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Be the Avatar- Not a Contest!

Date: 02/08/14 10:18 AM
From: bubblefunz

Just fill in this form:

Eye Color:
Enemy Story:
Avatar's Story:

If you want to add, just do it!

So many possibilities, one answer.

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Date: 03/25/14 8:55 PM
From: justhewolf

(part 2)
Niko's parents had left her in her grandmother's care as child. They went to work with avatar Korra and never returned. Niko wanted them to come back so badly she created sparks in her hands. Was this sign of fire bending real?
13. Niko also gets a crush on a boy from the fire nation after being shipped to the earth kingdom by his sister. He teaches her fire bending but gets taken away by his sister. Niko goes into the fire nation to rescue him and sees beauty and shows it to the ones who are blinded. She eventually saves him after lighting a lantern with the sign of hope in Japanese imprinted on it.

Date: 03/25/14 8:49 PM
From: justhewolf

1. Niko
2. Earth
3. Female
4. 13
5. Medium
6. Sky-blue top like Korra's, loose pants and tall bearskin boots.
7. Blue
8. Peaceful with hidden rage. She always tries to see the life in everything.
9. Beautiful, girl-next-door kind of type.
10. Her best friend is spontaneous and well spirited. But otherwise, the complete opposite of Niko. Her name is Liah and is from the water tribe. Her father left her there with Niko's grandmother. Niko has many other male friends and her enemies are mostly the fire nation.
11. Niko has an ability that comes upon her like blood bending. She can see into the past and sometimes the near future. She sees what the fire nation did to her parents and grandmother and all of her village and Liah's.
12. Niko had always had the ability to do air bending and earth bending. "She was born with it" her grandmother always said. Niko had never been able to do anything else until Liah showed her water bending, then she mastered that quickly. (continued above.)

Date: 03/21/14 4:09 PM
From: chloe183
5.meduim and blue
8.funny, nerd, geek
9.not cool, thats for sure! :)
10.b.f.f at school, stupid girl at school
11.always has been rude to me!

Date: 03/19/14 9:46 PM
From: kelsey271

Part 2 of my avatar story
Bolin and Mako are still alive. Amon has taken over the fire nation, air temples, and most of the earth kingdom. My parents don't even know I'm the avatar till i left for republic city with my Grand Pa Mako and Great Uncle Bolin. My brothers hitched a ride on my polar bear dog I left be hind and followed us!! We met up in Omashu which is not Taken over by eaqulist. But eaqulist were following us. We made it to the republic nation which hasn't been taken over. I'm still learning the elements. My Parents must be so worried about me.

Date: 03/19/14 9:40 PM
From: kelsey271

Name: Kelsey
Birth Element:Earth but maybe water, last avatar was water but must be earth
Gender: Girl
Age: 14
Tall/Short: Tall
Clothes: Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom style
Eye Color: Blue and Green changes in light
Personality: Kind and caring
Looks:Black Brown hair In a pony tail or braid most of the time
Friends/Enemies: Brothers Iroh and Sokka, Iroh Fire, Sokka water bender, We're a pro-bender team like our grandma was on. Enemies: AMON
Enemy Story:Amon Is still alive.
Avatar's Story: My grand mother was Avatar Korra. Yes I know!! She died when my mom gave birth to me in Omashu. My grandmother died of a infected wound. Mako and her had 3 kids. 2 sons and my mom. Both sons are fire benders, but my mom is a water bemder. My dad is an earth bender. We stay hidden in the southernwater tribe. The last thing korra saw was me. I'm the oldest of my verry annying brothers. B

Date: 03/14/14 7:38 PM
From: toph989

Name: Kai
Element: Earth,Water,Fire,Air
Age: 12
Tall/Short: Shortish (4"7)
Clothes: Earth Kingdom Colors
Eye Color: Brown
Personality: Tomboyish, Brave, Strong, Optimistic, Smart
Looks: Young and Helpless
Friends: Yukari, and Hikari
Enemy Story: ?
Avatar Story: Too long!!

Date: 02/15/14 8:22 PM
From: LadyLuka16

(Oc from a story I'm working on)
Name: Saki N.
Element: Fire, Water (She's still learning Water, Earth, and Air)
Gender: F
Age: 17
Tall/Short: Average (5'4)
Clothes: Usually tank tops and jeans.
Eye Color: Brown
Personality: Kind, rude sometimes, calm, strong, brave.
Looks: Short bright blonde hair, brown eyes, fair skin.
Friends: Victoria A, Ai H, Natsu S, Daisuke H, Yukari H(A friend's Oc), Keitaro N, Rider N(Her brother).
(She doesn't have an enemy yet)
Avatar's Story: When she was twelve, her brother figured out she was the Avatar and told her. He turned on the water (From the sink) and told her to try and bend it, which she could. She ended up throwing the water at Rider before running and hiding in her room until morning.

Date: 02/15/14 3:19 PM
From: avatarash

Name: Ashley D.
Element: Water, Earth,Fire, and Air
Age:13 in a half
Clothes:Water tribe colors
Eye Color:blue/green/gold
Personality:Eager.... Ect.
Looks:very pretty
Friends:Lilyth,Hsa Moo, Laura,Katie W., And more
Enemy Story: Katie W. is vatu.
Avatar's Story: I`m not telling.
-Avatar Ashley