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Power Rangers Treasure Hunters

Date: 03/24/14 2:30 PM
From: ranger779

Red Treasure Ranger,the gusty leader:Me
Pink Treasure Ranger:second in command and serious tomboy but beautiful.
Blue Treasure ranger:Childish,and tech guy:
Black Treasure Ranger: Newcomer.
Yellow Treasure ranger:Girly girly and curious.
Silver Treasure ranger:
Gold Treasure ranger:
Here's mine
weapons:Treasure blaster(everyone has)Treasure Spear.
Looks:Black spiky hair,green eyes,white skin.
Clothes:Red and White treasure jacket,Black jeans,(everyone has the jacket but in their color and white.)
Civilian clothes:Red Jacket,white shirt,blue jeans and red and green shoes.
Personality:Gusty,brave,fearless,street smart,has an attitude when it comes to villains.
Relationship:Black hates him.
Crush:Has feelings toward pink.
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Date: 06/30/14 8:17 AM
From: ranger779

Sorry guys about not posting but after my old one about land warriors was erased I lost hope and for a long time I was losing interest.

Date: 06/08/14 9:52 AM
From: Ranger779

Task 2 Part 2
Scott was in a volcano simulation where he had to get an unbreakable Vase.He used his grapple to launch across the walls and grab the vase.The lava began to rise so he used his grapple again to zip him up out of the volcano has as it exploded.
The simulation ended and there was faint clapping.
Scott:Thanks,I suppose Nico.
Nico:I could have done it better you basically fell at the end.
Scott:The vase is unbreakable and I only get a scratch.
Nico:Doesn't matter I'll become a better treasure hunter then you.
Scott smirked.
Scott:Your missing a very important thing...
Nico:And it is.....
Just then the others rushed in.
Devin:Yeah Our favorite annoying guy is back.
Scott:Team,Move out.
The rangers followed Scott except Nico.Lana turned around and went to him.
Lana:You ok?
Nico:Just wondering what makes him so great...
Nico and Lana followed the others while Nico was thinking...
To Be Continued....

Date: 05/10/14 9:57 PM
From: ranger779

Task 2:The Ancient Bandits
The rangers returned to the base and went back to their normal activities.
Devin:Ah,back in the base!Time for a snack.
Nico:Their rot your teeth,even more...
Chief:He actually has a sweet tooth for healthy food too..
Olivia:Now That is true.
Olivia was submitting data about their task and how it went while Devin just added info on what treasure they found and what obstacles they bested.
Nico was reading about ancient treasures,and Lana well,she was being Lana.Chief was talking to Huroku.
Chief:I have a bad feeling about Zuteru.
Huroku:It's possibly he lived,he had his pet serpent,but..
Chief:The snake must be thousands of years old and deceased right?
Chief:But,considering what we do and how we do it,he could be alive and well.
Huroku:If he comes back we'll know for sure.
Chief then walked out and went to the training area.Then started using his treasure tools in a real life simulation.
To Be Continued...

Date: 05/07/14 9:15 PM
From: ranger779

Sorry I haven't been righting I've been busy and having no idea to right about.

Date: 04/17/14 10:29 PM
From: Ranger779

Task 1 Part 7
Zuteru:one more.
A giant rock monster appeared from the ground.
Red then pulled out his treasure cell.
Red:Treasure Vehicles.
The vehicles came and everyone got in theirs.
Pink:Treasure Sub.
Blue:Treasure Jet
Yellow:Treasure Dozer.
Black:Treasure Rover.
The vehicles attack shooting then the rock monster created a quake which sent the vehicles together.
The vehicles combing Black and Yellow as the legs,Blue and pink as the arms.Red as the chest and head.
Rangers:Treasure Megazord.
The rangers began attacking.With flying kick and uppercut.Then they pulled out their sword and attacked cutting the rocks off.It then sliced him into the air
Ranger:Treasure Drive!
The megazord swung the sword in a circle then pierced threw the rock monster.
Zuteru:This isn't over!
He was then swallowed by a Sea Serpent.
Devin:It looks over to me.
Nico:Same here.
The girls agreed.
Chief:Let's go.
The rangers left.
Task 1 Complete
Happy Birthday to me!

Date: 04/15/14 8:32 PM
From: ranger779

Task 1 Part 6
The rangers looked at Zuteru and then Zuteru sent in more soldiers.
Red:It's time.
The rangers scattered out and attacked the soldiers.
Red:Treasure Spear!
Red summoned a long red spear with 1 blade at the end.
He spun it and cut threw the soldiers.He then changed the end of the spear and had 2 move blades appear 1 on each side he then charged in.
Pink was fighting soldiers in the water.
Pink:Treasure Bow.
A pink bow came and she started shooting under the water hitting her targets then jumping out for the final shots.She then ran out of the water.
Blue was high in the rocks kicking down Soldiers.
Blue:Treasure S.K
A glove came on his hand he started shooting shurikens and hovering he then spun and shurikens flew in all directions.
Yellow:Treasure Scoopers!
she gained giant scoopers and started flinging soldiers away.She then ran in.
Black:Treasure Katana.
Black used his katana to cut threw the soldiers with speed then cut down a boulder crushing them.
To Be Continued...

