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Woods *FanFiction story* NEED CHARACTERS!

Date: 02/21/14 4:53 PM
From: sing11love

Hi everyone so this story is about 8 kids get lost in the woods but they don't know they are monsters in the woods

8 kids needed Only 8
Name: Lisa Karen
Age: 16
Looks: shoulder brown hair green eyes
Personality: nice helpful brave
Crush: None
BFF: anyone want to be her BFF
Extra: Big animal lover

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Date: 07/29/14 12:39 PM
From: carly2397

i will :-o

Date: 07/14/14 5:51 PM
From: oreoeyes


Oh, that's okay. I'm probably taking a break soon.


Date: 07/11/14 9:17 PM
From: sing11love

well dundun1710 asked be first and I really was busy so I had no time answering back so dundun1710 will be helping me .

can you make the next chapter? Thanks

the next chapter will be out soon


Date: 07/09/14 7:17 PM
From: oreoeyes

Lisa's P.O.V
Me: Hey, before we go anybody got a flashlight?
Wendy: I do, wait. Let me just get it from my bag. *Tosses flashlight to Lisa*
Me: Thanks. Now let's move.
We all walked towards the dark part of the woods where there were lots of trees everywhere.
Mark: I'm scared. Take me home!
All: *Stares at him* Then why did you come?
Micheal: *Elbows Mark* You're such a wimp.
As we crept towards the stream, I thought I saw Jimmy. I flashed the flashlight on him, I also saw two little girl ghosts beside him. One looked like she was ten the other looked like she was five.
Older Ghost: Go away! Leave!
Young Ghost: This is a warning, children!
Why was she calling us children when she was the one who was five!
Mark: *Screams like a little girl and runs back to tents*
I also noticed something else, Jimmy's eyes were tomato red!
Jimmy: *In hypnotized voice* Don't be afraid, guys. They just want to play. *Tilts head smiling in a scary way*
Clover: Snap out of it Jim!

Date: 07/09/14 7:02 PM
From: oreoeyes

@Sing11Love haven't made a single page for this story. I would have but I can't name all the characters.


Date: 06/28/14 10:11 AM
From: oreoeyes

Can I help, too? I am a great writer. I'm sure you have seen a few of my message boards.

Date: 06/24/14 9:27 PM
From: dundun1710

sing11love, I'll help. BTW, if you see any name with dundun in it, that will be me, ok?

Date: 06/23/14 2:21 PM
From: sing11love

@ Readers
anyone mind helping me?

Date: 06/15/14 9:22 AM
From: sing11love

@All My Readers
Hey so waterspout hasn't been here for a while, and I cant make this story all alone. So can someone please fill in for her and help me? Thanks

Date: 06/14/14 8:43 PM
From: sing11love

Are we still doing the story?

Date: 06/06/14 6:06 PM
From: sing11love

C.H 6/ Michael's P.O.V:
Me: I hear Jimmy suddenly yell as I wake up


Me: Calm down.... hold on let me check where he is...

Mark: Don't leave me!

Me: Mark man up! *I walk outside with a flashlight*

*I hear a noise and turn seeing Lisa*

Lisa: Michael?

Me: Yeah....its me

Unknown: Boo!

Me: *I jump back* Clover?! I say

Clover: *laughs* Yeah its me, what are you 2 doing up?

Lisa: I heared Mark and Michael. What about you?

Clover: I went down to the river to get a drink.... still don't understand she mutters low

Me and Lisa: What?

Clover: I saw Jimmy by the river walking down with a little girl, I called his name but he disappeared in the woods...

Lisa: What?

Me: That's strange....we better go look for him, but don't wake up anyone else

Lisa and Clover: *nods*


Date: 05/31/14 7:40 PM
From: oreoeyes

I know we don't know each other but can i do the next chapter?

Date: 05/29/14 6:05 PM
From: sing11love

do you want to do the next chapter?

Date: 05/11/14 8:48 AM
From: twocats2

that is so good! FYI i am leisha6 and i am mark in the story

Date: 04/29/14 6:35 PM
From: sing11love

Anybody reading this?

Date: 04/24/14 5:09 PM
From: sing11love

If your still too busy i could do Chapter 6?

Date: 04/16/14 11:10 AM
From: sing11love

C.H 5/ Jimmy's P.O.V:
Alice: Why do we have to lay out camp in the middle of no where?

Clover: Because

Me: Because what?

Clover: *stares at me* Because it will be too late before we find the camping area

Natalie: *Shivers* Its cold...

Lisa: Well we are in the mountain area

Mark: I am afraid of the dark!

Every1: *stares at Mark* THEN WHY DID YOU COME?

Clover: I am going to punch you!

Michael: oh come on Mark!

Wendy: *yawns* Well let's not fight I am tired

Lisa: Ok Clover and Natalie sleep with me, Alice you sleep with the other girls

Clover: Mark and Jimmy and Michael sleep in one tent

Me: ok...

*few hours*

*I lay a wake while every1 is sleeping as I here something outside

Me: Lisa? Clover? Hello?

unknown: *whispering*

Me: *stares* This better not be a prank...
*my heart pounding I saw a shadow of a little girl past by my tent*

Me: *I watch the little girls shadow she stops by Michael's side and starts singing*

Unknown: *sings* Jimmy....Oh Jimmy...


Date: 04/09/14 11:14 PM
From: waterspout

Sorry with all the homework I have. It will at least be saterday when I can finaly write. But hey maybe you could write another chapter. Again so so Sorry!
Waterspout out

Date: 04/08/14 5:36 PM
From: sing11love

please make next chapter

Date: 04/04/14 4:52 PM
From: sing11love

Thanks so much!! well in the next chapter lets do 1 of the boys P.O.Vs and they lay out there camp place in the mountain and they here something in the woods