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do you ever feel like somones whaching u????

Date: 10/29/13 5:23 PM
From: trinidi577

once and I while I feel like someone is watching me do you get that feeling????
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Date: 06/03/14 10:11 AM
From: fluffy9926

While I'm typing this, I have a feeling that's someone's watching me out of the corner of my room!

Date: 06/02/14 12:57 PM
From: keke022

this is a very awesome show to watch

Date: 06/02/14 9:39 AM
From: LPSjennie

i feel and see spirits i know why they haunt us for ATTENTION!!!!!!!

Date: 05/28/14 1:33 PM
From: tdfan17

YES!!! I'm so glad to find someone who finally gets me! I see things floating by when I walk in my house, sometimes, and I'm the only one who seems to see them!

Date: 05/22/14 4:52 PM
From: Mudusa

yes I do I avoid the mirror because I think my reflect is a ghost in the mirror so yea

Date: 05/20/14 9:30 AM
From: sky982

My scary story. I was once on here and I heard yawning. It sounded like my dog but she's not here with me. SOO Creepy. I have a feeling I'm being watched RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!!!! Someone's here, there tickeling me! No one's here. Just me and my parents. My parents are in their room! Woah, my house IS HAUNTED!!!

Date: 05/17/14 11:32 AM
From: smw1023

One evening when I was sleeping on the couch (Don't ask why) I heard a whistle. soo creepy!

Date: 05/14/14 9:31 PM
From: pandakyli1

yes my house is so old and i feel like there is a spirit watching me wand it freakes me out

Date: 05/14/14 7:39 PM
From: Carly2006

Yes Expesaily I'm Only 9 So Somtimes Its Creppy To MUH!

Date: 05/14/14 4:32 PM
From: toptulip78

yea my auntie lisa

Date: 05/10/14 10:51 PM
From: sky716

I have the feeling right now. ... ... SHH... WHA? It felt like someone just TICKELED my back! Right now! ... ... Again?!?!
My parents are right behind me. They didn't do it! uhh...
I saw something. SHH... I SAW SOMEONE SITTING ON MY COUCH!!!!!!!!!! The tickeling thing isn't stopping!!!! Another day at school,my whole class heard a noise.Like magic. My socks flew off.I jumped and turned around (my whole class did too) no one was there. Creepy. I think I just saw someone right now! Scary! Now I heared my door creak open (it's supouse to be open). I'm now scared!

Date: 04/20/14 2:18 PM
From: goblue0318

Yes but that becuz I recently found out that I have not one, not two, but FIVE GHOSTS IN MY HOUSE! They're friendly though, they my new friends! If you are nice to them, they are nice to you (except Bloody Mary).

Date: 04/18/14 3:16 PM
From: pomgi

yes I got scard It was wird

Date: 04/17/14 11:01 AM
From: iheartmady

I once was out tricker treating and my neihbor called and said that he heard footsteps in my house because we live in an apartment building but no one was there only my dog but after that I felt like some one WAS watching me!I AM FREAKING OUT JUST TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!
PS.I would put an emoticon but can't figure out how!

Date: 04/16/14 8:55 PM

soooo :

Date: 04/15/14 11:27 PM
From: coolmanty6

ssooo crepy

Date: 04/13/14 10:30 AM
From: parell1234

yup like everwhere

Date: 04/12/14 8:35 PM
From: renyei

yessssss i do

Date: 03/27/14 1:01 AM
From: DAshfire25

It feels like, Somepony's watching me...

Date: 03/25/14 10:19 PM
From: coolmanty6

i saw some one with my two eyes it was the devil i'm not kiding