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Power Rangers Energy Chasers (need people)

Date: 05/27/14 9:45 PM
From: Tremma726

This a fanfic team up between me and Emmamia2.
Name : Jade (emmamia2)
Parent : Jen, Time force pink ranger.
Age : 17
Color : Purple
Energy : Volts
Looks : Straight, long , Brown hair with fringes, Blue eyes, Purple tank top with a furry black jacket, Black shorts, Black boots with lilac purple lining.
Secret : She was captured by one of the mutants who had escaped the prison, and made evil for a while but was rescued by her mother.
Crush : red
Name: Blake (girl) (me)
Parent: Kimberly, pink mighty morphin power ranger
Age: 17
Color: light green
Energy: gravity
Looks: layered straight blond hair, green eyes, sky blue tank top, white leather jacket, light green shorts and white flip flops and a silver anklet given to her from Kim
Secret: she doesn't want to be the green ranger, but she learns to get used to it and wouldn't want to be any other color
Crush: Nathan, some guy at our school
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Date: 09/17/14 6:42 PM
From: Tremma726

Villeta: You're right, Blake. We are planning something big and you're so not going to like it!
Mira: Really?That's the best comeback you can come up with.
Villeta: Like you can come up with a better one.
Mira: Whateves. Let's get what we came here for.
The 4 battled each other,but it looked like the clones got some practice while on vacation.Blake and Ginny were knocked down near the wall of the building, but managed to get up.
Mira: Now, Villeta *they took out a cylinder shaped containor and pointed toward the two*!
The cylinders starting sucking the energy powers out of them.
???: Stop right there!
Blake: *weakly* Nathan!?
Villeta: *closing the cylinder* We never get to the fun part!
Mira: *closes her cylinder* These stupid humans always ruin everything, let's get out of here *teleports back to the cave*.
Nathan: *helping Blake get up* Are you okay? Who are those guys? What do they want with you?
Ginny: We're fine Nathan, seriously. And... well...
Blake: I wish I could tell you, trust me I do, but now it's not a good time.
Nathan: *respecting what Blake just told him* Okay, but are you sure you guys are alright?
Ginny: Yeah, really, don't worry about us. We really have to go *grabs Blake's hand and drags her out of the ally*
Nathan: Wait Blake *Blake gets out of Ginny grasp*! So I'll see you in school tomorrow?
Blake: *smiles* Yeah, definitely. *runs to go catch up with Ginny*
The two then teleports themselves to the base to tell the guys the news.

Date: 09/16/14 5:16 PM
From: Tremma726

The New Guys Episode 3
A week has passed since the rangers defeated Diceliot and not a single attack not even a disturbance. The rangers are catching up on school work in Mystica's living area.
Jesse: *slams the textbook close* This doesn't feel right! It's been a week since we last fought those things. ONE WEEK!
Jade: Would you relax. Maybe Calistra finally gave up.
Mystica: Oh trust me, Jade. I've Calistra since I first started school, and she never gives up on anything.
Blake: *stands up from her chair* I for one is going to get some fresh air. Ginny, you wanna come?
Ginny: Sure.
Blake: *getting in the roomavator* Be back in 15!
Ginny: *crosses her arms while walking* So what's the real reason why we left the base?
Blake: Ginny, I just to have to agree with Jesse. Something really isn't right. What if *they walk past an ally and something rushes by in the ally*...
Ginny: Wait a minute did you just see that?
Blake: See what?
Ginny: Over there, come on! *runs into the ally*
Blake: What exactly did you see?
Ginny: It was like a person or something.
???: Talking about us?
Blake: I knew Calistra was planning something *getting into her fighting stance*

Date: 09/15/14 7:44 PM
From: Tremma726

Blake: Lighten up, guys! We're at the beach for goodness sakes!
Ginny: True let's go have some real fun.
Saul: Right behind ya!
Jesse: Hey wait for me!
Josh: I think I'm going to stay*the girls drag him into the water* HEEERE!
Jade gives Mystica a "should I go" look.
Mystica: Go ahead.
Jade takes off her boots and runs into the water. While Mystica takes the stone from her pocket ands sets it on a rock. She hovers her hand over it and uses her powers to break it into pieces. There is no trace of the stone left except for a small piece which she stuffs into her pocket.
End of Episode 2!
Emmamia2 that part of the stones starts the cycle of the stone all over again. Just don't make an episode yet that has to do with that last part. I'm saving it for an comeback episode. kk

