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What r u afraid of ? *CLICK HERE*

Date: 01/19/14 12:18 PM
From: emmie176

I'm afraid of dolls.
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Date: 06/10/14 9:51 AM
From: oreoeyes

Here is a list of things I am afraid of:
-China (a type of glass) Dolls
-The dark (I sometimes sleep with the light on)

Here is a list of things I am not scared of:

Date: 06/09/14 4:33 PM
From: comickitty

I can relate

Date: 06/07/14 7:10 PM
From: 5sosiscool

i'm afraid of

- the dark
- spiders
- dolls
- bm
- lizards
- the devil
- death
- jeff
- the yeti
- bigfoot
- sasquatch
- vampires
- zombies
- ghosts
- werewolves
- my brother and sister
- small spaces
that's all i'm afraid of

Date: 06/03/14 3:15 PM
From: Cheslee

I am afraid of dolls also because I feel like when I am asleep they are going to attack me

Date: 06/03/14 10:40 AM
From: fluffy9926

if your afraid of the dark, how can you sleep?

Date: 05/23/14 7:20 AM
From: sky927


Date: 05/20/14 8:43 PM
From: zeladavis0

i am afraid of glass dolls with creepy eyes.

Date: 05/20/14 8:31 PM
From: COOLER10

I'm afraid of...
Gosh you guys are giving me the creeps!;x

Date: 05/19/14 9:01 PM
From: sky924


Date: 05/17/14 11:28 AM
From: smw1023

I'm afraid of my mom's bedroom door because there's weird marks on it. I'm also scared of BM and stuff like that.

Date: 05/17/14 9:11 AM
From: 1951

I hate to sleep or even be in a room alone with those creepy dolls.They just sit there and stare at you

Date: 05/15/14 7:25 AM
From: janet13

1.Dolls (I cant stand ANY type of doll)

Date: 05/10/14 10:16 PM
From: sky716

I'm afraid of: (from most to least)
1.BM (Bloody Mary)
2.Slender Man
4.Freddie Crugor
7.Stink Bugs

Need more? Well,that's all I've got!

Date: 05/10/14 8:56 PM
From: sky716

I'm scared!

Date: 05/10/14 12:16 PM
From: sky716

What do you all mean of dolls?

I'm afraid of Bloody Mary. BRR! I got the chills now just saying her name. I'm also afraid of Slender man. My friend (his name will be a secret) told me about him. I won't forget that moment.

Date: 04/14/14 6:04 PM
From: Andi1212

I am afraid of a lot of things and this is my order from scariest to less scary.
1. Chucky (I have been afraid of him for a long time!)
2. Dolls
3. Clowns
4. Bloody Mary
5. Freddie Crougar
6. Snakes
7. Spiders

Date: 04/09/14 3:05 PM
From: goblue0318

I'm afraid of BM (bloody mary), spiders (although I live where there are no poisonous ones..), bees, the dark, poison ivy, hanging my leg of the side of the bed (becuz of Paranormal Activity), and not afraid of the boogie-man anymore becuz of Rise of the Guardians (THX DREAMWORKS!!)


Date: 03/25/14 6:47 PM
From: water5456

I'm afraid of spiders. Also I'm afraid of change that I can't control.

Date: 03/25/14 10:26 AM
From: coolmanty6

i'm afrieade of nothind forsept the devil

Date: 03/10/14 7:10 PM
From: renyei

yes im am