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tell me a ghoustly story! and get a buddy quest

Date: 05/31/14 4:51 PM
From: raigan613

give me a spookirific story! If it is scary enough you might get a creepy buddy quest! Good luck!
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Date: 06/28/14 10:06 AM
From: skd2004


Date: 06/28/14 9:40 AM
From: kari9555

one day my mom was driving me and her friend home when they said what is that in the sky. i looked up. it was too fast to be a comet. to bright to be a airplane. IT WAS A UFO ( ALIEN SPACE SHIP) I WAS FREAKED OUT THEN IT LANDED AND ALIENS TOOK ME AND MY MOM.TO THIS DAY I STILL SEE ALIENS

Date: 06/14/14 12:26 AM
From: vammy345

One time me and my friends were playing follow the red dot (nighttime) and one of my other friends said you can start without me im going to the restroom so it was just me and my other friend. The picture came up and we got really scared we tried to run out of our rooms but my door was locked then all of a sudden the lights went out the we started screaming and the TV went on randomly showing Final Destination right at the gymnastics scene ) then the TV turned off and the lights went on. We opened the door to find my mom and other friend laughing. I will never know how she got the lights to turn off and turn my TV on. I was sooo mad



Date: 06/03/14 4:00 PM
From: katfire4

I was in my room and then I saw some thing move.I didn't know what it was so I took out my flash light and looked where the thing fell.I saw a face then I ran for my life.