Date: 09/15/14 6:44 AM
From: emmamia2

So glad i can post again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meanwhile with Callistra and her followers...
Callistra : Argh! I can't believe they destroyed my lair! What do we do know!
Villetta : You know what, Callistra...That Blake girl was pretty good!
Callistra : Villetta! You know what happened to Radira when she was made evil! I might as well do that to you!
Jefferone ( Jesse's clone ) : I think i see a cave there! A perfect lair for you Callistra!
Jade : I'm really sorry guys, for all that happened out there...
Blake : Don't sweat it, it really wasn't your fault...
Jesse : Yup, but tell me, how did Callistra separate you and Radira?
Jade : Mystica had a su--
Mystica : Jade, I don't think its the right time to reaveal it all, my dear...

Date: 09/13/14 4:18 PM
From: Tremma726

Finally I can reply!
The rangers put all their powers together to make the final strike. Victory only lasted for a while when Diceliot grew into a mega-robot!
Josh: That's not possible!
Ginny: Actually it is. It's normal for robots or monsters to get that tall after they've been destroyed.
Blake: Well how do we fight it!
Mystica: The vehicles are able to become bigger and be put together to make the Chaserzord.
Saul: We finally get zords?! Awesome!
Jade: Couldn't say it better myself.
Jesse: Then what are we waiting for? Let's do it!
All rangers: Vehicles Ascend, Unite as One! Energy Chaser Megazord!
The vehicles grew and combined themselves in a way to become the Energy Chaser Megazord. The rangers fought Diceliot with their new weapon, it was hard at first but they got the hang off it.
Jesse: Diceliot, your days of destruction are over!
All rangers: Energetic Final Strike!
Diceliot blew into flames and his destruction also destroyed Calistra's lab.

Date: 08/26/14 2:16 PM
From: Tremma726

Long time, no update
Radira: Don't worry you're not going anywhere. Attack!
Each clone went up against it's original copy.
Blake: *dodging as many punches and kicks* You have REALLY nice hair for a robot.
Villetta(Blake's clone): Thanks! *continues battling*
Saul: We're not here to make friends, Blake!
Mico(Saul's clone): Don't you just hate it when people go off task.
Saul: I know right!*dodges a punch from Mico*
Jesse: *kicks the clone* Come on lets get out of here!
Jade: Don't have to tell me twice!
Ginny: *talking to clone* Sorry but I gotta go.
Mira(Ginny's clone): Come back here, I'm not finished with you yet!
They all quickly run out of lab only to see a surprise waiting for them at the exit.
Diceliot: Going so soon rangers!
Jesse: I'm sick of this! Lets just put all our powers together for the final strike and finish him once and for all.
All the rangers: Lets do it!
Emmamia2 can you come up with names for the other clones? I'm stumped!

Date: 08/22/14 5:05 PM
From: Tremma726

Jesse: Come on people lets move.
Blake: What if we get caught?
Jade: I guess we just have to fight our way out of it.
They head to Calistra's "throne" room where the stone lays on a pedestal unguarded.
Josh: That's funny there's no one here.
Saul: You say that as if it was a bad thing. Let's just get the stone and get out of here. This place is starting to give me the creeps.
Ginny: Uhhh guys? I wouldn't speak so soon. Look!
Out of the shadows appeared 5 robots and Radira.
Radira: Don't tell me that you're leaving so soon, rangers. I haven't even introduced my new friends.
Jesse quickly grabs the stone of the pedestal.
Jesse: Sorry we don't have time to meet your new friends. Maybe some other time perhaps.

Date: 08/20/14 5:57 PM
From: Tremma726

Saul: First we need to get passed thing one and thing two *referring to the cryos guarding the cell*.
Blake: I can use my gravitation powers to get the keys...
Ginny: And I can use my mechanical energy to speed up the process.
Josh: What about the cryos?
Jade: You can use your hydro powers to drench them, then I can electrocute them, instantly destroying them since they're nothing but robots.
Jesse: Then we can get the stone and teleport back to the lab before Calistra can do anything with it.
Mystica: Sorry to disappoint you, Jesse, but by the time we get out of here Calistra would be done with the clones.
Saul: Great.
Ginny: I think we could still get the stone though.
Jesse: Then what are we waiting for?
Blake used her gravity powers to pick up the keys from the cryos pocket, and Ginny sped up the process. Then Josh used his hydro attack to drench the cryos. The cryos noticed but Jade quickly electrocuted them.

