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Oc's got talent(with TMNT as the judges)

Date: 06/19/14 7:28 AM
From: smile240

Me:Hello every1!Welcome to oc's got talent!Here are your judges:Leo,Raph Donnie and Mikey!

Leo: *waves*

Raph: -_- I was promised $20 for doing this!

Donnie:Is April seeing this?HI APRIL!!!!

Mikey:*stuffing his face with pizza*

Leo:Uh Mikey,you're on air!

Mikey: (with pizza hanging out of his mouth) HI!

Okay the idea is to post your oc and what he/she will be doing as a talent!

Leo:Yeah,that's it for today!Simon Cowl is planning to meet me at his house!I have to catch a plane in 5 hours!

Mikey:Simon Cow has a house?*scratches head in confusion*


Me:Don't worry Mikey!I thought Simon was a pink cow!(long story)

One more thing:

Looks: (judges see you when you go onstage)

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Date: 09/15/14 5:30 AM
From: Raphfan17

Performance time(I kinda feel left out since all of you posted a performance):
Mikey: (ascending fading voice)Raph!Raaph!
Raph:I'm fine!
Jade:Well good cause you've been staring at me for over an hour!
Leo:Just start!
Mekena:Ok!(signals band)
(instruments play)
(After performance)
Mekena: (whispers)Marie!
Lea: *Sooo nervous*
Jade:Keep it down!
Leo:Marie,you seem to have a high voice but not enough energy...
(vines everywhere)
Marie:What?!I practiced with Christina Grimmie on this!
Raph:Yeah I don't care.Jade,you guys do great but more energy...
(Jade turns huge and to Raph)
Jade:You said what?!
Raph: ...
Lea: (throws water at Jade)Calm down sis!
Jade: (normal size)
Mikey:Cool dancing,guys!
Lea:Uhh we
Marie:We didn't dance.
Mikey:Huh?!Then whatever that was,it was cool!Thumbs up!
Lea: (high fives with Marie)
Donnie:That was a great performance but you need a few more practice on the instruments.
Mekena:Ok thanks...
(band exits)
TMNT:Phew!What a tough band!

Date: 09/14/14 1:32 PM
From: etthanc123

: you are a aiein?
: Yes I am.
:We don't have time for money .
: (Steals hamburger from )
:Hey who stealed my hamburger?
:We don't have money.(Whispers)

Date: 09/13/14 8:38 PM
From: lilliannak

me: a kingdom a child by the winx club
L,D,R,M: a what-ee a who-ee by the who-dee club?
me: just play the song!
R: really? i didnt notice? (sarcastically)
m: (puts up his hand signalling to start the plays)
me: (sighs.after singing)so?
l,d,r,m: (shocked)
me: im getting the feeling u only let me on here is because u thought i couldnt sing
l,d,r,m:no! ur amazing at singing!
me: well thx for letting me on anyway(exits)
l,d,r,m: ok there was a little doubt
me: i knew it! nelson!
n: (runs at l,d,r,m and jumps at them)aaaah!
l,d,r,m: ah! (runs) security!

Date: 09/13/14 2:24 PM
From: iluvtmnt7

Name: Jonajin
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Talent: Ninjitsu
Looks: Long silver hair in in a twin drill at the back of her head, dark gray eyes, almost white skin, pitch black jump-suit, pitch black sandals, black gloves with finger-holes

Date: 09/12/14 9:58 PM
From: lilliannak

name: lilly
age: 15 1/2
gender: female
talent: singing
powers: space dragon and space(is a fairy)
looks: dark brown hair, brown eyes, with turquoise and blue green highlights, star earrings and star shaped necklace with a turquoise stone in it, bangs going from the high left of her face and lower down her right with light brown going along with her bangs, turquoise dress that goes to mid thigh, and black calf high boots with some laces
me: (walks onto stage nervously)
Leo: ooh shes cute
raph: keep dreaming lover turtle
mikey: no hes right
donnie: not as much as april
me: (brings the mic to my mouth) quit obsessing over her donnie
crowd: (laughs)
donnie: (blushes)
leo, raph, donnie, mikey: wait she knows our names?
me: people(rolls eyes)
leo: ok uh--
me: lilly
raph: who cares(bored)
me:u do not want me to get my bro out here
mikey: ok so...
donnie: what are you gonna be doing lilly?
me: singing
mikey: what song?

