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Leo and Raph What ifs (girls only)

Date: 05/17/14 8:28 PM
From: rzpz

HEY! What up! I thought the fangirls would like this a lot so I made these questions for you. One of the questions aren't what ifs, but please answer anyway.

1. What if you saw Raph singing along to "Wrecking Ball"?
2.What if Leo asked you to go patrolling with him ALONE?
3. what if Raph asked you out?
4. What if Leo saw you and Raph kissing?
5. What if Leo asked April out on a date?
6. Do you believe in Aprilleto or Capril?

my answers
1. me: uh, Raph?
Raph: *screams* uh, I wasn't doing anything.
me: Right.
3. Me: yes yes yes.
Raph: yaaaah
4. me:I wasn't doing anything
Leo: yeah, you were.
Raph: It was her fault!
me: WHAT? You kissed me.
Leo: urrgh
5. Never in a million years brother.
6. Aprilleto.

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Date: 10/21/14 2:20 PM
From: leogfriend

1.Me: (Videotaping Raphael) Sorry Raph I tried to be nice!
2.Me:Well I'm glad that I joined you Leo I <3 you!
Leo:I <3 you too!
3.Me:Hey don't ask me that question Raphael!
4.Leo:Raph what did you do!
Raphael:Nothing! It was her!
Me:Not me! It was him!
Raphael:It was her!
Leo:Its you Raph!
5.Leo:No I like Leah (Me!!! Squeals!) not April!
Mikey:Same for me!
Me:Do you know?
Leogfriend Peace out!

Date: 10/19/14 5:16 PM
From: WebkiCatz5

1.*records* Mikey's gonna tear him apart... XD
2.Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh... O___O
6.Apritello .3.

-Awesome Artist


Date: 10/18/14 3:06 PM
From: naturegem

1. Me: Huh whats going on? *turns on lights*
Raph: I CAME IN LIKE A WRE-oh uh hey Scarlett, I-I wasn't doing anything.
Me: Mhm sure. *rolls eyes sarcastically*
2. Leo: Hey Scarlett, I was wondering if you wanted to out on, maybe, a patrol?
Me: Sure, sounds fun! I need to get out the sewers anyway.
3.Me: Sorry Raph, but you know I like Leo.
4. Me: No way Jose! *Flips Raph and puts him in a headlock*
Raph: Okay, Okay! I'm sorry let me go!!!
5. Leo would never do that.
6. Apriltello!

Date: 10/17/14 10:58 PM
From: ashanti15

1.Ash: (Hides,Records)Your secret is not safe!(Starts chuckling.)
Ash:I was never here..Back it up...beep...beep..beep..
2.Ash:Just patrolling right...?
3.Ash:Cool!(Puts hand on his shoulder)Don't tell a soul!(Kisses him fully on the lips.)
Raph: (Takes selfie)To late! :)
4.Raph:Leo its not what it looks like!
Leo:Your making out with Ash...It seems what it looks like!
Ash:Does this offend you in a way Leo..
Leo:Yeah...(Muffled voice)My brother can get a girlfriend and I can't...
5.Ash:Donnie gonna get you...
Leo:Its worth it...
2 hours later
Ash: (Sees Leo beat up)
Leo:Worth it
(By the way "Ash" Is me!)

Date: 10/17/14 6:12 PM
From: techturtle

1. me: *joins in* (of course I'd laugh about it later)
2. me: ahaha... haha.. ahah... ha... r-riiiight... *can't stop fantasizing!*
3. me:
4. me: uh... r-raph was just... we kinda... raph secretly likes space heroes! (I have a serious issue with blurting out secrets when im in an unexplainable situation...)
5. me: *glares at april* *mumbles* lucky little beach...
april: Hinami, did you say something?
me: *fake smiles* haha! no, nothing at all...
6. Capril. Donnie is way too awesome for april. I kinda supported irmatello until.. well... you know...

Date: 10/17/14 4:25 PM
From: Yuppy23

1. Me: *records Raph singing*
2. O_O Umm okay.
3. My face would be like this: :D for an hour!
4. O_O Oh my noodles. Well, gotta scram! *runs*
5. April, say no or you go BYE BYE! *grabs a chainsaw*
6. Capril. Donnie is for Moi.

Date: 10/15/14 10:38 PM
From: leo29543

1. UH... What the heck's going on here?!
2. OH YEAH! Happy dance!
3. Sorry Raph but No thank you. It was really nice of you though but right now I'm waiting for Leo to ask me. We can still be friends though. (gives hug)
4. Me: Uh Leo it's not what you think...
Leo: Yes it was! I was about to ask you but then you went kissing with my brother!
Raph: Listen Leo it's my fualt...
Me: He made me somehow! BUT I"M OVER HIM! I only liked him for 2 minutes! I still like you LEO! And your the only guy I'll like *hopefully* whispers*.
Leo: I understand. So how about that date?
Me: I would LOVE to!
5. Me:LEO! I thought I was your girlfriend!
6. Apriltel

Date: 10/11/14 9:46 AM
From: raphsocool

1:record(sorry raph)
4:leo please leave. we are trying to have a moment. now where were we? oh yeah
5:he likes kari not april

Date: 10/08/14 6:35 AM
From: Scout6776

1) O_o (Records him for a minute and runs away laughing) ):D
2) .O. (Screams on the inside for a minute) Um, sure ^_^'
3) Eh, heh... I... Can't, I have to.. Do that thing... At the place... Um...
Raph: Okay... );
Me: (Thinks: Well, I'm a horrible person...)
4) ._. There's no way out of this, is there...?
Raph: Uh, no, i don't think so...
5) Okay, I probably deserved that |';
6) Apriltello.



