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Scary Story Making Contest!!!

Date: 06/22/14 11:01 AM
From: ashiley22

Sup guys!!!! I'm going to be doing a story making contest.
5 people will win the contest and will get a buddy request from me. So try your best on making the most scariest story.
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Date: 06/27/14 9:06 AM
From: oreoeyes

One night a family moved into a haunted house in the country. The landlord was creepy, whenever he came by to check on the family he would say "Oh, you're still alive.", he always had one eye shut wherever he went. So one night when the family of six kid and two adults went to bed. In the morning one of the children was gone. When the landlord came again he said "The first day, five more to go." again that night when the family went to bed two kids went missing! In the morning the landlord seemed to be growing sharp teeth. The next night another kid went missing. In the morning the landlord had fur all over his face. The night after that the parents went missing. In the morning the landlord had claws. In the night the rest of the family disappeared. In the morning the landlord was a horrifying and horrible creature, he ran off into the woods and never came back. The family's ghosts now haunt the house they disappeared in, there are many stories about how the family vanished...