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Mako or Bolin?

Date: 03/29/14 3:36 PM
From: aquaparrot

If you could date one of them, who would it be??
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Date: 07/21/14 3:49 AM
From: hay8470


Date: 07/20/14 10:22 PM
From: kmba1234

For me its not even a contest! Bolin is a cutie patootie lol there is no other choice!

-kmba1234 (currently fangirling over Bolin)


Date: 07/20/14 4:35 PM
From: immawizzrd

Bolin. 'nough said.
He's more my type.
-immawizzrd ^__^

Date: 07/20/14 3:30 PM
From: roxy400


Date: 07/19/14 8:23 PM
From: mako69

Mako is hot

Date: 07/16/14 9:41 PM
From: playpark14

Well mako has kissed other girls when was dating

but on the other hand Bolin did like two completely weird girls

So it might be bolin since he's funny


Date: 07/11/14 1:21 PM
From: miagia350

Both Boys are pretty cute
But at the end of the day,
I would have to pick...
I mean Bolin is cute, nice, and really sweet



Date: 07/10/14 10:58 AM
From: TheKrew

They both have their positives

Though Bolin seems to be the guy that never does anything wrong. He's also extremely nice, and respectful. He always puts a smile on another's face.

Mako on the other hand is indecisive. He doesn't know what he wants, and because of this he's broken two girls' hearts repeatedly.

People only like Mako because they think he's cute, awkward, and dedicated. People like Bolin because he's cheerful and kind. Both are fine.


Date: 07/09/14 2:26 PM
From: violin0724

I like Mako, because he's pretty cute (in my opinion!), and I don't think he's a cheater, he's just confused. And I kind of understand that.

But Bolin does suit my personality more. He's bubbly and cheerful, and a little funny. And I like humor a lot. A LOT.

Each of them have their own pros and cons, and that's what makes me like them both. Their flaws make them really interesting.
So... I would pick both!!!! :)


Date: 07/09/14 1:05 PM
From: sunrider1

Mako isn't a cheater the whole time. He is obviously sorry. One time he was smiling to Asami and Kora goes "Mako I missed you so much" and kisses him. Asami and him kiss when he goes to jail from being framed.

Date: 06/16/14 12:33 AM
From: adia77

I totally agree Bolin !!!!!!!!!

Date: 06/16/14 12:07 AM
From: debooknerd

I like both boys in different ways ... Bolin seems more my type, though. Plus, Mako has enough girls to handle

Date: 06/15/14 6:43 PM
From: Zutara2000


Date: 05/26/14 5:33 PM
From: missinde

Bolin, he is sweet and cute , plus i don't like cheaters like Mako.

Date: 05/26/14 1:32 PM
From: Lokniki

Bolin, sorry I think he is way better than Mako!

Date: 05/08/14 10:53 PM
From: ggGrace

I'm pretty sure mako but bolin is cool to so i can't tell

Date: 04/22/14 8:28 AM
From: giannoulea

Bolin! My cute earthbending chocolate-taste cupcake! OH COME ON THE BOY IS PERFECTION! AND HE ALSO HAS PABU!

Date: 04/04/14 6:10 PM
From: Zutara0952