Date: 08/24/14 7:17 PM
From: luv12203

Name: Lina Rosalind
Age: Ageless but technically 12.
Gender: Female
Talent: Aerobics and Archery.
Looks: Very dark brown hair with black streaks, Royal blue eyes, and a cloak (clothes under it).
Me*Lina*: [walks onto stage] Hello.
Leo: Oh hi, uh...Lina, is it?
Me: *nod*
Leo: Alright. Let's see what ya got!
Me: [crouches] Hee- [jumps high with wings open]-YAH!!
[does aerobics and shoots fake arrows at targets in mid air and the fake arrows land in the bull's-eye of the targets] [lands on feet] [bows]
All: *silence*
Mikey: Aw...YEAH!!! That was awesome!
Raph: Yea! She totally nailed it!
Donnie: Lina, that was amazing!
Me: Oh...thanks, I guess...

Date: 08/23/14 11:42 AM
From: arks123

I know I finished their act but I wanted to add a oc
Name:Vanessa(nickname Van Nessa V. and Vampy(only rose roxy and mikey call her this))
gender: female
Talent: being/having vampire powers and fighting with her Tantos and Jittes(look at the TMNT Gear Gallery)
Looks: black hair that goes to her hips pale skin red/orange eyes pink lips red t-shirt Jittes and Tantos tucked in her belt black jeans and super dark pink velco strapped ballet slippers(so your average vegetarian vampire)
part 6
Raph Jullie and Arri:WE'RE GONNA GET YOU!*start trying to run at kat*
Everybody else:*holding onto them*
kat:ok I guess that wasn't the smartest thing to do oops do I have to get Vanessa out?
everyone stops
Donnie:who's Vanessa?
kat:she's over there*points to a cage covered by a blanket*if you want to meet her you have to dim the lights
dims the lights
mikey:who's vampy and why is she dangerous?
rose:we call Vanessa vampy
Roxy:and she's a vampire!

Date: 08/23/14 7:01 AM
From: Raphfan17

Is is ok as a band?
Band Name:4 worlds to 1
Gender:Obvious its Female
Talent:They're gonna do the song "Break Free" by Ariana Grande ft.Zedd.
Electric guitar:Jade,Lea
Looks: Jade:leather jacket,bad boy bonnet,fingerless gloves,red shirt,red sneakers,black leggings,red bangs,green eyes
Lea:the same as Jade except blue shirt,blue sneakers,blue bangs,blue eyes
Mekena:leather jacket,fingerless gloves,ponytail,violet shirt,black leggings,violet striek on right side of hair,brown eyes,purple flats
Marie:pigtails(right side of hair:blonde,left side:black),white and orange disco pants,sleeveless white shirt,blue eyes,orange flats
Note:Ariana Grande has a very HIGH voice.

Date: 08/22/14 9:25 PM
From: ANGT

Name: Angel
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Talent: Impersonations. (acting and talking like someone else) She rides horses (but you can't do that on a stage), and is a amazing prankster and is good at flirting.
Looks: She has long blond hair that's down to her knees and bright blue eyes. She wears a pink t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and white sneakers. She also has katanas and a sheath for them.
Angel: *acts out Leo giving orders and Raph not listening. Then Donnie yelling at Mikey for messing around in his lab and Mikey throwing water balloons at him*

Date: 08/22/14 7:02 PM
From: wolfgal4

Name: Rosetta
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Talent: Dancing!

*turns on happy from despicable me* Rose backflip and spins on head then leaps into air and twirls super fast and lands then she jumps into air and does spiral movement and lands perfectly
(throws a slice of pizza to judges)


Date: 07/28/14 8:29 PM
From: ashanti15

Talent:She break dances.She loves hip hop music and loves flipping around.(She a wild women )She loves Flirting to.
Looks:Long Dirt blonde hair that goes to her hips.It's super straight with some hair strands in front of her shoulders.She has faint Red and green highlights with a sweep bang almost covering her Left eye,Wears a Black short sleeved shirt with three golden buttons and red velvet short that go over see through black leggings with a flower like pattern on it,She wears green velvet sneakers with white laces.She wears a Dark Green beanie hat.Has light green eyes and pale skin.
Hope she makes it in and HELLOOO SMILE240!!!MISSED ME!!
{I let fire burn to Ashes}

Date: 07/28/14 1:09 PM
From: lstgtfound




Talent:Sings TMNT theme(she's a really good Singer and rapper somehow)then for the finale She spins on head for 10 minutes with 3 chairs stacked on legs

Looks:Brown Pixie Hairstyle with Jagged Bangs.She wears black tanktop with bright orange hoodie over it with black sweatpants and bright orange Nikes with black laces. She wears a black beanie.

