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Your Scariest Moment

Date: 06/14/14 8:06 PM
From: Elissa2003

What is your scariest moment in life? Mine's (welcome to read) :At night in my home my grandma and me went to go get water then a book fell off the book shelf then I put it back on the shelf then two fell off and it did that until 5 fell off. Mysterious ,Creepy , and my Scariest Moment in life.
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Date: 07/01/14 12:13 PM
From: lgyall

u never know mabye u can see things nobody else can

Date: 06/27/14 7:05 PM
From: oreoeyes

Hey everyone who just read the title and scrolled down the page! Don't judge a book by it's cover or a title! This message board is fantastic!

Date: 06/27/14 9:24 AM
From: oreoeyes

Well... one time while I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror because, I couldn't go to sleep it was 11:00 or so when I looked at myself I thought I saw a shadow in the background. So when I looked at where the shadow was and back at myself I saw the shadow again! Another time: I was at home by myself. In the living room. When I looked at the dining room door (which is made of glass) I saw myself but, I thought I saw a little girl sitting next to me. When I blinked she was gone! Do you think my house is haunted? Take the poll!

POLL: Is my house haunted?
(Say these, the answers are on the left when you reply say the word/sentence this poll ends July 8)
Yes: (Say) Creepy!
No: (Say) No Way!
Possibly: (Say) You never know.
Impossible: (Say) What!
Think More About It: (Say) Think about it.

The results are in every Saturday!