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Deadtime Story Contest

Date: 07/18/14 3:09 PM
From: MintyNose

Tell me your deadtime story! It can be fake or real. Tell me if it's fake or real. I'll pick The Top 10.
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Date: 09/15/14 6:23 PM
From: pika418

Ok, so there's a ghost that I think used to live in my house a very long time ago. His name is Amni. One day my sister got home from work and she showed me her new Ouija Board phone case. We grabbed a button from my mom's craft kit and started playing with it. Amni kept contacting me. He claims that he's trying to protect me, but I belong to him. He told us that someone we don't know was going to get an injury. We stopped using the Ouija Board. I don't know if Amni is still here. Should I check? (True Story!)

Date: 09/15/14 6:08 PM
From: mmeowkitty

This is true, and this happened to my BFF.
My BFF, a three-year-old and an eight-year-old did Bloody Mary. When they did it, they saw something flying and they heard the door lock so they unlocked the door and they ran out of the bathroom and screamed and went into my BFF's room. When she told me I started to freak.
P.S. Now I'm starting to freak. >.<

Date: 08/22/14 12:45 PM
From: HayHay1250

Don't be scared of monsters, just look for them. Look to your left, to your right, Behind your dresser, in your closet, under your bed. but just don't look up.. she hates being seen.

Date: 08/08/14 11:03 PM
From: ais98803

This is true. At night I hear sounds when I am trying to sleep like " Come closer. and I can see you. thats all i am beeing watched right now got to go!!!!!

Date: 07/28/14 4:26 PM
From: Flora72006

This story is fake.Once a pone a time there was a girl named Lucy and Lucy's mom orederd a life sized doll as big as me.One night the doll came alive and the doll also became evil to and in the after noon Lucy and the doll switched body's and the paranits did't know that they switched body's,but the paranits found out that the doll was evil, so Lucy away in the doll's body and then the doll and Lucy switched back and Lucy's paranits found Lucy.