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Bionic Rangers Ultra

Date: 03/27/14 10:50 PM
From: nashka

Kids are recruited to save the world from an invasion from an invasion(havent decided what invades yet)
Colors: Black, Red, Yellow, Pink, White, Green, Crimson
Name: Luka
Age: 16
Color: Blue
Bionics: Super Strength, Super Durability, Blast Wave, Lighting Manipulation, All Martial Arts(Everyone knows a type)
Weapon: throwing knives and sword
Attack: Lightning Blast Bite
Personality: Shy, loyal, tries to handle things alone
Looks: Black hair, hazel eyes, Black handgrips, blue sleeveless shirt, Black leather jackets, long black cargos, Black and blue shoes, black snapback
Armor: Smart cloth, No metal, Sheaths for swords, and daggers
Secret: He is an orphan
Vehicle: Motorcycle
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Date: 07/15/14 3:02 PM
From: Emilyfun13

It's AWESOME!!!!!! Please continue!!!!!!!!!!!



Date: 07/14/14 5:47 PM
From: nashka

"Thats true enough" Dr. Hartford says. "But I cant decide if you will do it. Take these morphers home to decide if you will want to save this world. To Leon the Bionic Black Wolf wild Force Morpher, To Samantha: Bionic Crimson Mercury O.O. Morpher, To Mikey, the Bionic White Cyclone Ninja Morpher, to Lindsey, the Bionic Yellow Lost Galaxy Morpher, To Jacki The Bionic Blue Dino Morpher, to Nat the Bionic Red Mystic Morpher, To Twilight, the Bionic Pink Lightspeed Rescue Morpher, aND TO Ryan, the Bionic Green SPD Morpher."
"Umm what if we decide to not fight?" Twilight asks.
"Well then you can return the morpher but Take these home to decide what you decide." With that The were whisked back to the park.

Date: 06/22/14 9:51 PM
From: powerinyel

Good, keep going! Also, update Arctic Force :P

Date: 06/22/14 8:54 PM
From: nashka

"So why us?" Sam says. "They're plenty of other people who could handle this job better than us."
"Good question" Tommy states." There maybe better candidates in skill, but none in heart. Now with that lets be on our way to the base." He pulls out a teleportation device.
"What ba-" Mikey tries to say but is cut off as Tommy presses the teleportation button.
"They are taken to the base where Dr. Hartford is waiting.
"Ahh our young heroes have arrived. I am Dr. Hartford" He says.
"This man is the one who have chosen you to save the world." Tommy says.

Date: 06/12/14 5:40 AM
From: nashka

He steps out of the shadows. Tommy stares at him wide eyed while he stands smugly. Tommy regains his composure in an instant.
"You Kimberly's boy?" Tommy asks.
He only nods. "The name is Nat."
"Well now that everyone is here we can get the show on the road." Sam says.
"Right, I've come here to recruit you." Tommy says.
"Recruit as in train us?" Mikey said.
"Exactly, though you will have it a little easier than others." Tommy said.
"And how would that be?"Leon questions.
"You will have enhancements like no others." Tommy explains.
"What do you mean?" Twilight asks.
Tommy pulls out a Briefcase from the tree branches and opens it. There were each different morphers for everyone.
"These are the tricked out version of past rangers morphers." Tommy says.

Date: 06/09/14 11:28 PM
From: nashka

another update tomorrow

Date: 06/05/14 2:53 PM
From: nashka

"Well I've called you here to save your world" Tommy says.
"First things first, what is your name?" Twilioght asks.
"My name, my name is Tommy Oliver." Tommy says
"I bet the government has already taken care of it." Ryan says.
"Unfortunately this is not the case" Tommy says. "And you are the only ones who can remedy this."
"What is such a threat that not even the governmant can fix." Lindsey asks.
"A threat from another world." Someone says.
"Who's there?" Tommy says.

Date: 06/05/14 2:35 PM
From: jwalb2001

Name: Josh
Age: 13
Color: Crimson
Bionics: Super Speed, Super Hearing, Super Smarts, and Super Building( Super building is when I use my super speed and smarts to build things in miliseconds)
Weapons: things I build using my super building
Personality: Baseball player, cool team player, popular
Looks: Dirty blond fohawk, muscular, tall, handsome
Secret: He used to be the protege of the head villain
Vehicle: Hover board

Date: 06/05/14 11:09 AM
From: mprs23

defend him
I'm save him because he his a orphan

Date: 05/23/14 9:23 PM
From: powerinyel

Awesome! Keep going.

Date: 05/22/14 5:46 PM
From: nashka

The animals have a note. it said be at the pond in the park at 6:30 the world depends on it.
They walked into the park confused.
"Hey Mikey." Lindsey says.
He waves but doesn't even look at her. Him and Ryan are staring at each other in awe. Lindsey sees this and comes in the middle of them. Which one of you is mikey. Niether responds. Finally mikey says " Mom has a lot of explaining to do."
The other one says "Yes she does. By the way im Ryan."
"Hi Ryan and Mikey you never told me you had a brother." Lindsey says.
" I didn't even know." Mikey says.
Twilight walks up and says hi.
"Hi Twilight" Lindsey says.
"Hey" Mikey and Ryan says simultaneously.
Sam and Leon walk hand in hand. "Hey" they say simultaneously.
"Hey guys" Twilight says.
they hear a rustle in the tree and look up.They flinch as Tommy flips down to the ground.
"Hello finally you are all here." He says.
"Woah bro, you startled us." Leon says.
"Sorry not my intention" Tommy says
"It's alright, why did you call us here. Like you said the world depends on it

Date: 05/18/14 12:58 AM
From: nashka

yes you can make a character if you want but the others will decide to include you or not and ima continue the story cause im finally able to concentrate post should b e up tommorrow and ima update as much as i can.

Date: 05/09/14 5:18 PM
From: Tremma726

hey nashka the titan plane post is gone, again. I would make another post 4 it but I wanted ur permission before I do so. just to let u know

Date: 05/07/14 11:27 AM
From: munmunmun

So, I can make a ranger?

Date: 05/02/14 4:09 PM
From: powerinyel

Um I'm not sure what you mean by "couples list" but I think it might be something like who likes who? If so this is what I came up with using a random generator.

Sam and Leon
Jacki and Nat
Lindsey and Mikey

Can't wait for you to continue the story! Btw, if Railrider8 doesn't update Arctic Force by Sunday, you can continue.


Date: 04/30/14 10:39 PM
From: nashka

Andrew had given tommy instructions to follow 8 kids with a special qualities. He dropped a different miny statute of animals on front of them using lightning speed. Ryan at the orpjanage, Twilight in her hospital locker. Jacki at the library, Nat at the gym, Lindsey at her desk, mikey at the go-kart track, Leon at the dojo, and Samantha at the vonlenteering sign up.

Date: 04/29/14 8:26 PM
From: nashka

can someone please make a couple or whatever its called list

Date: 04/29/14 6:41 PM
From: nashka

um sure and what charlie and i i got a story

Date: 04/29/14 10:15 AM
From: munmunmun

Can I make a ranger? I don't care which one if I can. pls let me I have great ideas.

Date: 04/28/14 8:00 PM
From: Allypop03

I got to go to bed!! See you tommorow, charlie.