Date: 08/19/14 4:05 AM
From: emmamia2

Jade: Mmmh...
Blake : She's waking up!
Jesse : Whoa, Jade? You all right?
Ginny : I'm glad she's not Radira anymore...
Saul : But we still have Radira here...
Josh : She might as well make more of those robots...who are like us...
Mystica : Rangers, we can't stay here any longer and we have tp
Jade : Uhh, *just woken up* What are ya'll talking about? And, where are we?
Jesse : Well, you turned into a robot and started squeezing us out like, I don't know what...but then, Callistra's made a duplicate evil robot of you and turned into a normal human again, and She's got the stone...then, she said she's going to make evil duplicates of ALL of us, and we're captured here cause we came to save you and well, double attack...
Jade : Stone?
Blake : The Crystallic Energy stone. It's what Callistra needed to be more powerful...
Jade : This is all because of me...oh god...
Ginny : Don't be all miserable...We need to get out of here, and get that stone from her...
Josh : And destroy it..

Date: 08/14/14 4:03 PM
From: Tremma726

I've been quite busy, but I guess I'm ok now. Now back to backstories!

Jade's Backstory-
Jade spent most her life in the future, it was probably really hard for her to get used to the past, but she found a way. Nathan, being the first person she met, helped her through it, and now because of him it's as if Jade was never from the future. Jade does still secretly go to the future every once and while to "borrow" some weaponry, but other than that she spends her time as a normal girl (except the fighting crime part obviously). Now that she's part of a team she doesn't know how to tell them that she's from the future, especially Jesse now that she's developing a small crush on him. Hopefully she'll find a way to tell them and warn them about the future.


Date: 08/12/14 12:32 PM
From: Tremma726

like whoa, I did not see that comin!
Blake: But how!
Ginny: It's not possible!
Calistra: Believe it rangers! I will have to admit that you were battling the evil version of the purple ranger, but after the battle Radira was starting to get her memory back. So I separated them into two totally different people.
Josh: How were you able to do that without the stone.
Calistra: Secrets are meant to be a secret, blue ranger. But now that I have the Crystallic Energy Stone, I can make an evil ranger copy of each and every one of you.
Saul: You wouldn't!
Calistra: Watch me. Diceliot, Radira take our friends to the detaining room.
Jesse: You won't get away with this!
Calistra: I already had.
Radira and Diceliot took the ranger to the detaining room where they found Mystica.
Ginny: Oh my god! I'm so glad you're ok!
Mystica: I'm fine, Ginny. But the rest of the human race isn't.

Date: 08/12/14 12:34 AM
From: emmamia2

With Saul and Ginny.
Saul : Mystica! Where are you?
Ginny : This does NOT feel good to me...sheesh...Mystica!
Diceliot : ( out of nowhere ) Glad I found you rangers! * grabs Saul and Ginny * Callistra, I've got you two of them...
Radira : I got three... * hands her Blake, Jesse and Josh * along with something VERY precious...* shows Callistra the stone *
Callistra : Good job, Radira...I think its time the sixth ranger is re-introduced to you...
Jesse : Blake, have any idea what she meant by re-introduce...
Josh : I don't know about her, but i certainly don't know about this...
Blake : I don't know either, but she's got the stone now!
Ginny : If Radira was not Jade, i would have killed her by now..
Ginny said that a little too loudly, and It seemed Radira heard her...
Radira : How about i tell you, I am not Jade. Or maybe, The Purple Ranger.
A few foot soldiers came forth and they had..
Jesse : Jade? * totally confused *
Jade was her normal self, but was unconscious...

Date: 08/11/14 7:02 AM
From: emmamia2

With Blake, Jesse and Josh.
Blake : Jade? Mystica?
Jesse : Creepy place...
Josh : Creepier than the first time we went to the lab? You tell me...
Blake : Enough with the facts! We have to be looking for--
??? : Me? Or maybe, your master Mystica?
Jesse : Jade! Here * takes out the stone * Hold this!
Jade/ Radira : * Smiles Evily * Sure * Takes stone *
Josh : That's not the way we're supposed to do it...
Jade / Radira : * smirks * Fools.
Radira vanished into thin air and went off to Callistra...

Date: 08/11/14 6:02 AM
From: emmamia2

@Emilyfun13, Thanks! And tremma, I'm not going to be here for some days, from 13th of August to 27th of Aug...i might come in for a few hours though...and do Jade next please...
I'll put in the next ep. after this...