Date: 04/15/14 5:53 PM
From: ranger779

Task 1 Part 5
Red:The fiery Treasure hunter!Red!
Pink:The Deep treasure hunter!Pink!
Blue:The High up Treasure hunter!Blue!
Yellow:The strong treasure hunter!Yellow!
Black:The fast treasure hunter!Black!
Red:Endless Treasure to collect.
Rangers:Power rangers,Treasure Hunters!
Zuteru:Korganins attack!
The rangers pulled out their blasters and began shooting then charged in.
Red shot 8 down in front of him then did a back flip and changed his blaster into a saber and cut down 8 more.He then kicked one down.
Pink was hiding under the sea and when the soldiers were close enough she jumped out and started cutting them while running.
Blue was ontop of a large rock waiting for them he then started shooting them under him and fell but kept shooting.
Yellow was shooting randomly then she used her blaster as a sword and flung rocks.
Black charged into the solider and started slicing them swiftly and fast.
The rangers came back together.
Zuteru:Not done yet.
To be Continued...

Date: 04/13/14 8:06 PM
From: Ranger779

Task 1 Part 4
Scott:Treasure Hunters!We have a new task.
Scott:We're going back to the area we got King Krogan's box from.
Lana:I love adventures.
Olivia:To the hangar?
The rangers went to the hangar and got in their vehicles.
Soon the ranges were there and saw the army.
They go out of their vehicles and walked to him.
Olivia:Who are you?
??:I am Zuteru.King Kogan's loyal adviser an top leader!
Devin:And...what do you want?
Zuteru:King Kogan's Box back!
Nico:Do you know how much damage was caused?!
Zuteru:Either give it to use...or perish.
Lana:Nah!We're going to take you down!
Scott:Then moved up.Call each other by our code names.
The rangers then pulled out phones.
Ranger:Treasure Cell!Power up!
The rangers pressed a button and holograms of their vehicles came from behind and make their armor all the way up to their neck then the front of the vehicles became helmets and the rangers put it on.
To Be Continued...

Date: 04/12/14 9:11 PM
From: ranger779

Task 1 Part 3
Devin was sitting on a chair near the bookshelves on his Ipad looking at data.Nico then walked over.
Nico:What are you doing?
Devin closed the Ipad and grabbed a cookie.
Devin:Not telling.
Nico:So you still don't trust me..
Meanwhile Lana was exploring and about to touch a rare pot from an ancient Indian tribe.
Olivia:Don't touch that!
Lana dropped it but Olivia managed to grab it.
Olivia looked frustrated.
Olivia:Just.don't touch anything.
Meanwhile Scott had shown the creator of the treasure hunting gear and the Treasure Hunting Foundation or THF.
Scott:Huroku.I need you to have a look at this.
Huroku:Ah King Kogan's box.I'll let you know what I find.Wait something isn't right.
Scott looked at a screen and saw the areas they had found king kogan's box had rose and had a man in white with a staff in his hand and an army.
Scott:Is that-
Huroku:Yes,Send your team in to see what he wants.
To Be Continued...

Date: 04/12/14 6:34 PM
From: ranger779

Um The silver ranger wanted to be the Gold rangers' sister other then that it's cool.But I'm not so sure about the prodigy thing.

Date: 04/05/14 8:42 PM
From: nashka

O i wasn't able to be on for a while and i just finally got on and saw some mistakes since i made both bios at the same time i made so i would like to be able to fix them i will post what i wanna change it 2 your decision if you say yes or no

Name: Nico
Color: Black
Looks: Black hair, eyes that change color, hispanic skim
Weapon: Treasure blaster, Treasure Katana
Clothes: Black and White treasure jacket, Black and cargo's
Cvilian Outfit: Black handgrips, gold sleeveless shirt, Black leather jacket, long black cargos, Black and gold shoes, black snapback
Personality:Arrogant, Brave, Smartest, Prodigy at everything he does
Crush: Yellow
Vehicle:Rove Ranger

Name: Carter The Power" Omega B.
Color: Gold
Weapon: Treasure blaster, Treasure Mace
Clothes: Gold and White treasure jacket, Black cargo's
Attack: Turbo Runover
Looks: 6'4", Red bone, muscles skin and scars
Civilian Outfit: :Gold Shades, Hand grips, fitted gold shirt without sleeves, black cargo's shorts, black and gold shoes
Personality: Shy, Strong, smart, tough
Crush: Silver
Vehicle: Lightning Cycle


