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A Tmnt Quiz

Date: 06/11/14 2:33 PM
From: lockedup

1.What is Donnie's eye color?
2.Which ep. did the turtles fight shredder?
3.What does Mikey sleep with?
4.What does Casey fight with?
5.Who is April's father?
6.What did Baxter Stockman turn into?
7.Is snakeweed still alive?
8.What color is Karai's hair?
9.True or False? shredder wears a cape.
10.What is Leo's fear?
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Date: 07/14/14 7:09 PM
From: camo331

2.the gauntlet gear;baseball bat
5.Kirby O'neil
6.A fly
7.yes and blond
10.failing his team,losing his team

Date: 07/14/14 5:30 PM
From: cookiepup7

1: reddish brown
2: The gauntlet
3: A teddy bear that is duck-taped (ITS SO CUTE!! ;X )
4: A hockey stick
5: Kirby
6: A fly
7: YES!!! (HIS HEART!!! )
8: Black and yellow (or dark brown and blonde)
9: true!
10: failing as a leader or losing his family

Date: 07/14/14 4:05 PM
From: mygoosey

1. Brown
2. First time, The Gauntlet
3. Teddy Bear
4. Hockey sticks and pucks
5. Kirby O Neil
6. Fly
8. Brown, with blonde in the back
9. False
10. He will let the team down

Date: 07/14/14 3:42 PM
From: dairyq

1. redish brownish
2. ?
3. a teddy bear
4. hockey stick and baseball bat (or sports gear if you would like)
5. Kirby O'Neil
6. a fly
7. yes
8. dark brown that has been bleached blonde in the back
9. true
10. his fear is letting down his team

Date: 07/14/14 12:44 PM
From: sevenellev

1. Reddish brownish
3. teddy bear
4. hockey stick
5. Kerby O neil
6. a fly
7. nope
8. black and yellow
9. true
10. faling as a leadear

Date: 07/14/14 10:53 AM
From: megamind44

1. Red

2. The Legend of The Kuro Kabuto

3. A Teddy Bear

4. A Hockey Stick

5. Kirby O'Neil

6. A Fly

7. No

8. Blond ( It is just dyed black in the front )

9. True

10. Failing His Team


Date: 07/14/14 10:46 AM
From: GstofJungl

2.The Gauntlet
3.Duct tape
4.A hockey stick
5.Kirby O'Neil
6.A mutant fly
8.Dark brown and dyed blond in the back
10.Failing as a leader/letting down the team

Date: 07/13/14 4:55 PM
From: purple2cat

1. brown\
2. guantlet. alot of other's they faced him but maily this one
3. a duck-tapped teddy bear
4. a hockey stick
5. kirdy o'neil
6. a fly
7. yes
8. black and blond
9. true
10. letting down and losing the team
i'm the TMNT master!!!!

Date: 07/13/14 1:26 PM
From: Redbat132

1. brown
2. The Gauntlet
3. a teddy bear who is duct tapped because of Leatherhead
4. mainly a Hockey stick but also a baseball bat, homemade taser, spray paint grenades, exploding hockey pucks, and "padlock of Doom"
5. Kirby O'Neil
6. mutant fly
7. Yes (only way to stop Snakeweed for good is destroying the heart)
8. black hair with blonde at the bottom back. (not a fan of her but love the hair style she has.)
9. True
10. Letting his team down and failing as a leader
TMNT Fan Forever!!!

Date: 07/13/14 11:55 AM

1. Redish brown
2. Vengeance is mine
3. Duck tape teddy bear
4. Hocky sticks
5. Kirby
6. Fly
7. Yes
8. Black and blond
9. True
10. Letting down the team

Date: 07/12/14 11:41 PM
From: KBGurl

1. Brown...a very handsome brown....

2. 'The Gantlet' also known as 'Enter Shredder'

3.Ummm I don't remember.

4.A hockey stick mainly.

5. Kirby O'Neil

6. A fly.


8.Black with Blonde in the back.

9. true.

10. Failing his role as Leader.



Date: 07/11/14 2:09 PM
From: Kunoichi12

1: Reddish-brown
2: The Gauntlet
3: Teddy bear
4: A hockey stick, baseball bat, and hockey puck bombs
5: Kirby O'Neil
6: (halfish of a) fly
7: Yes you see him in Metalhead rewired and his heart is still beating at the end of New girl in town
8: Blond in the back but the front/main color is black or very dark brown
9: True
10: Failing as a leader
Kunoichi12 out!!!! :)

Date: 07/10/14 3:30 PM
From: shredfan

1.Reddish Brown
2.. . . . (My mind went ____)
3.His teddy bear
4.A hockey stick,a baseball bat,and in surprise a Toaster
5.Kirby O'Neil
6.a house fly
7.The world may never know . . . T_T
8.Black with Blond highlights
9.True (I'm a shredfan )
10.Bathrooms . . .just kidding Failing his brothers.

Date: 06/12/14 12:08 PM
From: tiolet123

1. A red-brownish color
2. The Gauntlet
3. Teddy bear
4. Hockey Stick
5. Kirby O' Neil
6. Fly
7. Yes
8. Dark brown & dyed blonde in the back
9. True
10. Losing his team and failing them

Date: 06/12/14 10:19 AM
From: roxybell1

1 Reddish- Brown
2 New friend, Old enemy
3 teddy bear wrapped in duct tape
4 Hockey sticks, bat, electricutor thingy
5 Kirby O' Neil
6 Baxter Fly
7 yes
8 Part Black, part blond
9 true
10 Letting down the team