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Date: 04/03/14 12:32 AM
From: powerinyel

Okay here we go guys!!!!
Part 1- Unreal
A girl is in what seems to be a training facility and is practicing what looks to be a type of martial arts. She he slashing at the air with a long blade and is showing off her flexibility by doing many flips and rolls.
Old Lady: Good Samantha! I believe your ready to see what this gadget holds.
Sam: I hoped you would say that. Let's get the show on the road mentor!
Mentor: Alright. Here it is, the FBI Activation tooth. Place it on your ear and follow what I say.
Mentor placed a small ear piece that looked like a blue tooth in Sam's hand. Sam placed the ear piece in her ear and nodded in satisfaction.
Mentor: Alright. Repeat after me. Power Rangers FBI! Activate!!!!
Sam repeated what mentor said and pressed the gadget. All of a sudden the room filled with a bright light. When it cleared Sam was dressed in a Black FBI tux, a yellow dress shirt, yellow and black boots, Black gloves, and a Black and yellow helmet that looked like it had a commander's head set.
Sam: Woah.......
She unleashed her two swords from her back and twirled them.
Sam: I could get use to this.....
Mentor: Very well. Soon your team of teenagers will make an appearance, you are more then ready to lead this.
Sam: Are you sure? I would rather do this solo.......
Mentor: I am positive. You will need these people. I assure you, you cannot do this alone.
Sam sighed and nodded slowly.
Sam: Okay. I'll give it a try. But hear me out, I will not allow them to hold me back.
Mentor: Watch your words Sam. For it may very well be the opposite.
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Date: 08/14/14 7:34 PM
From: roblojaxx

clap clap clap

Date: 08/04/14 5:18 PM
From: powerinyel

Does someone wanna write the next part for me? I can't seem to write this for the life of me!

Date: 07/27/14 8:11 PM
From: powerinyel

I'll be updating soon!

Date: 07/18/14 10:21 PM
From: powerinyel

Part 22:
Sam rolled to her side, rubbing her back. As L stood laughing, the rest of Sam's team flipped in through the entrance, (Excluding Ezzy, Paige and Mentor)
Drake: Step away from our leader.
L: Ooooh the rainbow Alphas!
Ella: He doesn't look so tough, we can handle this!
L: Your calling me weak?!
He raised his hand to Sam, and she slowly was lifted off the ground, gasping for air.
Ralph: Leave Sam alone!
Ralph got frustrated and started to charge, but L held his hand out and belted in anger.
L: Come no closer, or I will grip her tighter.
Sam's face turned red, as she coughed for air.
Jackson: Okay! We brought the stone.
L: Excellent! Give it to Greenie and let him bring it to me.
Kameron took the stone from Jackson and slowly walked towards L. As Kam approached, L raised his other hand to Kam, and he gripped his neck, gasping for air. The stone flew from his hands and L grabbed it. Before he disappeared, he laughed. Kam and Sam both fell to their knees, coughing for air.

Date: 07/17/14 2:50 PM
From: Emilyfun13

Please write more!!!!



Date: 07/14/14 4:45 PM
From: powerinyel

Hopefully I'll update tomorrow!

Date: 07/11/14 2:23 AM
From: powerinyel

Part 21:
Mentor explained how during the entire call, she had set the speakers to tracker, and it had picked up it's location using satellite.
Mikey: Woah!!! That's awesome!!!
Ralph: I agree. Smart thinking Mentor!
Mentor: Heh, this body may be old but my mind works like a new.
Drake: We should roll out, we can't waist a second!
Ella: Wait, Paige and Ezzy is in no condition to go out, they should stay behind.
Jackson: El is right, you guys should rest, we'll call if needed.
Paige and Ezzy nodded slightly, then turned and walked to their bunks as the rest went to their vehicles and went out.
As Sam sat against a stone pillar, tied tightly, she hoped her team was smart enough to not bring the Redstone. She thought to herself, "I'm just a girl. Anybody can be leader, I'm not that important!" She had been training to sacrifice her life for the world, the world depended on that stone.
L: Well, time to have some fun.
Sam: How is that possible, I'm timed up!
L: He he he. Watch and see!
He held out his hand, and all of a sudden Sam was pinned tighter against the pillar. The chains sank, and she was lifted off the ground, gasping for air.
L: He he he! I love this job!
Finally he swung his arm to the side, and Sam went hurtling towards the stone wall.

