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3 tmnt questions that u guys can answer for me!!!

Date: 07/05/14 11:41 PM
From: TMNTfan79

1.How did Kirby get cured with one little drip of RetroMutagen if you have to use the whole can?

2.In "Vengeance is Mine", how did Baxter have RetroMutagen if he shouldn't have it? It take 10 canisters of mutagen and April's DNA to make a dose of RetroMutagen (which he dosent have apparently).

3.In "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman", Shredder said he wanted to make 1 more mutant, but he really meant 4: Leo, Don, Mike, and Raph!

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Date: 07/07/14 9:59 AM
From: sawsara

1. That was bothering me ever since I saw the episode for the first time! If only one drop of it can change him back, Donnie would of had more than two doses!
2. That wasn't retro-mutagen probably. Because Karai could change back except for her eyes and tongue and stuff.
3. This isn't a question. Plus my big sister thought the same thing. She thought he was going to make some of retro-mutagen, and throw them at the turtles to change them back to normal. But he said MUTANT! MUTANT I TELL YOU!!!

Date: 07/07/14 7:15 AM
From: Raphfan17

1.Maybe Donnie didn't know that he only needs one drop.
2.He didn't. ..
3.No he didn't,

Date: 07/06/14 7:04 PM
From: ninjagogal

1. don must have made a mistake. hes only human... or turtle. whatever.

2.he didn't. what r u talking about?

3.he may not have even thought of the plan back then. also, it could just be an error the tmnt makers made. it happens; they are only human.