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Power Rangers Energy Chasers (need people)

Date: 05/27/14 9:45 PM
From: Tremma726

This a fanfic team up between me and Emmamia2.
Name : Jade (emmamia2)
Parent : Jen, Time force pink ranger.
Age : 17
Color : Purple
Energy : Volts
Looks : Straight, long , Brown hair with fringes, Blue eyes, Purple tank top with a furry black jacket, Black shorts, Black boots with lilac purple lining.
Secret : She was captured by one of the mutants who had escaped the prison, and made evil for a while but was rescued by her mother.
Crush : red
Name: Blake (girl) (me)
Parent: Kimberly, pink mighty morphin power ranger
Age: 17
Color: light green
Energy: gravity
Looks: layered straight blond hair, green eyes, sky blue tank top, white leather jacket, light green shorts and white flip flops and a silver anklet given to her from Kim
Secret: she doesn't want to be the green ranger, but she learns to get used to it and wouldn't want to be any other color
Crush: Nathan, some guy at our school
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Date: 07/27/14 12:59 PM
From: Tremma726

Rodger that! I'll update tomorrow.

Date: 07/26/14 8:39 AM
From: emmamia2

i have saved everything until now, according to the post by NICKDaisy. btw, my vehicle will be : Purple hover Jet ( A jet which can transform into a hover board when its not in MegaZord mode...Tremma, i want to show here, that when Callistra touched Jade's shoulder, she had made her a half robot, which can only be removed using the Crystallic Energy stone, Which Mystica has. Callistra wants that stone so that she can have double the power that she has. Make the next part something like that...and btw, Jade is transforming in the last scene.

Date: 07/26/14 8:16 AM
From: emmamia2

Meanwhile with Jade and her lair...
Jade : Why did you bring us here?
Mystica : Callistra, Jade has nothing to do with this!
Callistra : Oh, really? What about her being one of your little muses?
Jade : I'm not Mystica's muse! She's my mentor!
Callistra : Very well, like mentor, like student. I don't need you here anymore, but i do need you outside...* grins *
Callistra touched Jade's shoulder and Jade disappeared.
* Meanwhile, in the human world. *
Blake : This lab is so empty without Mystica...
Ginny : What will happen to her? To them?
??? : You mean her.
Jesse : Jade?
Josh : I thought you were with Callistra!
Saul : Well...Its weird the way you just showed up...
Jade : I know it is...but i am so sure, that Callistra is going to be troubling Mystica...torturing, actually...
Ginny : She's like a mother to me! I can't let her go like that!
Blake : Don't worry, she'll be fine...
* Alarm runs out *
Jade : Come on guys...
But it was too late. Jade was turning pale and so was her hair her eye pupils became very, very, small and her nails turned into metal. Her hair slowly turned white and became longer and longer...


Date: 07/24/14 3:21 PM
From: Tremma726

Saul: This is so not good *knocking down cryos*!
Josh: No duh!
Ginny: Guys, I think it's time that I show you how to access you vehicles *knocking down more cryos*.
Jesse and Blake: We get vehicles?!
Blake: Sweet!
Ginny: First *knocking down more cryos* type in the 3065 on your morphers and say "vehicles ascend".
Jesse got a red high-speed motorcycle.
Josh got a jet-ski which turns into a electric scooter on land called a Hydro-ski.
Saul got a sweet (his very words) ATV.
Blake got a flying skate board which runs on gravity called an Gravity Rider.
Ginny got a shiny silver sports car.
Saul: This is AWESOME!
Blake: And you designed this.
Ginny: With some help from Mystica of course *in a shaky voice*.
Blake: Don't worry we'll get her back *trying to comfort her*
Jesse: But first we have some bigger fish to fry *getting on the motorcycle*.
Josh: Let's do it *hops onto his Hydro-Ski*!
The others get on their vehicles ready to charge at the cryos.

Date: 07/24/14 6:04 AM
From: emmamia2

Blake : Whoa Mystica!
Jade : You look..amazing!
Jesse : This is weird...a riggidy old woman just turns into a beautiful teenager?
Josh : Yeah...that's what just happened...
Ginny : I'm going to freak out any second...
Callistra : Ha! Just by changing your appearance you don't scare me!
Mystica : I might not now...but i soon will!
Callistra : Nonsense...guards...take her.
Blake : What?!?!?!
Jade : You can't do that while we're here!
Callistra : And why is that so?
Jade : Because we are NOT giving up our mentor! * Kicks Callistra *
Callistra : That's all you got? * Does some sort of electric shot which knocks both Jade and Mystica out *
Jade had gotten de-morphed and was back in her human form.
Blake : No!
Jesse : Whoa! What did you do to them?
Josh : This is not good..
Saul : We have to get them outta her!
Ginny : We certainly have to...
Callistra : i have what i wanted...i don't need the others. Don't spare them, Cyros! * Vanishes with Jade and Mystica *