Date: 07/09/14 2:06 PM
From: pinksamura

it is still my favorite story of all love it keep going you are the best

Date: 07/09/14 12:42 AM
From: powerinyel

Part 20:
The power was out, all the rangers scrambling in the dark. Finally a bright green light shimmered and a static figure appeared on the west wall.
???: Hello there. My name is Master Equinox L. I have your beloved leader, and I will not give her back until I get what I want. Send me the Alpha Redstone and I will give Yellow here back in return.
Sam: No! Mentor don't do it!
L turned to Sam and elbowed her in the stomach, she crumbled over, holding her stomach.
Mentor: Leave Sam alone!
Mentor screamed out. Silence fell through the call as she thought. Finally she answered.
Mentor: Call back in 1/2 hour, then your offer shall be accepted or denied. Until then, do not lay a single hair on her. Agreed?
L: Agreed.
The call ended and the lights flickered back on. All rangers looked at each other, wide-eyed.
Jackson: What are we gonna do? 2 of us are hurt, what can we do?
Ralph: We got to get Sam back.
Drake: But we can't give up the Redstone, it would end our powers!
Mentor: We'll get Sam back without giving up the redstone. I have traced the call.
She replied smirking.

Date: 07/08/14 5:43 AM

omg! how i love your fanfic!!!

Date: 07/07/14 11:13 PM
From: powerinyel

Hey Alpha fans! You should go check out my new fanfic Power Rangers Hero League. But I'll still be updating this one. Thanks again!
Part 19:
Sam stood frozen and cold, staring at the glowing eyes that were repelling back at her. She felt the tips of his claws touch her chin, trembles shook down her back. Then in a jolt, the monster pushed her, throwing her back a couple feet. She winced softly as she lifted her self from the ground.
???: I guess now I will introduce myself. My name is Master Equinox L. And I will be feeding you to my new machine
Sam: Great name for a machine....
Sam said sarcastically.
The other rangers gathered at base and were explaining what happened.
Ralph: Why are we standing here when we should be out looking for her!
Ezzy: Ralph calm down. We're all worried, but we can't go out without any clue of what we're looking for.
Mentor: Ezzy's right, we need to at least investigate. Ella, can you take them to where you guys disappeared?
Ella: Sure! Lets-
She was interrupted by a loud jolt and all of a sudden everything went black.

Date: 07/05/14 2:53 AM
From: powerinyel

Thanks all my Alpha fans! I'll be updating soon!

Date: 07/04/14 3:44 PM
From: Emilyfun13




Date: 07/04/14 12:10 PM
From: pinksamura

i am just waiting here for you to write some more again and also you are the best writer i know

Date: 07/01/14 6:14 PM
From: powerinyel

Part 18:
Sam woke up and looked around, she was in a damp dark cave, and she felt cold. She got up slowly and explored the cave, wondering how she got there and where Ella was. Finally she started calling out.
Sam: Ella? Ella where are you!
???: Far gone now, she has been returned to your cruel world, now we have who we wanted.
Sam turned with a jolt and she faced a dark figure that looked like it was steaming, it had weird claws hanging from it's hands and it's head was covered by a hood.
Sam: What do you want?!
???: You, Alpha yellow.
It replied as it raised its claws, touching the tips of them under Sam's chin
Drake: So let me get this straight, He only kidnapped you for Sam?
Ella: Thats what he said! He grabbed me and drug me away from Sam who was knocked out on the ground, then a small portal opened and he said "Thank you for your help, I have your leader now so say goodbye" then threw me into the portal!
Jackson: And you landed on the hood of our car?
Ella: I guess it sounds a little weird when you put it that way but yeah!
Ralph: I don't care where she landed, all I care about is her being here and getting Sam back.

Date: 06/29/14 7:33 PM
From: powerinyel

I've been very busy lately, don't know when I'll get the chance to update but when until then, Naska or Nbachamp would you update?

Date: 06/29/14 12:13 PM
From: pinksamura

hello anyone there

Date: 06/25/14 2:22 PM
From: pinksamura

are you going to write some more yet

Date: 06/24/14 10:31 PM
From: powerinyel

Part 17:
Drake: EL!
Drake took off back down the hill, followed by Jackson. Ralph helped Paige into the car, and told Mikey to get her back to base while he helped the others. As Mikey drove away, Ralph pressed his blue tooth.
Ralph: Gladie, reach Alpha Yellow for me.
Gladie: Ten4 Alpha Black. Directing call now.
The line rang and rang, but nothing picked up.
Gladie: It appears there is no answer. Should I launch a GPS?
Ralph: Yes please, then summon the map in my visor please.
Gladie: Ten4. GPS coordinating. Coordinates confirmed. Follow the glowing yellow passway.
Ralph: Thanks Gladie!
With that, Ralph took off the opposite way of where Jackson and Drake had gone, Following the glowing trail.
Ralph: Black Alpha Bike! Summon!
Ralph sprinted to the ledge of a small cliff, then dove off of it, grabbing a black crotchrocket's handles and he pulled himself on, then sped down a small gravel trail. Soon he saw a red ex in his visor, so he stopped and got off his bike, then started looking around. Finally he spotted two small glowing devices on a rock. He quickly approached them and he realized they were Ella's and Sam's Alpha blue tooth morphers. He pressed his blue tooth and called Drake who put him on speaker so Jackson could hear.
Ralph: Ella and Sam...... They're gone.

Date: 06/22/14 2:24 PM
From: pinksamura

i can't wait for part 17 so amazing