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Date: 04/21/14 4:05 PM
From: powerinyel

Logan was leaning back with his feet on the dashboard of the console. There was a book labeled electronics of the future on his face. The computer part of the console started an alarm when the gps noticed a disturbance. Logan got up wide eyed and wiped his eyes. Then he looked at the console.
"What the-" Logan said.
He hit the alarm so the leader and commander would come. They came swiftly. Dante looked at the computer.
"Don't worry I got this." Dante said. He smirked and took off.
"Ugh what are we gonna do with him." Samantha(Sam) said. She giggled a little.
"Remind me why did Tommy make him commander before he left on another mission." Logan asked.
"Because even though he is unorthodox, he gets the job done." Sam sighed.
"Yea but you can stop him, your the leader." Logan said. "Though I doubt he'll listen."
"So true, anyway lets go help him." Sam sighed.
"Ugh alright" Logan said. He got up off his chair and they went to the hangar. They got on there snow mobiles and drove to the disturbance spot. When they got there they saw Dante fighting with someone. Dante was knocked back to them by a blast from his opponent. They got off there snow mobiles and ran towards him.
"That dudes tough." Dante groaned.
"Aww my sweet daughter Samantha." The stranger said. "Have you been along with this man whole time. I never would've believed you to be a traitor."
"Dad, how did you get out, and if fighting for the righteous side is being a traitor I'm glad." Sam said.
"Well we will meet at another day your partner has already tasted my power. well will see how you fair later."
A blizzard started and he vanished.
"Umm Sam, who was that?" Logan asked.
"Ohh that, he's the reason why Tommy recruited us. He is Lord Vortonix, also known as my father." Sam said coldly.
"Well we can talk about this later. I don't know about you two but I'm ready to go back to base." Dane said. He got up and so did they. They got on there snowmobiles and drove back in silence.When they got there the saw a strange robot in the command center. It was moving with Logan's weapons that he made."
"No no no." Logan said. "Don't touch my stuff." He grabbed everything out of its hand and put them back on the shelf.
"Umm who are you" Sam asked.
"I'm Alpha, Tommy took me once the Turbo rangers were finished to help the next batch when it was time." It said.
"Time for what."
A panel slid from Alpha's belly. It contained six wrist morphers. They were different colors and had a different symbol though the shape was the same.
"Time for the next power rangers of course." Alpha said.
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Date: 07/24/14 3:07 PM
From: powerinyel

Maybe you should update then I'll write off of that.

Date: 07/24/14 1:12 AM
From: nashka

is anyone going to update

Date: 07/05/14 4:00 PM
From: nashka

He walked back down to Sam but didn't see her. He heard her shout from down the hall. He ran down to see her behind some gates. He say her struggling with three of her dads minions. He pounded on the door gate until it bent and he kicked it down. The second he was in one of them came after him. He fought it and defeated it. When he looked back at Sam, she had finished the other two. Sam pointed behind me. I looked and there were about ten more of them. At first it was very difficult. Sam was fighting her own way and so was I, But like that we couldn't defeat them all with no actual life experience.
"Dante we have to work together on to defeat them." Sam said.
"Really, I think we're doing just fine." Dante says.
"Dante just do as I say, please." Sam says.
"Fine" Dante mutters.
They started to fight as one and defeated them. They collapsed to catch their breaths.
"So do you wanna go back up?" Sam asks.
"Naw, we came down here to do something and we shouldn't stop just for a few inconveniences." Dante Said.
Sam smiled "Yea i guess so."
Dante stood up and help an arm out to Sam. "Come on lets go have some fun."
She takes his hand and hey walk out to go have some fun. First they went and explored the streets and saw shops and street vendors. They walks up to one and asked for some drinks. They both got pina colada. Then they saw a fair going on so they went. They rode rides, took pictures at a photo booth and got things to eat.
"Dante, don't you think we should go home, its been four hours since we left Logan." Sam said her mouth full of cotton candy.
He looked at her and saw her smiling and realized he was smiling too." First what is your favorite animal?"
Almost immediately she said "wolf".
"Okay then I will win you that wolf right there. Come on, then we can leave." He said.
You don't have to." Sam said
"I know, but i want to." Dante said.
The walked over to the booth. "Hey how can i win that wolf over there." Dante asked.
"Knock down those three pins with three hacky sacks. With the charge of one dollar of course." The booths manager said.
"Okay let me give it a go." Dante slammed a dollar on the counter.
The booths manager handed him the hacky sacks. Dante played with it in his hand to see how much force he would need to throw it and knock it down for a while.
"Hey are you just gonna play with-" The manager was cut off by Dante's rapid attack at the pins.
"Well I'll be." He said. "Here is your prize, the toughest wolf of them all, an Arctic Wolf."
He handed it to Dante who in turn handed it to Sam as they walked away.
"Thanks for that here have some cotton candy." Sam says.
He takes some and they walk back home. When they walk into the room they see many electronics. They look in the living room to see Logan playing video games with Gemma.
"Hey guys" Sam says.
Logan and Gemma look back to see Dante and Sam.
"Hey guys This is-"
"Yeah we know who she is e bumped into her earlier." Dante's eyes narrowed.
"Dante did you apologize to her like i told you to." Sam whispered.
"I went and tried to but couldn't find her. I even asked someone who works here but they said they had no record of a girl named Gemma." Dante whispered. "Umm Gemma i wen t looking for you earlier but i couldn't find you."
"Ohh that If you asked someone they wouldn't be able to find me cause Gemma is only my nickname, My actual name is Gemina." She said.
"oh That makes sense, so what game are y'all playing." Sam said.
"Oh just assassins Creed, the first one though." Logan said.
"Yeah, but i should go home now, but i'l come back tomorrow." Gemma said. "I promise."
"Okay bye, cant wait to see you tomorrow." Logan said.
She smiled back at him and left the room. Logan went back to his game.