Date: 08/09/14 9:11 AM
From: Emilyfun13




Date: 08/08/14 4:39 PM
From: Tremma726

The rangers teleport to Calistra's lair on Earth (her main lair is the Astro Ship which is near the Earth's atmosphere).
Blake: I just love the beach!
Josh: We could have beach fun later. For now we have to find Calistra lair. It's probably hidden very well, so keep your eye out.
Ginny: Or it can be over there behind a pile a huge pile of rocks.
They head over to Calistra lair.
Saul: So how do we do this exactly?
Jesse: Uhhh...I guess we just barge in?
Blake: Sure I can go with that *she kicks down the door*.
Ginny: I say we split up. Saul and I will find Mystica, you guys try to Jade and change her back. Then DESTROY the stone immediately.
Jesse: What, why?
Ginny: Calistra wants that stone, and we know how powerful that thing is right? So when we're done with it we destroy it so there's no way she can get it.
Josh: I have to agree with Ginny. Even if we can probably get some pretty sweet power with this thing it's too risky.
Jesse: I guess it's settled than. We have destroy the stone.

Date: 08/08/14 3:09 PM
From: Tremma726

Blake's Backstory Continued-
Tommy tried to compromise with his daughter but it was no use. Blake knew that there was no way to convince her father that getting remarried before knowing what truly happened to her mom, so she did what she had to do. She ran away. She didn't know where she was going to go, but her heart will help her. On the way their she met Saul and Josh (who were already best friends). Then they found the Energy Base and her destiny was about to began. But still none of her teammates know her past.

Date: 08/08/14 2:51 PM
From: Tremma726

Blake's Backstory-
Blake's parents were Kimberly H and Tommy O. When Blake was only a couple months old, Kimberly went on a flight to visit a few friends she met at her Olympic training for only couple days. Days soon became months and months became years but still Kimberly never returned.Ever since then Tommy spent every moment with his precious little girl, but as Blake got older things started changed. Tommy wasn't home most of the time, he had important meetings to attend, well at least that was he told Blake. When Blake was 16, almost 17, he finally told her the truth about where he was most of the time. He had met up with an old friend from high school, Kat. After they met up again after so many year they started getting coffee and hanging out and that soon became dates, and recently Tommy proposed to Kat. Blake didn't feel that this was right, sure she was happy for her dad, but they still never found out what happened to Kimberly.

Date: 08/08/14 7:11 AM
From: emmamia2

Saul did some kind of spin in the air and kicked the locker.
Ginny : Whoa!
The locker burned a little and then creaked open.
Blake : Good job, guy! * pat's Saul's shoulder *
Jesse : Now, we gotta go in.
Inside was a glass box with a clear stone it.
Ginny : T-the Crystallic Energy Stone! This is why she never let me in!
Josh : The what stone?
Ginny : The Crystallic Energy Stone! It has an enormous amount of power. Callistra must want this...
Blake : But why?
Ginny : I don't really kn--
Jesse : That's it! She wants it to gain more power! This must be the thing that will get Jade back to normal!
Blake : I think you're right! This does seem some kinda powerful thing...
Saul : Now, all we have to do, is wait until they come back..
Ginny : Actually, i know a easier way...Callistra's lair is the other lab near the Beach. its a pretty weird place, actually...
Josh : You're saying we have to go there?
Blake : *nods * Ginny, take the stone...
Jesse : Off to Callistra's!

Date: 08/07/14 6:18 PM
From: Tremma726

Saul: There more underground floors?
Ginny: Yeah. but the 4th one is the last. The lab is an elevator and the only floor above ground. Then right below us is the living area and kitchen, below that are the bedrooms, and then there's the 4th floor.
Blake: And what's on the 4th floor?
Ginny: I don't really know, but Mystica never lets me go down there.
Jesse: That only means that we should go down there.
Ginny: Well let's go.
Ginny lifts a hidden flap on the wall, where the elevator buttons are and presses the 4th one. When they get there, the 4th floor seems to be more of a hallway than a room.At the end of the hallway there's a huge metal vault.
Saul: Nothing says secret more than a huge vault.
Blake: Well open it.
Josh: One problem, smart one. There's passcode.
Ginny: Rather we spend all day trying to figure out the passcode or we can let Saul use his combustionquake powers.
Saul: Combustionquake? That's what we're going to call it?
Jesse: Are you going take it down or what?