Date: 10/07/14 4:49 PM
From: MLP5134

1. What has life come to?
2. Me: YES!!!!!!! Now I can finally have time ALONE with you, Leo!
3. Never in a million years, Raph. You can try, but it's not happening.
4. Me: Raph, get away! *Runs over to Leo* Can we get out of here?
Leo: Yeah. *Does his creepiest stare at Raph*
Raph: What?
5. LEO!!!!!! You're with me! Plus Aprilltelo will never happen!
6. Aprilltelo!

Date: 10/05/14 6:26 PM
From: leoraph14

1. LOL I bet Raph would have a good singing voice
2. Heh heh heh...sure Leo...
3. *Raph shows up in a tuxedo and asks me out* SURE!!!! *whispers to Raph* Just don't tell Leo, okay?
4. Leo: What are you guys doing?!?!?!?
Me and Raph: NOTHING!!!!! BYEEE!!!!! (runs away )
5. Me: AWKWARD.... but never will happen....EVER!!!!
6. I believe that Apritello will happen
~Leoraph14 out PEACE P.S. can you make more? You are so good at these!!!!

Date: 09/28/14 6:29 PM
From: leofan1111

1: me: ralph Is that u
ralph: no this is just you imagination
me: ralph its ok I wont tell the others
ralph: thx u r the best
me: no problem
2: me: omg Leo this is so sudden I don't know what to say except yes
Leo: cool catch u later
3: me: sorry ralph but I don't like u that way
ralph: its ok I understand
4: yeah that would never happen so im just goanna skip this one
5: me: hu Leo im shocked how could u do this but u know how Donny feels about her why would u do this
Leo: I know but I like her too a little but she said no any ways so no reason to tell Donny right
me: fine but this is your only warning
6: I believe in both I honestly don't care what happens but im more on the apritlleto side

Date: 09/28/14 2:46 PM
From: dairyq

1. O.O what has life come to?
2. as long as we can kick kraang bot butt!!! XD
3. NNNOOOOOOO!!! NO WAY BRO!!!! sorry XD
5. *cries out* YOUR SUPPOSED TO LOVE DONNIE!!!!!
6. Apritello

Date: 09/27/14 10:04 PM
From: LeoBluefan

1. uh.. wow? Raph, i never know that you can singing... 0_0
2. ok.. but why just us? :')
3. ok..
4. what-the?! hey! never be like that!
5. eh.. Leo, you love her? fine... (look down) i will tell Donnie
6. Aprilltelo!

Date: 09/26/14 10:14 PM
From: ekt72306

1 youtube anyone?
2 only to save the live and mercy of NYC
3 sorry I am not a kisser
4 ehh just ignore him
5 split them up!

Date: 09/26/14 8:28 PM
From: wolfgal4

im doing this one more time...
1. video camera time! Raph: AHH you didnt see anything!
2. leo... this better be a joke... but i guess ok...
3. raph.. im 12! that not even possible!
4. NEVER in a million years! if raph did then i would get SUPER mad!
5. dont worry donnie, im sure everything will be ok...

Date: 09/22/14 8:32 PM

1. Me: *Records on video*
Me: Umm.. What are you doing?
Me: Ha Ha Ha uh, you were sing Wrecking Ball.
2. Just better be a normal conversation
4. Eh.
5. wow *claps hands*
6. Apriltello

Date: 09/21/14 7:04 PM
From: raphielml

1: ha!ha!ha! 2:ok but if any thing gets weird im out! 3:sure. * I faint* 5:I would walk strate into the room and slap leo! 4:This is not what it looks like!! 6: im not answering!

Date: 09/19/14 6:00 PM
From: Adlove763

1. *Gets video camera* xD!
2. Yes Leo *kisses*
Leo: *Kisses back*
3. No Raph, I used to like u, but I <3 Leo!
4. Me: LEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!
*Leo runs quickly to room* *gasps* RAPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *kicks him*
Raph: Uh.... *runs out of room*
Leo: Are you ok?
Me: Yes. Will you ever forgive me?
Leo: Of Course! It was Raph's fault not yours. *kisses*
Me: *kisses back* I love you.
Leo:*similes* I love you more. *kisses me more*
5. Leo: NO NO! I <3 JESSICA (me) NOT APRIL!
6. Aprilleto!

Date: 09/14/14 9:52 AM
From: MLP5134

1. He's lost it.
2. Totally Leo!!
3. N.O. NO.
4. Like that would ever happen, cause I'm with Leo.
5. Me: Leo, I'm going to destroy you!!!!!!! Leo: April, get out of here.