Date: 07/04/14 4:27 PM
From: powerinyel

Sure go ahead!

Date: 07/03/14 5:06 PM
From: jk84

Can I update next?



Date: 06/29/14 7:32 PM
From: powerinyel

They don't update on saturdays.

Date: 06/29/14 11:13 AM
From: jk84

I tried to update earlier, but nick didn't put it up.

Date: 06/26/14 6:30 PM
From: powerinyel

Sam crossed her arms and looked the opposite way from Dante the entire ride down. Dante just smirked to himself and sighed. "Okay fine. I'll go talk to her!" He finally confessed. "Good. It will do you good to get a social life, other then your pet fish who swims away from you." Sam said sternly. "Hey watch it! Bubbles was eating!" Dante replied. Sam just laughed and got off at the 1st floor, then Dante pressed the 4th floor button and he went back up.
As Sam walked down the hall way, she realized it was as huge as a mall. She gazed around at the computer lab, the pool, the gym, and the library. Then at the end she saw a room that stuck out like a sore thumb. It had steel gates like you would find at a cemetery and it was dark all the way inside. Sam couldn't help but feel suspicious, so she walked towards it and entered. After a few steps in she heard a loud screech, she jerked around only to see the gates close with a loud thunk.
Upstairs, Dante walked the hall and stopped to ask a bell boy if he had seen Gemma. The bell boy shook is head and said he hadn't known there was a girl inlisted with that name. He walked to a copy room and picked up the phone, and called the office. They said they had no record of the girl.

Date: 06/25/14 6:16 PM
From: powerinyel

Awesome! I'll update tomorrow.

Date: 06/25/14 12:33 AM
From: nashka

"This is so sweet" Logan says. "Loralie, is there any chance I can see a room service menu?"
"Of course, Master Logan." Loralie pulls out a menu. As DFante tries to walk out Loralie stops him. "You three need top fill out this form for school. Pick your classes and pick a last name. we have put in 11th grade." She passes them out. "These must be filled an dreturned to me by tommorow."
"I got it Miss L, now ima check this place out." Dante says.
""Yeah that's a good idea to see our new surroundings, wait up Dante I'll come along." Sam said.
"Sure, why not" Dante grunted.
Sam flashed a smile at him. "Logan you wanna come too?" She asked.
"Naw I'm good." He said looking at the menu.
Dante and Sam went out into the hall and bumped into a girl.
"Oh sorry" Sam says. "We didnt see you there." she got up.
"Its alright it wasn't your fault." she says. Sam helps her get up.
"I'm Sam" Sam says.
"I'm Gemma" She says.
"And the dude is Dante" Sam says and them whispers" he oesn't talk much."
"Ohh, alright. Hi Sam, Hi Dante."Gemma says.
Dante grunts and walks down to the elavator.
"Sorry about that he's in a bit of a rush." Sam says.
"It's alright." Gemma says.
"Well see you later gotta go." Sam jogs after Dante.
"Alright later." Gemma shouts.
When Sam catches Dante in the elavator she punches him in the arm.
Oww, what was that for?" He asks.
"How can you be so insensitive. We knocked her down and you didn't even have the decency to say sorry." Sam yells.
Dante just grunts and jumps out of the way before he gets punched again.

I stopped like that so you can decide what to do


Date: 06/18/14 10:23 PM
From: powerinyel

@nashka, if @railrider8 doesn't update by Friday, you go ahead and write the next part.

Date: 06/14/14 11:24 AM
From: railrider8

I'll try.

Date: 06/12/14 11:19 PM
From: powerinyel

Glad you like it! Hey railrider8, you should pick up the story!

Date: 06/11/14 1:29 PM
From: railrider8

Logan gets a corvette, Sweet!

