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do you ever feel like somones whaching u????

Date: 10/29/13 5:23 PM
From: trinidi577

once and I while I feel like someone is watching me do you get that feeling????
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Date: 07/18/14 3:00 PM
From: MintyNose

Help me. I was sleeping over at my Aunt's house but I turned off the light's and saw shadow's walking through the room even though my Aunt was sleeping and my grandma was sitting and I was just standing, and a lady just popped up looking at my Aunt. Then there was light and they vanished.

Date: 07/16/14 3:31 PM
From: samrules15

OMG YES! finally SOMEONE believes me one night i was watching it and i heard footsteps i went upstairs BUT NO ONE WAS THERE! HELP!

Date: 07/14/14 9:29 PM
From: mmeowkitty

Yes when I'm alone. When I'm in bed I hear a sound it's like a ghost is watching me. Another time I was in bed and I was talking to my toys then I heard someone laughing I was so freaked out. 2 days ago I heard Loki meow and then I saw Loki and Angus outside and I got creeped out then I felt something on my head and I think it was my cat's ghost. Okay... she's on my head again....I can feel it......SO CREEPY!!!!

Date: 07/07/14 4:05 PM
From: rain43092

Yes I do feel like someone or something is watching me!! I always have a feeling when ever im alone

Date: 07/05/14 5:21 PM
From: kari9555

i always have that feeling i always turn around and see a dark shaowy figrore looking at me oh no there is something in the oven rataling and and something is watching me from outside kari9555 out

Date: 06/30/14 12:51 PM
From: soccernat

yes I always feel like someone is watching but I know the r watching over me so I'm fine

Date: 06/28/14 1:15 PM
From: oreoeyes

Yeah! Whenever I am home alone I feel like I'm not alone. I always see shadows while running up the stairs or looking in the mirror! But I do know god is watching me always.

Date: 06/28/14 9:52 AM
From: skd2004

yes a lot

Date: 06/27/14 7:08 PM
From: oreoeyes

OMG! I'm only 9 too!

Date: 06/21/14 12:02 PM
From: beai123

yes I do

Date: 06/13/14 7:49 PM
From: iheartmady

YEAH i agree something is watching me sometimes like every night i get up out of my bed and go to the couch (do not ask why)and last night i had a feeling something or someone was watching me. and i had a weird vision thing of my street and a dark figure floating down it.then i shivered and layed down on the couch and turned the tv on and it did not help that the ufo ailein channel was i freeked out and put on spongebob

Date: 06/03/14 3:09 PM
From: Cheslee

" people" don't watch u you only get the feeling if you actualy see them

Date: 06/03/14 10:11 AM
From: fluffy9926

While I'm typing this, I have a feeling that's someone's watching me out of the corner of my room!

Date: 06/02/14 12:57 PM
From: keke022

this is a very awesome show to watch

Date: 06/02/14 9:39 AM
From: LPSjennie

i feel and see spirits i know why they haunt us for ATTENTION!!!!!!!

Date: 05/28/14 1:33 PM
From: tdfan17

YES!!! I'm so glad to find someone who finally gets me! I see things floating by when I walk in my house, sometimes, and I'm the only one who seems to see them!

Date: 05/22/14 4:52 PM
From: Mudusa

yes I do I avoid the mirror because I think my reflect is a ghost in the mirror so yea

Date: 05/20/14 9:30 AM
From: sky982

My scary story. I was once on here and I heard yawning. It sounded like my dog but she's not here with me. SOO Creepy. I have a feeling I'm being watched RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!!!! Someone's here, there tickeling me! No one's here. Just me and my parents. My parents are in their room! Woah, my house IS HAUNTED!!!

Date: 05/17/14 11:32 AM
From: smw1023

One evening when I was sleeping on the couch (Don't ask why) I heard a whistle. soo creepy!

Date: 05/14/14 9:31 PM
From: pandakyli1

yes my house is so old and i feel like there is a spirit watching me wand it freakes me out