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Date: 08/22/14 5:25 PM
From: adrees

The finale of korra , was awesome! I was right we had to say Long live the Red Lotus. THIS EPISODE MADE ME CRY! I WAS CRYING LIKE A BABY! Jinora is airbender master and look like Aang. THIS EPISODE SHOULD BE ON TV
I would like to call it " Best Episode of All time series" It was intense like creator said but it was EMOTIONAL! Reply me if you cried! :(

There should be more than 4 books! or new Avatar series after 1 year only i dont wanna wait long!
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Date: 08/23/14 6:07 AM
From: HelinaLisa

Also , IGN rated Book 3 Finale 9.5 I said YESSS! Woo~ ScreenCrush gave it 9 , while 9.8 Wooo!

Date: 08/23/14 5:55 AM
From: eunomia

Me too,especially when I saw the last scene when Korra in her wheelchair let a tear....Do you know why she cried?

Date: 08/23/14 5:16 AM
From: HelinaLisa

You're right! But then wait does that mean new avatar series will start in 2019? NOOO I DONT WANNA WAIT THAT LONG! :(
Then i will be 15 years old.

Date: 08/23/14 12:53 AM
From: Medeki

The finale was AMAZING!! It was really clever and really well done. It was so good I watched it 4 times already... yeah I am a huge Korra fan. Korra in the avatar state was awesome, I loved the action scenes and how intense they were. It also made me cry... only a little... okay I'll be honest with you I cried A LOT!! But the thing that got me the most was the ending and just seeing how sad Korra was after going through so much- that made me cry the most out of everything. The final 2 episodes were perfect, just perfect- all of season 3 was perfect. Now time to bother Mike and Bryan about season 4...

Date: 08/22/14 7:44 PM
From: swampfish

I think four books is fine considering that the first series only got three, but I am definitely open to another separate Avatar series after The Legend of Korra. Also, Jinora's even more epic than before.