Yea I know that's not the best talent......


Date: 07/28/14 11:18 AM
From: panda5858

Talent:she's a air bender she will ofter a water bending act
and make things and at the end she makes a heart
shes a enderman off of minecraft and shes white and she has pink hair and she wears a black jacket and some long red and blue socks she has light blue eyes that glow in the dark.

Angel:Did u like it
Leo:that was so amazing
Rahp:i guess it was good *blushes while looking away*
Mikey:that was AWESOME!!
Donnie:it was butiful *sighs*
Angel:Thx im glad to be on oc got talent bye!


Date: 07/26/14 6:49 PM
From: megamind44

Name: Wave Blitz

Age: 20

Gender: Boy

Animal: Basilisk
Talent: Run On Water

Looks: Polyester Vest with weapons, Blue Jeans, and Black Leather Gloves and Boots

Common Weapon: Two Scythes


Date: 07/13/14 8:33 PM
From: Mikey25624

talent: her powers and hoolahooping on her neck and arm for 30 minutes or longer
looks: she has blonde hair in two braids down her shoulders and she wears a t-shirt that is pink and teal shorts and she wears pink sneakers and unicorn earrings
and she has braces and glasses

I hope she can be in it!


Date: 07/13/14 4:49 PM
From: purple2cat

part 2 of my oc
ivy: hi there i'm Ivy *waves* leo: hi. raph: sup. donnie: hi there. mikey: hey girl! leo: talent is? ivy: singing. donnie: whenever u're ready. ivy: *sings count me in (iv and maddie) beautifully* all: *claps like crazy WOOHOO!!! leo: that was really great!!!! raph: so worth coming on this show! donnie: wow! that was amazing mikey: AWESOME! AS IN PIZZA AWESOME!!! ivy: thx leo: and the winner is IVY!!! all: *claps* WOOHOO!!!

Date: 07/13/14 1:34 PM
From: kara2166

name: fiona
age: ageless
gender: girl
from: my little pony
cutie mark: two hearts is rainbow
talent: making build a bear workshops oh and rapping super fast

Date: 07/12/14 11:29 AM
From: luv12203

Name: *Real name: Coraline* Sierra
Age: 12 1/2
Gender: Female (of course -_-)
Talent: Being stealthy, fast, agile, sneaky and all of the traits foxes have (except for hole digging and maybe hunting).
Looks: "Dark Chocolate" brown hair, gold streaks in hair, light aquamarine eyes...(maybe yellow too), Red Velvet hood, fox ears *under hood*, sneakers that look like boots, outdoor kind of themed clothing.
*onstage...part 1*
Me*Sierra*: Uh...hi. I'm Sierra. My talent is being able- *appears next to Leo* -to be stealthy/sneaky, and-*grunts as doing a front-flip onto stage* -be agile enough to dodge my opponents! [a random deer trots in] *gasps* [*long blink* eyes turn yellow] [growls at the start of sprinting toward the deer]
Judges: *gasps*
April: [seeing Sierra run toward the deer] Oh no...
Me: [almost to the deer] [deer disappears out of thin-air] [*long blink* eyes are back to normal] [comes to a braking and skidding stop] [pulls hood closer to forehead]

Date: 07/11/14 4:21 PM
From: Elsa596

Actully I wanted to make some changes to Violet. NO neclace, no bracelet, no earrings, foot lenght purple dress, 6" purple heels purple side braided hair and instead of black shorts, they're purple.

Date: 07/10/14 9:01 PM
From: arks123

part 5
roxy: kat wouldn't hurt you guys if each of you stay by one of us she wouldn't hurt her best friends
mikey: I think im content in the corner
arri: *starts climbing up onto pipe*
jullie: *does same as arri on other end*
kat: uh oh I am super glad I brought my on the go hang glider! *takes it out unfolds it lets her friends see a little of her face then glides down to the floor*
leo: *pretends to struggle in the ropes*
rose: kat? *screams*
kat: *tied her, duck taped her mouth, and put her under the pipe*
raph: ok this gotta be a trick!
kat: *(she is light on her feet) slips over to raph and does same thing but whispers in his ear when he is under the pipe* not so tuff now are you Raphael? *does that to everyone and turns on light* see now?
leo: *gets out of ropes and takes duck tape off mouth* HAHAAHAHHAAHAHAHAH!!! ok okay now we have to undo them
kat: aww I think I like julli and arri like this better hahah don't worry I was joking *undoes everyone* and that was our act!