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Camp Near The Swamp *Character Fiction*

Date: 06/01/14 11:48 AM
From: oreoeyes

Hi Everyone I am making a character fiction. It is about 6 middle schooled kids who decide to go camping for the summer. But while they are looking for a place to camp they get lost and don't know where they are. Then one of the kids decides to go look to see where they are. Then that kid realized they were near a swamp... A swamp haunted by two ghosts that drowned in the swamp 50 years ago.


Hope You Enjoy It!

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Date: 06/27/14 8:55 AM
From: oreoeyes

I will not be doing this message board anymore. I will make a new one. Just not now. I need to finish some of my other message boards. Because, it is really difficult to focus on about 1000 message boards at once. I hope you understand -oreoeyes

"No matter what you're told, you're worth more than gold." -Britt Nichole in Gold


Date: 06/26/14 1:08 PM
From: oreoeyes

I have canceled this fan fiction so if anyone is wondering why there hasn't been a new page. I will be creating a new one.

Date: 06/25/14 6:36 PM
From: oreoeyes

I have been waiting a while since my last page, well It's your turn now to write.

Date: 06/20/14 11:56 AM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 2: Missing: Alex's P.O.V
Me: Hey, before we go. Anybody have a flashlight?
Katie: I do! *Tosses flashlight over to me*
Audrey: Um...guys?
John: Yeah?
Audrey: Where's Whitney!
Jake: *Climbs out of tent* I don't know. *Climbs back in*
Audrey: She better be alive because she still owes me 50 dollars for my lip gloss!
Katie: Will you stop caring about makeup!
Audrey: Whatever.
Unknown: BOO!
Me: *Folds arms* Whitney is that you!
Whitney: 'Yup you got me.
John: Everyone ready?
All: 'Yup!
We started walking towards the swamp. I started talking to make sure I wasn't alone.
Me: Hey guys?
All: Yeah?
Me: We should probably go back to make sure Jake is all right he said he was too scared to go near the swamp.
John: He's always like that! I tell him to man up!
Katie: Alex does have a point, we should go back.
We all turned around to go back, when we checked on Jake he wasn't in any of the tents. When we all turned around to go back to the swamp we saw Jake going towards the swamp...

Date: 06/18/14 10:55 AM
From: oreoeyes

Alex is a boy, Did you read the first page where Katie said she knew Alex liked her?

Date: 06/17/14 5:24 PM
From: katfire4

If no one takes Alex can I be her?Also is Alex a him or her?I love 's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 06/17/14 5:22 PM
From: katfire4

Chapter Two:Everyone's Sound

John:I call the blue tent!
Jake:I want to go in the blue tent!
John:Then lets share.
Jake:Youhave a point we are brothers.
Audrey:Anyone want to come in the yellow tent with me?
Whitney:I'll go!
Audrey:Them let's go!
Alex:YAY!I get my own tent!
Whitney:Good for you.
*They go to bed and Jake hear's a sound.*
Jake:John what was that?
John:What time is it?
Jake:3:56 am.
John:What?Why did you wake me up this early?
Jake:I heard a weird sound.
John:I heard it to!Let's wake up the girls!
*They wake up Whitney,Audrey,Alex,and Katie*
Whitney:What was that?
Audrey:I have no idea.
Katie:It's coming from the swamp.
Alex:Let's check it out!
Katie:Let's go!
Audrey:I'm in!
Jake:Not me!
John:Fine your missing out!


Date: 06/17/14 1:26 PM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 1: Katie's P.O.V
Everyone except Audrey was trying to set up the two tents. She was 'too busy' putting on make-up, in my opinion she worries way to much about the way she looks.
Audrey: Okay, Okay! Just wait! I need to add a fresh layer of my 'Midday Maroon' lip gloss. Whitney came up to Audrey, snatched her lip gloss, and threw it somewhere near the swamp. We all heard a loud splash.
Audrey: *Crosses arms* Do you know how much that lip gloss cost!?
Whitney: Nobody cares how much it cost! Now why don't you help put up the tents!
Audrey: *Murmurs under breath* You owe me fifty dollars.
John: Quit it out, sis! *Elbows her*
Me: *Shoves Whitney and Audrey to ground* That's it! I can't stand it with you two fighting all the time!
Whitney: *Grabs a handful of dirt and throws at me*
John: *Rolls eyes* Just be glad me and Audrey don't fight like Whitney.
Whitney: Excuse me!? *Shoves John to ground hard*

Date: 06/16/14 8:45 PM
From: oreoeyes

Katie: Me
Jake: Empty
Whitney: Twocats2
Audrey: Katfire4
Alex: Empty
John: Hershey9

You're doing the first page.
Oh and sure John and Audrey can be siblings!

Welcome to the team! With welcome and happiness, oreoeyes


Date: 06/14/14 8:38 PM
From: katfire4

My bro Hershey9 can be John.Also can Audrey and John be brother and sister and are we doing POV(Point of Views?)

Date: 06/10/14 2:26 PM
From: twocats2

I want to be whitney.

Date: 06/10/14 9:46 AM
From: oreoeyes


You got the part, congrats!
You will be doing the next chapter!
Tell me your idea for the chapter you are going to write!



Date: 06/09/14 6:55 AM
From: oreoeyes


Katie: (Me)
Jake: (Empty)
Whitney: (Me)
Audrey: (Katfire4)
Alex: (Empty)
John: (Empty)
People that have a part must write for that person! I will have two since rarely anybody wants to help write a fan fiction!


Date: 06/08/14 8:30 PM
From: katfire4


Date: 06/07/14 7:53 AM
From: n8o


Date: 06/03/14 4:53 PM
From: oreoeyes

Hey everyone! Whoever wants to write for someone here is the list below:

Katie: (Me)
Jake: (Empty)
Whitney: (Empty)
Audrey: (Empty)
Alex: (Empty)
John: (Empty)

Please read my character fiction!


Date: 06/03/14 3:24 PM
From: Cheslee


Date: 06/01/14 2:23 PM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter One: Katie's Part

Whitney: Hey guys. I'm going to go get Katie. She said she would be here after she scanned the place.
Everyone: Okay.
(A few minutes later Whitney and I were there.)
Me: Hey guys.
Alex: (He blushed before he said.) Hi Katie.
Me: Hey Alex. (Even though I was a year younger then him I knew he liked me)
John: So anyways, where are we?
Me: I don't know somewhere near a swamp.
Whitney: I thought it was a pond (She glared at me)
Audrey: Quit yakking and let's set up the tents!
Jake: I say when we set up the tents! (Jake and Audrey were siblings)
Whitney: I say to set up the tents, NOW! (Whitney was tough. I'm glad she is my best friend)
Me: Stop fighting! (I hollered)
Everyone: (Stared at me)
John: She has a point.
Whitney: Whatever let's just get over with this.
Me: (I slapped my forehead)