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do you ever feel like somones whaching u????

Date: 10/29/13 5:23 PM
From: trinidi577

once and I while I feel like someone is watching me do you get that feeling????
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Date: 03/13/14 4:25 PM
From: bella89784

Yes I do a lot in my house I do not like it!

Date: 03/10/14 4:47 PM
From: sing11love

YES! once i was sleeping on the couch (dont ask why) and i got this feeling like some THING was watching me...i have a rabbit but he lives in my basement...well anyway all night i was looking out the window...CREEPY!

Date: 03/10/14 4:20 PM
From: terible3

yea but I dnt want to talk about it

Date: 02/11/14 8:00 PM
From: imagurl

Yeah mi mom and I don't no wat else

Date: 02/04/14 5:37 PM
From: sandstorm3

I ALWAYS get that feeling

Date: 01/13/14 5:56 PM
From: gg2035

now I do

Date: 01/07/14 2:05 PM
From: lillith2


Date: 01/07/14 11:26 AM
From: glee34576

when I was little I heard laughter and I was freaking out and then I started bawling cuz I was freaked out!Dont judge me.

Date: 01/03/14 8:08 AM
From: kejsi33333

sometimes when I am alone

Date: 01/02/14 8:10 PM
From: loving1258

yeah when I am on the computer I ear footprints like after midnight when everyones asleep

Date: 01/02/14 4:05 PM
From: cearleyc

me to

Date: 01/01/14 1:08 PM
From: boomdaboss

I feel Every Night I hear The SAME creepy noise the noise is EHHHHHHHHR!

Date: 12/31/13 4:27 PM
From: karyn13

it friks me out

Date: 12/30/13 12:30 PM
From: iggy5600

Yeah, and it freaks me out.

Date: 12/29/13 9:15 AM
From: me64

its your brain tricking you

Date: 12/17/13 10:17 PM
From: shanee123

My brother Max went to a hospital since he was 10 because he kept seeing things that wernt there he said somebody was watchin him

Date: 12/15/13 6:40 PM
From: dianab123

yes because any time a friend is with me nothing happens but when they leave I here weird noises but when I look its nothing

Date: 12/15/13 1:08 PM
From: hi321

yes, once when I just woke up I saw my door open a little, don't say it was just the wind because then I heard some random laughs, I'm scared because every now and then whenever I open the door to my room it opens a little bit more.

Date: 12/14/13 4:02 PM
From: cowpaddy77

yes when i feel that way i get scared and look behind me but when i look and there's no one there i feel like a fool.



Date: 12/09/13 5:00 PM
From: kacei11

Arizy I do too................................... LOL