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Date: 02/02/14 12:53 PM

This is my second fanfiction hope u like it.

Red Ranger:open
Blue Ranger:open
Green Ranger:closed/me/Kameron/NBACHAMP
Pink Ranger:open
Yellow Ranger:open
Gold Ranger:open
Silver Ranger:open

Name: Kameron
Color: Green.
Age: 19.
Metal Zord: Dragon.
Weapon: Wind Dragon staff.
Attack: Wind Slash.
Looks: Green Jacket, black hair with fade, black shades, green nikes.
Personality: Loves games, smart, athletic, loyal.
Crush: Nobody.
Secret: He comes from a different world.
Vehicle: Dragon Motorcycle.


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Date: 04/05/14 2:18 AM
From: emmamia2

Name : Ella
Color : Pink
Age : 19
Element : Snow
Metal Zord : Phoenix
Weapon : Snow Phoenix Daggers
Attack : Snow Slice
Looks : Brown wavy hair , blue eyes, Pink tank top, Black furry jacket, Black shorts with silver linings, Black knee length boots.
Personality : Kind, Hilarious, Sweet , intelligent , Athletic.
Crush : Blue
Secret : the yellow ranger is her sister, and they both want to hide it from each other.
Vehicle : Phoenix Jet

hope i get in..



Date: 03/29/14 9:04 AM
From: Nashka

Name: Carter
Age: 16
Color: Gold
Element: Light
Zord: Lion
Weapon: Lion Claw Daggers
Attack: Claw Fury
Looks: Red bone, muscles skin and scars gold Shades, Hand grips, fitted gold shirt without sleeves, black cargo's shorts, black and gold shoes
Personality: Strong, smart, tough
Secret: he's can release his true power if he doesn't control his emotions
Vehicle: Lion Cycle

Date: 03/28/14 11:03 PM
From: railrider8

Name: Mikey/MJ
Color: Gold
Age: 18
Element: Light
Metal Zord: Falcon
Weapon Light Falcon Blaster
Attack: Light Beam
Looks: Orange and gold t shirt, blond hair with a bit of gold, orange shades, gold and orange reeboks(high-tops)
Personality: gamer, smart, racer, loner
Secret: Robotics and technology genius
Vehicle: Falcon Riders (jet, ATV, or go-kart)

Date: 03/14/14 3:05 PM
From: Emilyfun13

Name: Jasmine
Color: Yellow
Age: 16
Element: Earth
Metal Zord: Cheetah
Weapon: Cheetah Bluster
Attack: Cheetah Blust
Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, a shy smile, black jeans, a colorful t-shirt and trainers.
Personality: Sweet, smart, brave, kind, trustful, helpful.
Crush: She has feeling for the Silver Ranger.
Secret: Her big sister is the Pink Ranger.
Vehicle: Cheetah Jet.

*If you need anything else, please tell me!*



Date: 02/22/14 9:02 AM
From: goodman23

Hey NBACHAMP can you post the story for this one?

Date: 02/10/14 5:52 PM
From: goodman23

Name: Lane/goodman23
Color: blue
Age: you pick
Element: lightning
Metal Zord: lightning t-rex
Weapon: lightning blaster
Attack: lightning strike
Looks:blue hoodie,black sweats,grey nikes,brown eyes
Personality:third in command, loves videogames,chilled
Crush: pink
Secret: He is the son tommy oliver and his parents died
Vehicle: lightning flyer/cycle

Date: 02/03/14 4:41 PM

u two r in

Date: 02/03/14 8:07 AM
From: skatetrix

Name: Angelo.
Color: Silver.
Age: 19.
Element: Titanium.
Metal Zord: Titanium Jaguar.
Weapon: Titanium Axe.
Attack: Titanium Strike.
Looks: Silver jacket, golden sneakers, silver shades, lime-green eyes, black jeans, black messed up hair, silver inside-gloves, silver and gold mixed together on watch.
Personality: Second in command after Red Ranger, serious, scientist, sort of likes videogames.
Crush: Some feelings for Yellow.
Secret: He is the son of the Evil Master.
Vehicle: Titanium Jet.



Date: 02/02/14 5:41 PM
From: RangerFan3

Name: Luke
Color: Red
Age: 19
Element: Fire/Lava
Metal Zord: Wolf
Weapon: Fire Wolf Twin Blades
Attack: Ultimate Fire Take-Down
Looks: Blond Spiked hair, Light blue eyes, Tight jeans, Tan skin, Red Hoodie with a Black Nike Symbol in the Middle, Nike Red and Black skate shoes, Black Tank top
Personality: Quiet, Mysterious, Hero, Leader, Powerful, Warrior, Strong
Crush: None
Secret: He Is 1/2 Wolf
Vehicle: Red Wolf Cruiser