Date: 07/22/14 7:29 PM
From: Tremma726

Calistra: Why Mystica how nice of you is it for you to join the party. How long has it been, a decade or 2?
Mystica: Three really, but who's counting?
Calistra: Ok I know it's been almost 30 years, but really Mystica could you have really aged so much?
Mystica: Oh Calistra are you still so shallow to think that I am possibly this old.
Mystica does some magic on herself, so she may appear the way she should be. Her true self had straight brown with bangs going across her forehead and a body suit similar to Calistra but in white.
Saul: I did not see that coming *staring in awe*.

Date: 07/22/14 7:18 PM
From: Tremma726

The rangers charged at Diceliot only to be knocked down over and over again.
Josh: This guy is way tougher than Boltz.
Saul: Tell me something I don't know!
Blake: We can do this! We just need more power!
Jesse: How? We're already at the max!
Just then a lightning bolt shot from the sky, and a lady wearing an all black, body tight jumpsuit and wavy jet black hair appeared. She also seemed half robot!
Calistra: Well hello, rangers!
Jade: Who are you?!
Calistra: The name's Calistra and remember it cause you'll be hearing it a lot!
Ginny: So you're the one who has been sending these worthless pieces of junk to attack us!
Calistra: Yup, that was me. Don't you love it when someone notices your work? Now why did I come here? Oh yes, you rangers have been giving me a huge headache, and my doctor said that the only way to make it better is to destroy you all!
???: Stop this now, Calistra! It's me you want not them!

Date: 07/22/14 6:58 PM
From: Tremma726

Hey emmamia2, I know the birthday special is taking up most of your time, so to make it easier I will be updating for you this week. So don't worry about updating, I got you covered! It's the least I can do for be so nice by giving me this birthday special! Thanks again!

Date: 07/21/14 2:10 PM
From: superrr15

we need more power

Date: 07/21/14 1:03 PM
From: tremma726

Diceliot: So you're the rangers that been giving my mistress a hard time. You don't look that tough.
Saul: You want tough, I'll show you tough. *charges at the crybot*
Ginny: Whoa there big guy *pulls back Saul*.
Diceliot: So how do like my wasteland? I redecorated just for you guys.
Blake: That was very sweet of you, but may I suggest maybe vacuuming next time.
Diceliot: You better get used to it green ranger because once my mistress Calistra takes over everywhere on Earth will be looking like this!
Jesse: Not on our watch! Ready?
All rangers: Ready! ENERGY RELEASED!

Date: 07/21/14 5:35 AM
From: emmamia2

@tremma...i did not let me in too...but somehow...i managed to log in...
Jesse seemed uncertain about it at first, but then nodded...
Jesse : I'm on it...
Jade : * Smiles... * So, here's your morpher!
Jesse : Thanks...
Blake : When we say our colors, you say red...
Jesse : Right.
Sorry this was so short, but i'm kinda busy with the birthday thing...typing it up right now...

Date: 07/18/14 6:24 PM
From: tremma726

Now back to the story....

Jesse: What are you guys and why did you take me here?
Jade: *puts a hand on his shoulder* Look, I know this is a lot to take in, but you have to trust us. We're power rangers.
Jesse is speechless.
Blake: And we're not supposed to be here *looking disgusted*. We're supposed to be at an abandoned lab which we call the energy base.
Josh: And we've chosen you to be our leader, AKA red ranger.
Jade: The minute we saw you and that morpher in your pocket, we knew that your destiny was intertwined with ours.
3 years ago....
14 year old Jesse opens a red gift box from Leo.
Jesse: Thanks dad for the...bracelet?
Leo: Not just any old bracelet. This helped me find my destiny and now it'll help you find yours.
End of Flashback
Jesse: So you're saying my destiny is to be the red ranger and lead you guys to victory?
Saul: Pretty much.
Ginny: So are you in?


Date: 07/18/14 3:48 PM
From: tremma726

I am sooooo sorry I didn't reply for so long. Nick wouldn't let me login all day yesterday because of the Kid's Choice Sports Awards (I don't even like sports). So now I'm back, and about the birthday surprise you don't have to do it if you don't want to, but since you insist go ahead. That's really nice of you, thanks!

