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what ifs for girls

Date: 05/19/14 5:42 PM
From: arks123

sorry I am very bad at what ifs here they are:
1. what if you caught shredder watching the turtles? (somehow)
2. what if ice cream kitty fell out of the freezer and you fav turtle slipped on her?
3. what if your least favorite turtle kissed you?
4. what if your favorite turtle kissed you?
5. what if you saw raph walking around in a dress?
6. what if the rabbids invaded the liar?
7. what if the turtles had no shells on?
8. what if april started to date Donnie?
9. what if april started to date casey?
10. what if casey turned into a donkey?
hope you have fun and respond soon
this is arks123 saying bye!
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Date: 07/04/14 4:48 PM
From: tmntfan32

1.(Plays a song excerpt that says "I've got my eyes on you")
2.Donnie, next time watch where ur going, okay?
3.(Uses knock-out gas on Raph)
4.(Passes out in front of Donnie)
5.Somebody get me a video camera 'cuz this is pure gold!!!!
7.(Covers eyes) I'm going to pretend this never happened
8.Sorry sister, but he's mine.
9.meh, at least I get Donnie

Date: 07/04/14 3:15 PM
From: KBGurl

1. Me: Uh, guys? I have a feeling we're being watched.
(Turtles attack Shredder.)

2.Me: Donnie! are you okay!?

3. Me:EWWW MIKEY!!!!! (slaps him in the face a gazillion times until he stops)

4.Me:dsnldgblrga (faints!!)

5.Me: pfff....BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

6.Me:Oh no, I'm screwed.

7.Me:Hey guys here's that thing you-(sees) AAAH!!! I need to wash my eyes!!

8.Me: (growls) good for you April, ruining poor Donnie's life. You must be SO proud.

9. YAY! Don't worry Don-don, I still love you.

10. HEY APRIL! YOUR BOYFRIEND'S A DONKEY!!!!! Personally I think it's a improvement.

KBGurl the What-If Answerer


Date: 06/24/14 4:12 PM
From: arks123

I will tell you what I would do cause I like what ifs!
1. fight!
2. oh no pick up ice cream kitty and then help leo up and bring him ice!
3. EEEEEWWW!!*then punch him in the face and run*
5. lol
6. put them in cages and put the cages on a plane to the other side of the world
7. eh walk out the room
8. yay
10. lol

Date: 06/13/14 9:54 PM
From: techy11

1. This can only end in a fight scene. Not that I'm complaining. 2. Mikey! You slipped on your own pet! 3. I don't have a least favorite. Though it's gross that a giant mutant turtle who lives in the sewers kissed me. 4. It's still gross that a giant mutant turtle who lives in the sewers kissed me. Favorite or not. 5. Whoever made him wear that deserves a cookie. 6. Come on guys. Let's go kick some rabbid butt. 7. Hold on. I need to get that sight out of my head. 8. I don't care about romance that much. 9. Again. I don't care about romance that much. 10. Whoever turned him into that deserves a cookie.

Date: 06/13/14 8:32 PM
From: Nikki7890

1.Big trouble
2.Slap leo
3.Jaws down blushing
4.kiss him back
5.take pictures
6.come on?!?
8.go apriltello
9.not in a million years

Date: 06/13/14 6:26 AM
From: DJRachael

8. GO Donnie! :)
5.I gotta wash my eyes

Date: 06/12/14 5:25 PM
From: midfr

3 EWW!
4 OMG!
5 Raph, you know you have a dress on,right?

Date: 06/12/14 3:03 PM
From: vetget

1 I feel like we are being watched
2 clean up on aisle 3
3 blush
4 kiss him back
5 you're still wearing that Halloween costume
6 quick put them in a cage
7 * mouth foams up and falls to the floor *
8 yay
9 no
10 ha ha ha

Date: 06/12/14 12:04 PM
From: uinthedark

1. ME: " IMA POKE YOU !!!! *TEE HEE*
3. AW!!!! ( i love all of them but leo and mikey are my favorites)
4. i wouldn't be able to say anything for hours. I would just stand there blushing.
6. *retreves plasma gun* LOL HAHA!!
7. hmmm. somethings missing here, but i can't put my finger on it...
9. * pulls out phone and opens sound effect app*
10: ME: " so casey, whats different?"

Date: 06/10/14 8:31 PM
From: arks123

I am going to answer my own what ifs
1. attack then run away after fighting both him and me being very very very hurt and beaten up then say " this is not over I still hate you shredder"
2. first quickly put ick back in the freezer then help leo up
3. slap, punch, fight, kick, and hit him on the head with a stick yelling " GET AWAY FROM ME!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHh!!!!!!!"
4. I would blush so bad then quickly kiss him on the cheek then run out the room
5. laugh, take a video, then take pictures then run cause raph started to chase me
6. set a trap, chase them, or just in animal tell then " get out of the liar rabbids! you all are in grave danger!!" which is true of the danger I AM the DANGER!
7. run out of the room blushing madly
8. yay
10. tell casey as a donkey "giddy up doggy yeehaw!!" then laugh

Date: 05/21/14 11:31 PM
From: Raphfan17

1.Jade: (goes to her phone)Shredder on the move.I repeat,Shredder on the move.
2.Me: (catches Raph) *reminds me of how Violetta met Thomas*
3.Me:Donnie!I told you I hate You!
4. (Raph)
Me: (getting sweaty) *Charice where are You?*
5.Me: (puts on a tuxedo)
6.Me:BA!BA!(points to the exit)
Rabbids: (runs to the exit)
Raph:How did You-
Me:I took an animal talking lessons.
9.Mekena:I guess Ill go with Donnie...
10.Mekena: (sees Casey and freezes)*3 secs later*Marie?Did ya turn Casey into a donkey Again?
Marie:He broke my hockey puck!
Mekena: (facepalms using her robotic glove)

Date: 05/20/14 11:08 AM
From: tiolet123

1. I would give them the location of where he watching them.
2. ICE CREAM KITTY!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!! And then I would laugh because he fell.
3. I would feel very awkward
4.My eyes would have gotten big and I would have been speechless.
5.Me: Um.....why are you-
Raph: Don't ask. It has to do something with Mikey.
6. We would have been very annoyed and would have disposed of them immediately.
7. I would'nt know
8.Aww that is so cute.
9.Not cute
10. Heee haaaww!!!!!! Gittey up boy. You know what you're too slow.

Date: 05/20/14 9:42 AM
From: marytrzos

1. I would tell the Turtles.
2. I would be more worried about ice cream kitty than Donnie.
3. I would tell Raph how I felt.
4. I would die of happiness!
5. That would be so funny!
6. They would destroy everything!
7. Creepy.
8. I would be really sad, cause' Donnie's mine!
9. I would be relieved.
10. He would be even more ugly.