Date: 06/10/14 3:39 PM
From: powerinyel

Sam stood in astonishment with her eyes wide and her jaws clenched. Dante and Logan jumped and celebrated, then gave each other high-fives. "Whoo!!! Good bye Arctic! Yellow sunny Cally!" Logan chanted as he lifted his head as if praying. "I guess I don't fit in...." Sam mumbled to herself before walking back to her room, where she changed. She came out in Dark denim shorts and and a yellow, orange and black sleeveless plaid. She wore yellow and white high tops and a sun cap. "Much better." Miss Johnson admitted."The agency has rented you guys a pent house, which is where you 3 will be living while your in Cally. Take these." She said as she handed them blue tooths. A yellow one of Sam, Black one for Dante and Orange for Logan. "These we will use to contact you if there happens to be a mission. You will use these series of vehicles to transport yourselves." As Miss Johnson explained, a panel opened which was activated, moving a garage door up. Inside was a black Camaro, a yellow Mustang GT with black pinstipes, and a orange Corvette. There were also 3 crotchrocket motorcycles, each the color Yellow, Black and Orange.
"Good luck rangers. We will indeed be in touch." With a smirk, Miss Johnson waved and the floor beneath the rangers opened, and they were sent into a free fall. Sam hit the vent first, then the others followed. They slid down the vents with series of turns and drops, but finally they landed in a huge room. A lady turned and laughed. "Welcome rangers, I am your maid Loralie and this is your penthouse!"

Date: 06/09/14 11:25 PM
From: nashka

Want me to write the next part

Date: 05/25/14 1:15 AM
From: nashka

Ms. Johnson called to them. They walked back to window.
"Both of you get down here." Ms Johnson screamed.
They walked down to the courtyard.
"Logan get put the bookbag down you have to train also. Dante come show them how its down." Ms. Johnson said.
"Sure" Dante chucked. "What you want me to do?"
"25 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 50 Chin-ups." She said.
Dante nodded and started. He started with 6 finger pushups. When he finishes he did normal sit-ups. once that was over he moved to chin-ups. he grabbed onto the pull up bar and pulled himnslef 10 times and turned around.
"Now for a real work out" he laughed. He backed up and grabbed the pull up bar from the back. he lifted himself halfway and formed and L with his legs. He did the final 15 like this and flipped off the bar.
"And that how its done. " He chucked.
"good now yopu know what to do you may start, just you don't have to do it so fancy until tommorow." Ms. Johnson said. "As for you Dante do 200 hundred push-ups for showing off."
he grunted and did then in 10 mintues flat.
Well if you will excuse me, I'll be taking a shower for school. It time we get out of these training auits." Dante said.
He was waved off. He walked back upstairs as the other two trained. He went in an sighed. He could hear they grunts from the courtyard. He truned the water on and sighed. He stood thinking what would school be like. He hadn't been there for a decade and 2 years. And before he had been bullied. now he was happy he could do something aboutit. HE finished and got out. When he came he was dressed in long Cargo's, graphic snapbacks, shades, custom watch, wears graphic tee's, Custom Headphones and Basketball shoes. he say the others ready also. Loga was out of the training suit and wearing orange, light blue, and white t-shirt, white cargo pants, orange, light blue, and white high tops. Samantha was wearing yellow shirt with black thermal jacket, dark denim jeans, yellow and black fur boots and a white fur coat. Ms. Johnson was wearing a suit.
"Samantha take of that coat you won't need it where your going." Ms. Johnson said.
"Where are we going?" Sam said as she took off her coat.
"You are going to Califronia" Ms' Johnson said.

Date: 05/23/14 9:32 PM
From: powerinyel

Early Monday morning, Sam sat in the training hall doing a series of sit ups, push ups and chin ups. Logan drug in a backpack into the kitchen where Dante was sitting with a cup of coffee while reading the daily news paper. "Why are you reading so early?" He asked as he sat the pack down on the table. Dante glanced up at the microwave clock that read 4:57. "I don't know. Why don't you ask why Sam trains this early and why you have..... That thing." Dante replied back as he took a sip of coffee and went back to reading. "This 'thing' is my school supply. It holds my laptop, my calculator, my other calculator, my tablets and my special multi utensil." Logan explained as he took a granola bar from the pantry and sat down next to him. Dante rolled his eyes and continued reading until a sound like nails on a chalk board filled their ears. "YOUR NOT TRAINING HARD ENOUGH!" Mrs. Johnson yelled from the training hall. Dante and Logan exchanged glances before getting up and hurrying to the window. "I'm only doing chin ups!" Sam yelled back, holding herself above the bar. Mrs. Johnson pushed her palm into Sam's forehead making her loose grip and fall onto her back. She moaned softly as she got up. "You need better grip. Keep training until 6:30, that's when you all head off for school." Sam nodded as she grabbed onto the bar again and started doing overly perfect chin ups. Dante sighed as he walked back into the kitchen and went back to reading. "Today is going to be a looooong day." Logan said. Dante nodded in agreement.

Date: 05/21/14 6:06 PM
From: railrider8

Please tell me Logan will bring some kind of tech with him.

Date: 05/18/14 4:03 PM
From: powerinyel

Oh my....... Good lol! I'll continue tomorrow.