Date: 07/18/14 5:40 AM
From: emmamia2

Hi! Too bad i didn't get a reply...i just thought of doing one of Callistra's scenes...

Callistra : Good work, Diceliot!
Diceliot : Thank you, should i go and fight those silly Rangers My Mistress?
Callistra : Very well, i think its time...


Date: 07/17/14 6:58 AM
From: emmamia2

Happy early birthday to you Tremma...well, i was thinking, How about we do a birthday special episode on your birthday? that would be nice wouldn't it?

Date: 07/17/14 6:04 AM
From: emmamia2

Jade : You're right...I saw an old red morpher in his pocket...not sure what that meant...but i am now...
Blake : Time to get busy * puts glass of Capuchin on the table*
Jade : * does the same *
All of them went over to Jesse.
Jesse : Oh hi! I see you decided to-
But before he could finish, Jade grabbed him by the arm.
Jesse : Whoa.
Jade : Blake. Get the teleporter ready...
Blake : Right. * Mystica. Teleport us there *
Mystica ( through communicator ) : Ok, Blake.
Before Jesse could say anything, there was a crack sound and the six disappeared.
Jade : Mystica! I think we foun- Huh?
Blake : Whoa! We are not supposed to be here! This is so not the Lab!
Saul : Something must have happened while we were being teleported...
Josh : what could have caused this to happen?
Ginny : I think a robot must have done this...
All of them were confused...including Jesse...they should have been...they were in a wasteland!

Date: 07/16/14 1:06 PM
From: Tremma726

Hey guys! I can't believe we got to 74 posts and this my first fanfic on nick, and this is also my first year on nick ,and it has been an incredible journey. Ten days from now (July 26) I'll finally be a teenager and being on nick made me realize what I want to do in life. Thanks for all the support and hopefully we can make it up to 100 posts and that would be the ultimate birthday surprise. See you guys on the next post. BYE!!!



Date: 07/16/14 12:00 PM
From: Tremma726

Jesse leaves to clean another table nearby.
Josh: Hey Saul, *Saul is in dream world while drinking his espresso*isn't your new little friend named Jesse?
Saul: Yeah, why?
Josh: Is that him *points to Jesse cleaning the table*?
Saul: Yeah, that's him! I can't believe he didn't recognize me *stands up from his seat*.
Ginny: Woah there tiger *pushes him back into his seat by the shoulders*. Let the guy do his job, now drink your coffee.
Saul: Fine.
Blake: *looks at Jesse for a long time* It's him.
Jade: What do you mean it's him?
Blake: That's our red ranger.
Josh: How do you know?
Blake: Just like Mystica said, I just know.

Date: 07/16/14 6:06 AM
From: emmamia2

Josh : Right...
Jade : I think we'll have to just sit here and wait...
Blake : Hm...Jade? Can you go order us some drinks please?
Jade : Without hesitation. * Goes up to the counter * Um..can i have two Cappuccinos, two Espressos and one Vienna Coffee?
Counter guy : Sure! I'll be right back in sec.
Jade : Fine by me!
Counter guy : * comes back * here is you Vienna coffee and your espressos. The cappuccinos will be served too. * looks at Jade's group * Whoa! That's one big group you got around here! Well...i think i have seen you at school...
Jade : Yeah! I think i have seen you you have a part-time job here?
Counter guy : Yeah...I'm Jesse...
Jade : Jade...
Jesse : Well, here is your drink...i think i'll see you around...
Jade : Sure...* see's a red morpher in his pocket. ( Leo's morpher ) * Oh! What's that?
Jesse : It's just some toy my dad gave me...its pretty rotten though. But i like it...
Jade : Anyway...See you later...

Date: 07/15/14 4:47 PM
From: tremma726

Blake: But why not now?
Mystica: This is not the right time or place for you to know. But you will know eventually.
Blake: Well alright then.
She leaves the base and meets up with the others.
Jade: So what was that about?
Blake: It was nothing, honestly.
Saul: Well okay then. We should be going now if we want more time to celebrate.
Ginny: So why do they call it Drone Café anyway?
Meanwhile on the Astro Ship...
Calistra: I can't believe that no good crybot of mine failed!
Darius: If you want, I can take care of those power pukes for you.
Calistra: No need for that. Let them have their victory because it's the last one they'll have. Darius, set up the teleporter for tomorrow, it's time for Mystica to have a little blast from the past.
At Drone Café...
Josh: So how are we supposed to know who the red ranger is *looking at Ginny*?
Ginny: I'm not really sure exactly, but the minute we see him we will know.
Saul: Well how would we know exactly?
Ginny: I don't know, that's what Mystica said.