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The Warriors *FanFic

Date: 06/13/14 12:53 AM
From: mazhaz

*So I don't insult anyone, I didn't use the Full Title, hence the cliché of the name.
*this is an alternate Dimension, so it Slightly different from the Show.
*My "A" "S" and "D" keys are messed up. So I may miss a few of these letters

Korra, over looking Republic City from Air Temple Island, but Not a look with Wonder, but a Puzzled look. Mako walk up behind her

Mako: "What's Wrong?"

Korra: "Look, that Strom the Center of the city,"

Mako: "so, it's just a small Strom,"
As these words left his mouth a lightning bolt, at least 5 times too big, Struck a Building and it fell. a Boom soon followed

Korra: "That's it! I'm going down there!"

Mako: "Wait up!,"

They Ran for a way of the Island.

well, that's Part 1, don't worry, it gets better

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Date: 07/24/14 1:57 PM
From: Mazhaz

Korra:"What! why!"
Quez:"Sorry that info. is classified.
Korra:"BY WHO!"
Quez "heheh, you wouldn't believe me if I told you"
then five other teenagers showed up. Quez, Slash, and Rhinoa drew swords, Miranda simply vanished.
Quez: "Kass! What are you doing here?"
Kass: "isn't clear, what do you think? Black Ice?
an Girl walked up, she looked like Miranda, Same Black hair, simpler face but dark eyes as apposed to Miranda's Grey. then the Girl who looked like Miranda Vanished too. a moment one of then fell to the ground.
Bolin: "OH, Take that, oh wait,"
Miranda, who was on the ground: "Be Quiet Bolin"
Quez then charged in. the Rest Charged in. there was a person who look like each of Quez's Group, a blue fire bender who looked like Rhinoa. a Metal Bender who looked like Slash, The One who looked like Miranda, and Kass, who looked like Quez, but there was one who didn't look like anybody in Quez's Group. who they identified as "Nadia". the Fight wasn't one that simply won.

Date: 07/17/14 1:42 AM

ok part 3, all three 3 parts of it, were too long I couldn't do my post-part-writer-post. So just wait Part 4 the villains get introduced, then the action begins, just wait. little back ground on the Warriors (Quez, Slash, Miranda and Rhinoa) 1 Warriors aren't Benders truly, 2 Warriors isn't their full name, the abbreviation is WoG. so it's Warrior's of ___, I'll let you figure out the last word

Date: 07/17/14 1:31 AM

Quez: "Well Korra, Mako, Bolin, you mite was well me by team. Miranda, this girl in the white, don't let her color confuse you, she's the stealthiest person here."
Bolin: "Well I think I'm pretty stealthy." Bolin then did a quick muscle flex. turning away from Miranda then turning back she was gone.
Miranda: "Stealthier then this."
Miranda had literally disappeared and appeared behind Bolin, scaring Korra and Mako, and Traumatizing Bolin. She then formed an icicle in front of his face. Bolin then dashed behind Mako, chuckling slightly.
Quez: "and continuing this big hunk of stone here is our Earth-Bender, Colin, but please call him Slash."
Bolin:" Well he can't be better than me"
Miranda did a stomp in his direction, Bolin hid behind Mako.
Quez" and this here is our fire bender, Rhinoa, she doesn't need to much of an interdiction"
Rhinoa" Quez..."
Bolin "well I..."
Mako interrupting Bolin "Bolin"
Korra "ok then, so Quez what do you want, and"
Quez "That answer Korra, You can't Know"

Date: 06/18/14 8:42 PM
From: pancake161

Great, but *cough* wrong board *cough cough*

Go to the Legend of Korra FanFiction board.


Date: 06/18/14 12:51 AM

ok, I keep making but parts to long so here part 3.2

Korra watched in horror as Quez guided the lightning through his heart and didn't guide it to his stomach. after seconds of waiting nothing happened.

Quez:"Mako, Now is not the time to be attacking allies,"

Korra:"just start talking, now"

Quez:"well, as you were here at the battle , the explaining needs to be a minimal, my team, whom I have no idea were they are, were duking it out with our, literally, evil clones, let just call them the DDD, triple D if you want. their intent, your better off not hearing."

Mako:"doesn't sound too bad,"

Quez:"they want to destroy your dimension, and it won't be the first they would have, but it's not the first,"

Korra:"...that not good,"

Quez;" HEY GUYS"

Girl: "What?"

another girl: "yeah Quez,"

another guy: "Polo"

Sorry 3.2 was cut short by a REAL thunderstorm were I live, and for safety I shutting down my Computer, but "I'll be Back"


Date: 06/18/14 12:16 AM

Part 3
Korra was just straight up confused, one by calmness by this man, well boy was a better term he was about 16, and 2 by the fact they were in a waste land were the city center used to be.

Quez:"well, I guess I better start explaining, you are the avatar after all,"

Korra:"please, I'm"

Quez:"Confused? don't worry ever one is,"

Quez waved his hand and the building seemed to rebuild them selfs. Korra just stood there, no idea what happened.

Quez:"little ability I picked up, it better if I don't explain it. it will destroy all your beliefs."

Korra nodded, noting that ignorance is bliss,

Quez:"well we better be getting back to republic city, got explaining to do."

Korra look at the sky, only to see pure white.

Quez:"I'm not going to explain only have so much time,"

Korra looked up at the sky again only to see to slowly transform in to the blue she knew.

Mako:"Korra!!" Mako then shot lightning at Quez. Quez did Iroh's Lightning deflect move but he did two things wrong


Date: 06/15/14 4:30 PM
From: immawizzrd

oooooh interesting can't wait for more

Date: 06/14/14 3:09 AM
From: Mazhaz

ok part 2 ran a little long, to here is the last part.

Korra woke up on rubble, dazed, in pain, and just confused. her vision was slowly returning when she noticed a male figure walking towards her.

Korra: "Mako?"

Male Figure: "why hello Korra, I thought I would have to bring you back from the White," he extended he's hand to help her up, when Korra was up he continued "it's better you don't know what that meant, names Quezacolt, but please call me Quez

Korra: "who are you?"

Quez: "Well, I've never heard that before...

well, I hope your ready for Part 3, I still have 9 more characters to introduce, sure 5 of them are Bad Guys, but just wait


Date: 06/14/14 2:57 AM
From: Mazhaz

Part 2

Korra, Mako, and somehow Bolin managed to appear with them, get to were the storm was, only to find out, it wasn't a storm. two groups were battle to extremes that no one had nightmares of, until now.

Korra: "who are these guys?"

Mako: "well, you can find that out. me and Bolin will get everyone we can out."

Mako and Bolin took off. one of the 'people in question' landed as if she was flying.

Korra: "Ok! who are you guys?"
Korra soon followed with a focused blast of fire. the girl who landed, just a few years younger than Korra, simply waved her hand around the fire with out turning her head. then saying "ugh, I don't have time for this," after she said this another girl, flew by, torching the street with blue fire. Korra bent the fire round her, but it was too strong for her, she was burnt slightly at her wrist. The first girl erupted in fire, the normal orange-red color, causing Korra to fly back. Korra was knocked unconscious.


Date: 06/13/14 11:56 PM
From: immawizzrd

Hmmmm......seems interesting. Please....make it longer though