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Power Rangers Element Storm Story

Date: 06/14/14 11:32 AM
From: railrider8

It is time.
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Date: 07/16/14 12:28 PM
From: jk84

If I gave you a role, you can continue the story if you guys want

Date: 07/09/14 3:38 PM
From: jk84

Chapter 1: The Beginning

"A great evil has arisen, Eli," An unknown voice said.
"I know dad. I fought Kyros, remember," Eli said.
"Time for a new team of rangers to help fight," the voice said.

Meanwhile at the basketball court by the airport,

"Pass the ball," Josh said to Jerry.
"Heads up," Jerry joked.
Jerry passed the ball to Jerry right as their friends showed up.
"Hey guys," Josh said.
"Hey,"They all said.
"Hi guys,"Jerry said.
"Where's Angel?" Alaina asked.
"I don't know," Josh said.
A thunder is heard overhead.
"Found him," Jerry said.
"Hey guys," Angel yelled over the sound of his jet.
All of a sudden, their phones started acting crazy, and as they picked them up, they were teleported to a dark room.
"Where are we?" They all asked.
"My home," a voice said.
"Who are you?" Amber asked.
"Syon," He said
"Why did you bring us here?" Josh asked.
"Why wouldn't I bring the newest Power Rangers to the base?" Syon exclaimed.


Date: 07/08/14 4:24 PM
From: rahsheida1

time to kick some butt

Date: 07/04/14 12:11 PM
From: pinksamura

so cool i like it

Date: 06/30/14 10:49 AM
From: jk84

Hey powerinyel, could you do the next part of the story, when the rangers get the morphers and meet each other.

Btw, here is the sibling list, so they meet the others and get morphers together:

Logan & Angel
Bella and Jerry
i know I said me and amber were siblings but me/eli comes later in the story


Date: 06/26/14 4:51 PM
From: balasingam

sweet i like it

Date: 06/24/14 10:16 PM
From: powerinyel

Good! Keep going!

Date: 06/23/14 9:43 PM
From: jk84

One day, in the middle of summer, a mysterious person entered the town. He claimed to be from out of town, but didn't say where. People became curious, until one day, the stranger and another strange person stood in the center of town and a group of monsters came with them. Then, a figure covered in orange with a hi-tech watch stood in front of them. "Hello foolish mortal, prepare to be destroyed." the first figure said. "We'll see about that," the kid in orange said. "Element Storm, Activate! Orange Energy Ranger!" the kid yelled. With a bright flash of light, an Orange Power Ranger. "A fair fight," the second strange figure said. And the three fought. The Ranger fell. "Remember the name Lord Kyros," the first figure said. As the 2 left, 2 girls appeared. "Where are we?" they both said. Then they saw the ranger lying on the ground, unconscious.

Date: 06/22/14 3:57 PM
From: balasingam

when are you going to post

Date: 06/18/14 10:22 PM
From: powerinyel

Yaay. But you should update Arctic Force!
Your friend,

Date: 06/16/14 3:20 PM
From: balasingam

awesome cant wait