems between the turtles for example: they may have trouble trusting Donnie and possibly April
Karai: Tiger claw often tells her about the infant he abandoned and Karai feels bad knowing that she is an infant and has most likely perished
Tiger claw: the actual father of her who abandoned her because he thought she would just get in the way

Date: 05/29/14 3:53 PM
From: aris610

Casey: As he meets her, he wants to teach her to fight like a street girl.
April: After he meets Kylie, she wants to keep her safe from the dangers of boys and their stupidity.
Splinter: Wants to train Kylie to be a kunoich and be her father figure
Mikey: Loves to pull stealth pranks with her
Raph: Loves to spar with her
Leo: Loves her and wants to keep her safe
Donnie: Always does experiments with her mutated DNA
Karai: Angry since she left the clan

Date: 05/28/14 7:57 PM
From: beeboop270

More on Emma-La!!!! Oh and i forgot to mention in my last comment that the only reason she is UNDEFEATED in Splinter's training exercises, is because of her super powers. Super strength, super speed, and super senses: super hearing, sight, and smell, all because of a mysterious batch of mutagen that was mysteriously transformed into a gas.
Casey: One of the only people in the WORLD that Emma dislikes. He regularly teases her with the nickname "Barbie" ( because of the blond hair and ditziness)..... Well, Raph teases her with that nickname too, but Emma isn't bothered by it as much, because she knows he CAN be nice at times. But she gets back at Casey for creative ways
April: Another person Emma cant stand. April is always lecturing and yelling at Emma, like last years ancient substitute. She cant stand Emma, because she's "immature", and "irresponsible".
Karai: Their relationship is strange, because although they are polar opposites: They are (secret) best friends!!!! Emma kinda plays therapist to Kari most of the time, but she doesn't mind!!!!!!! Karai is very fond of Emma, and vice versa, and appreciates Emma being there for her. Emma simply likes helping people i need.

Date: 05/28/14 6:13 PM
From: purplefern

Oh, why not, I'm bored (and need to work on my fanfiction).
Casey. Doesn't really know Casey yet. Curious about who he is.
April. Met April first, enjoys hanging out with April when she's not with Mikey.
Splinter. Has just recently met Splinter. Looks up to him and sees him as a protector. Splinter is somewhat wary of her (she's a cat) but comes to protect her as a daughter.
Mikey. Mikey's bestfriend and Mikey sees her as the little sister he never had. Love mischief-making together.
Raph. Like Mikey, seems to ignore his temper most of time. Thinks he is cute, much to Raph's displeasure.
Leo. Leo keeps her and Mikey's antics under control. She thinks that he's kind of boring.
Donnie. Is her 2nd favorite of the turtle brothers. Enjoys playing with him in order to get him out of the lab.
Rahzar. Annoys him just because she is a cat. He wants to use her to get to the turtles.
Well, that was fun. Hopefully it'll help me write Allie better in the future.

Date: 05/28/14 5:02 PM
From: marytrzos

name: Savannah
nickname: Savy
age: 15
hair: Black
eyes: Green
mutation: Part cat, has claws, a black tail and ears
crush: Donnie
mask: None
weapon(s): Daggers
story: Used to be in the Foot Clan, but joined the turtles.
pets: None
clothes: Black t-shirt and ripped skinny jeans.
personality: Cute, has an attitude sometimes, nerdy, likes to hang out with Donnie, watches Space Heroes with Leo.

Casey: Is sort of frenimies with Savannah.

April: BFF's with Savannah! Loves to hang out and chat.

Splinter: They don't really talk too much, but they are friends.

Mikey: Hangs out with Savannah, but they aren't best friends.

Raph: Likes to tease him, but they usually end up laughing afterwards.

Leo: Chats sometimes, but not too much.

Donnie: Savannah has a HUGE crush on him, and she acts kinda nervous around him.

Karai: Savannah admires her attitude, and wishes they could talk more often.

<3 Mary


Date: 05/28/14 3:08 PM
From: sawsara

Aquanna, Flamonna, Tornada, Psychonna & Icyonna Sourcer: They see her as another power bearer(they are the source of the turtles powers).
Desiree Contonic: She and Juna video chatted and are online friends, but they never met in person.
Ivy Levy: Same as Desiree.
Lacey McWilson: As the leader of a band, she may be able to count her in.
Zusuki(Zoo-zoo-kee)Saijo: Known as her best friend since second grade in elementary school, she saw her mutate into a wolf in fourth grade.
Zeni Tanner: Same as Lacey, but not a leader.
Vici Avon: Likes to give Juna violin lessons.
Eli Swandells: Is fine with her, unless she gets aggravated and brings out her claws.
To Be Continued...

Date: 05/28/14 1:03 AM
From: beeboop270

Coooooool!!!!!!! I shall start with my only OC, Emma-Lia!!!!!!!!
Leo: Leo is often annoyed by Emma's hyperactive spazzziness, but he is slightly protective of her innocence, as with Mikey. They don't interact that much.
Raph: Raph treats her almost the same as if she were Mikey (a little less mean, she's sensitive...), but with less head slapping. He tries to avoid her as much as possible. Her happiness disgusts him.
Donnie: Donnie is the most annoyed of all by Emma, since she is always poking into his stuff and asks nonstop questions, although Donnie secretly appreciates some one showing interest.
Mikey: Mikey is definitely Emma's love interest, because she and him have a LOT in common. They are both very hyper and love to eat. They both are imaginative and artsy, and Mikey is one of Emma's best friends.
Splinter: Splinter is now sensei to Emma, although she doesn't need much training, she is so far UNDEFEATED in these training exercises, a fact she flaunts mercilessly But only sometimes
I will post her interactions with Casey and April later!!!!!!!

Date: 05/27/14 8:29 PM
From: sawsara

Here is how my OC Juna Silver(mutant wolf)reacts to my other OCs.
Rikanenja/Rika: She and Juna were BFFs right away, even though Rika is a major brainiac and Juna is a fighting monster. You know, opposites attract.
Renekou/Ren-Ren: He has a crush on Juna but has never made a move to her. He's just too nervous.
Megurine/Meg-Meg/Megan: She and Juna are sworn enemies, never friends. Nope, Nine(Polish), Niet(German). You know, similarities repel.
Janaken/Jay: They are neutral. They sometimes clash, sometimes hang out.
Quantonan/Quan & Yumanaka/Yuma: They were the first to take Juna under their wing and sees her as another daughter.
To Be Continued...