Date: 04/05/14 6:12 PM
From: Ranger779

Task 1 Part 2
Nico and Lana barley made it to the surface and when they did the Blue ranger came in his Jet.
Blue:Need a lift?
Lana was relived.Blue sent down a rope ladder and waited for them to climb it.
Black:Now is not the time for a snack.
Blue:Suit yourself,black.
Blue piloted his jet to their base.
Meanwhile,underwater a hand came out from underneath the cavern.
The 3 landed in a Hangar and docking bay.
They demorped then went into an elevator.
Red and Pink then appeared.
Red:Follow me.
Lana looked around and was enjoying the technology in there.
Olivia:Don't touch anything.
Red lead them to a room with books a few seats and technology.
Red:Good work Lana,Nico.
Nico:Now you call me by my name..
Red:We're not on a mission.So call me Scott and Blue Devin.Now I'm going to have Huroku Examine this.
Scott then left.Everyone went to do something else.
To Be Continued...

Date: 04/02/14 5:57 PM
From: Ranger779

Task:1 New beginnings.
Treasure Hunters have been around for centuries collect artifacts for different reasons.Now today a group of 3 Treasure hunters initiate 2 more members.
The pink ranger was in her submarine with Rangers Black and Yellow.
Chief:Alright,Black and Yellow your task is to find the King Kogan's Box. in the underground caves.
Black:Don't call me a color!My name is Nico.Does he always do this,Olivia?
Pink:In a mission our code names are our colors.I'm Pink,Chief's Red,Your black,deal with it.
Blue:You really don't wanna mess with Pink.
Yellow:Calm down guys,it's his first time,he isn't use to this yet.
Black:Tch.Let's just get this started.
Red:Pink,Send Black and Yellow in.
Nico and the Lana the Yellow ranger went into a cavern.
Nico found a light with a box sitting on a pole.
Lana:This looks like it.
Nico grabbed it.But when he did the cavern started shaking.
The cavern began sinking.
To Be Continued...

Date: 03/28/14 8:36 PM
From: ranger779

I'm starting the story on Saturday March 29 but here's a little taste of episode 1
The pink ranger was in her submarine with Rangers Black and Yellow.
Chief:Alright,Black your task is to find the treasure in the underground caves,Yellow will help you.
Black:Don't call me a color!My name is Nico.Does he always do this,Olivia?
Pink:In a mission our code names are our colors.I'm Pink,Chief's Red,Your black,deal with it.
Blue:You really don't wanna mess with Pink.
Yellow:Calm down guys,it's his first time,he isn't use to this yet.
Black:Tch.Let's just get this started.
Red:Pink,Send Black and Yellow in.
Find out what happens when the series debuts.

Date: 03/25/14 7:53 PM
From: Tremma726

I just wanted to let u know that which ever one u decide to be pink, I respect ur decision. I just HOPE its it's me!!!

Date: 03/25/14 7:25 PM
From: ranger779

But I want to use try something a little interesting with Pink and I don't want the sister thing.

Date: 03/25/14 1:59 PM
From: Ranger779

weapons:Treasure Blaster,Treasure Shuriken Knuckle (it's this glove like device that can shoot out shurikens and allow the user to hover if used right.)
Looks:Brown hair,Blue eyes,white skin.
Clothes:Blue and White treasure jacket,Black jeans,White shirt underneath.Blue boots.
Clothes:Blue shirt,white hoodie,Black jeans,Green and blue sneakers.
Personality:Light hearted,Childish,Smart,tech expert,like teasing people sometimes,funny.
relationship:Like play-fully annoying the black ranger,Good friends with everyone else except when he pranks them.
crush:No one.

Date: 03/25/14 9:30 AM
From: Ranger779

Here's who we have so far
Pink:Still deciding
Blue:No one.
I'm having a hard time deciding the pink one
It's between Lia or Olivia.

Date: 03/24/14 9:47 PM
From: ranger779

Date: 03/24/14 4:01 PM
From: lola408

Name: Lana
Color: Yellow
weapons:Treasure Blaster, Treasure Scoopers
Looks: 5'6, black hair to her shoulders, petite figure, thigh gap, light skin complexion.
Clothes: Treasure Jacket (In Yellow), tan pleated skirt, and light brown boots
Civilian clothes: Fuzzy Sweater in ivory, tan short-shorts, black knee high socks, and medium brown suede wedged ankle boots.
Personality: Peppy, loud, fun, sweet, girly, bubbly, silly, kind, can be bossy, likes foods, guilted easily, childish, energetic, empathetic, sympathetic, has a naturally flirtatious personality.
Relationship: Always clings onto Black slightly, likes talking to Pink, thinks Silver and Blue are nice and enjoys being around them.
Crush: Black
~lola408 <3
A bio posted for Yellow.


Date: 03/24/14 9:20 PM
From: nashka

Relationship for black is Best friends with gold and hates red