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Is the Krangg Prime still ALIVE?

Date: 07/01/14 5:13 PM
From: HEYsam1010

In the episode before the one on June the 29th i saw the krangg (if thats how you spell it )Prime when Ralph was in the kranggs body, and in the season 1 finale, ( Booyaka-Showdown which was awesome!) at the end it showed in the water ALIVE! But in season 2 they are not really focusing on the, I wonder why....... any ideas?
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Date: 07/02/14 4:28 PM
From: TMNTbros04

Oh yeah! Now i remember! I have been so busy lately i forgot. THANX.

Date: 07/01/14 5:53 PM
From: tmntbros04

Ooops........ i mean " they are not really focussing on THAT" silly me.

Date: 07/01/14 5:51 PM
From: sevenellev

there probally going to show it at the season 2 finale to give everyone a big OMG! soo that's why and when ralph and the kraang switched bodies kraang prime metioned about the world domination that will probally be in the finalle but i was wondering about that too
seven ellev

Date: 07/01/14 5:44 PM
From: tmntbros04

I think he is still alive and he is going to plan something really big, probably for the season 2 finale.Oh and also the episode you are referring to is called Plan 10.