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OC contest!

Date: 06/09/14 4:19 PM
From: MushyG

Hi! So, make an OC and type it below. I will choose the
best one to be in my story called 'Even galaxies cry'.

Which of my OCs does he or she like:

My OCs....

Kitty, is really derpy. She is a bit bratty, and tough when
you make her mad. But she is nice and sweet most of the
time. She loves gaming.

Faye, is serious and grumpy all the time...that's it.

R., is rude and mean. She is only nice to her little sis Kitty.

Ave, is girly and fashion-obsessed. She's REALLY bratty and
whiny. Almost no one likes her.

Tonix, who is not part of the Musaki family. (My past OCs' last
name) She is a tom-boy and really sweet. Her best friends are
Kitty and Ave.

Hope you submit!

May the odds be ever in your favor! ~MushyG

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Date: 06/28/14 1:48 PM
From: MushyG

Okay...the winner is....SHRED FAN!!! YAY!!! I am in the
process of making the story now!

Date: 06/19/14 4:22 PM
From: shredfan

Name:"Skylass" his real name is silas
Looks:He's a turtle that has pigeon wings and a dirty
white mask like Raph's
Clothes:a shell
Personality:Alot like Mikey but is always bragging
about him and his cool unique-ness. Stunt guy type of
Crush (of you OCs):Kitty

Skylas has been a mutant turtle as long as he can remember.A few years he became a hybrid mutant
half turtle half pigeon (Don't worry he doesn't look
ugly or anything just wings)

Now that I've gotten that detail explained . . . .
hope I win (He is also one of my own OCs )


Date: 06/15/14 2:09 PM
From: rzpz

Name: Violet
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Looks: Violet has a dark tan , long black hair and a big smile. She is always wearing a feather necklace her father gave her before he died. She usually wears a nerdy t-shirt, a denim vest, and a pair of jeans.
Personality: Violet can get angry, like Raph, but she usually is funny and nice to be around. She is a nerd(like Leo) and a geek(like Donnie).
Liked OC: Tonix

see ya!


Date: 06/15/14 12:42 PM
From: TMNTluva13

Name: Alex
Gender: Boy
Age: 14
Looks: Has wolf ears and tail in a ebony color
Clothes: Wears a a blackish hoodie with short sleeves, ripped jeans, and green and black DC sneakers
Personality: Serious, rude, tough but a bit naive
Which of my OCs does he or she like: Faye

Date: 06/14/14 10:21 PM
From: youngclaw1

name: Jake
gender: boy
age: 15
looks: human, brown eyes, blue dyed hair,
clothes: grey T-shirt, jeans
personality: he's nice to his friends but if anyone messes with his friends he will stand up for them ironically if someone talks badly about him he won't stand up for himself.
OC: Kitty