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Power Rangers Master Warriors

Date: 04/21/14 9:49 PM

OK guys, this is hopefully my FIRST successful fanfiction, so here is the tryouts for POWER RANGERS MASTER WARRIORS

Commander: Green Ranger/NBACHAMP/Kameron

OK, here how you enter:

Name: Kameron
Color: Green
Element: Wind
Zord: Eagle
Weapon: Warrior Blaster, Wind Daggers
Attack: Warrior Super Blast, Wind Slash
Looks: Master Warrior suit, Dark Hair with fade, Gray sweatshirt, Black Pants, Green Jordans, Gold watch, Silver Earrings.
Personality: He is nice at some times, but can get mean at times, he is very smart, but also a rebel, he is a great surfer, and also the best basketball player in Florida.
Backstory: He was a poor kid but was adopted by a rich family. He train all his life in 12 different martial art, one of the in the style of Wai Mon. He mastered all of them.
Crush: Don't know yet.
Vehicle: Green eagle Jet it also transform into a extra zord.(sry guys but only my jet can do that.)

And that's how u tryout.


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Date: 08/09/14 7:38 PM
From: sufd

Weapons:Light Saber,Duel Blaster
Attack:Light Inferno,100 Saber Strike
Looks:Warrior Suit,Light White Hair,Golden Jeans and Jacket
Backstory:He was born in the time of Power Rangers Megaforce and saved by Troy
Vehicle:Golden Train

Date: 07/27/14 7:39 PM
From: eemia16

Name: Carmen
Color: Blue
Weapon: Water Sword, Wave bow
Modes: Core mode, Super mode, Water mode
Zord 1: Dolphin
Zord 2: Shark
Personality: tough, fun, always there for the team, loves soccer, and active
Age: 16

Date: 07/16/14 4:37 PM

hey guys sry that I've been gone for a while but i will start posting soon wen i have a chance and thx powerinyel for updating master warriors for me i love how the story is doing.



Date: 07/14/14 10:03 PM
From: Tremma726

for your next update can you keep in mind that my character, the one that won the master warriors contest, is coming up soon. And I know that because nbachamp told me about 2 weeks ago. If you need the profile I would be happy to give to you.

Name: Caris
Color: purple
Element: Gravity
Zord: owl (it was dolphin at first then I saw that someone already had it)
Weapon: Gravity Ray
Attack: Gravitational Pull
Looks: blue eyes, brunette, white cut-offs, no sleeve purple shirt w/ fringes at the bottom that says " LOVE" in white lettering, floral converses, wears a purple baseball cap
Personality: nice, caring, out going, smart, girly, picture perfect
Backstory: At 5 she was saved by a power ranger. Ever since that day she's been training to be someday like the ranger that saved her. She still doesn't know who it was.
Crush: red ranger, Logan
Vehicle: owl jet-ski (can turn into a regular scooter on land)


Date: 07/14/14 4:43 PM
From: powerinyel

xD Sorry! Just the only few ideas I had. I'll update soon.

Date: 07/14/14 12:13 PM
From: balasingam

nice i like it but why did my car have to be destroyed lol >o<

Date: 07/11/14 2:02 AM
From: powerinyel

Part 17:
The two didn't seem hurt by the factor that they had their first battle as partners, they quickly morphed into their battle suits and approached their vehicles. Logan got into his red Mustang and started it up. Jackie walked over and pulled the tarp off of her Black Yakisama Crotchrocket. She climbed on, put on her motorcycle helmet and she drove out, turning on her blue and red lights and siren. They sped down the highway following the map the Agent had given them. With sirens blaring, the traffic split like the red sea as Jackie lead Logan into the battle field. An explosion set them off track, a building came crumbling down.
Jackie: Hundreds of people are probably trapped, we need to help.
Logan: I'll take care of Ragon, you go help those people.
Jackie: Copy that.
Jackie pulled off and sped down a hill, driving towards the fallen building and Logan kept on the track of their enemy.
Logan's P.O.V-
As I pushed the petal to the metal, I glanced at my rear view mirror every now and then to see more and more buildings falling. Finally I saw a shadow standing in the middle of the road, a fireball hurled at me, I had no choice but to unbuckle and free fall from the car. I fell and rolled to a stop, my Mustang blew into metal and bolts.
Logan: MY CAR!!!!
Ragon: It wasn't the best shade of red anyways.
He chuckled. Another fireball hurled towards me, but I easily side swept it. Finally I drew my weapon and charged at him.
Jackie's P.O.V
I sped down ashy roads, fire was everywhere. "What in the world?!" I thought as I continued. I looked over for a split second to see a lady and her child under a billboard, the billboard was tipping. Without thinking I flipped from my cycle and put myself in front of the family, put my arms up and intercepted the billboard. It was extremely heavy, my legs bent under the weight. I lifted it slightly so the family could get out.
Jackie: Go...... Go now!
Lady: Thank you miss! You saved me and my child!
They ran out, and sigh started to shift backwards. As I did, a huge explosion happened, the force of it threw me farther under the billboard as it fell onto me.

