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Whats you're favorite super sentai extra rangers?

Date: 07/08/14 12:01 PM
From: kuwagaraig

So hello.. just for people who don't know what super sentai is: power rangers started in japan as super sentai gorengers. Ever since Zyuranger was made into mmpr in america we have saban and disney have dubbed them over except for when saban skipped dairanger. Anyway I want to know what you're favorite extra ranger is. Just to note an extra ranger counts as a ranger added later in the series such as the gouraigers in hurricengers (Ninja storm here) (gouraigers: navy and crimson rangers) that were not apart of the core team but added. Thanks for reading! ~~@
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Date: 07/08/14 10:20 PM
From: arnie10

I loved Utchi! (Kyoryuger) I kinda got annoyed at him at first but when his character became more himself he became my favorite!