Date: 07/09/14 12:25 AM
From: powerinyel

Part 16:
Jackie and Logan stood awkwardly for a little while before Jackie broke the silence.
Jackie: Um, I guess I'll go train. I'll catch you later?
Logan: That sounds like a good idea. Mind if I come with?
Jackie: Sure.
Together they made their way to the training facility. There they battled different strategies and fought different phases. Finally the boss battle rode around, both teens panting.
Jackie: The secret to this battle is teamwork.... We work as one.
As Jackie finished, Logan ran at the monster and punched at the robotic man. The robot countered his attack and flipped him towards Jackie, knocking her down with him.
Logan: Maybe your right. Lets do this. As a team.
He said as he got up, then offered her a hand. She helped her up and they sprinted at the monster. Jackie jumped into Logan's locked hands and he sprung her into the air, she kicked the robot directly in the head, knocking it forward, letting Logan get the fetal blow.
Jackie: Nice work there orange!
Logan: You too Black.
Soon a alarm rang and red lights flashed. They ran down the hall.
Agent: Ragon has reappeared, and the other rangers are untraceable. Looks like it's down to you too until I can get the others.

Date: 07/08/14 5:13 PM
From: Tremma726

plzz update soon!

Date: 07/04/14 4:42 PM
From: powerinyel

Part 15:
Tori: How ya feeling?
Logan: Like a lady who carries a 5-pound purse every day. Jeez how do you do it Ran?
Ran: It's not hard! I could show you!
Jackie: I think he was being sarcastic.
She replied placing a hand on Ran's shoulder.
Kam: I'm gonna go out for a few and unwind.
Tori: I think I'll go out as well, Maybe Ran can help me shop for a less heavy purse.....
Ran jumped up with excitement and the three of them walked off, leaving Logan and Jackie.

Date: 07/04/14 1:12 PM

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY all yall MASTER CHAMPS really hope all of yall have a great 4th



Date: 07/03/14 8:54 PM

Hey guys this Sunday is my birthday so i wont be posting for a while because i have band summer practice next week, so there will be a lack of posting from me, so powerinyel can u post most of the story until I have a chance to post myself.



Date: 07/02/14 4:22 PM
From: powerinyel

Sure I'll get on that right away.

Date: 07/01/14 8:19 PM

Hey powerinyel can u do the next part im not doing to good with writing right now.



Date: 06/28/14 10:35 AM
From: Tremma726

plzzz continue!!!

Date: 06/26/14 8:26 PM

part 14

Ragon: Ok, red ranger time for your end.
Kam: I don't think so.
Kam jumped into the air and slashed Ragon with his daggers and Ragon flew up into the air and fell.
Ragon: Aw u rangers just love to ruin my fun.
Kam: We never let a monster like you hurt our friends.
Ragon: Hope you can save some energy because im loss my energy. I'll come back later then destroy you rangers.
Kam: Oh no you don't.
Kam threw his daggers at Ragon but he disappeared and Kam missed.
Kam: Man, he got away. Logan.
Logan: Aww my back.
Kam: Come on lets take you back to base.
Back at the base Logan was in the medic room. Then a nurse came out.
Jacki: So how is he.
Nurse: He's fine but he did suffer some minor injury.
Jacki: OK.
Logan came out the room holding his solder.



Date: 06/25/14 10:46 PM
From: powerinyel

Alright well, I think the nick name "Master Champs" Is a good fit. I really thought that one stuck to me the best. Can't wait for your update!

~Master Champ Poweryel


Date: 06/25/14 11:14 AM
From: nbachamp

Hey guy sry i haven't updated in a while my computer wasnt working but the story will continue soon



Date: 06/24/14 9:18 PM

Hey guys sry i haven't been posting, my computer wasn't working for a while but the fanfic will start again soon and since nobody voted for the nickname except powerinyel so powerinyel u can choose one nickname and that will be the winner



Date: 06/22/14 9:52 PM
From: powerinyel

Nbachamp, you haven't updated in a while. Need some help or are you just busy?

Your Friend,